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    Game Changer - Credit Card Processing Business and Bootstraping a Business Abroa

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    you don't want to miss this one. bootstraping. Starting a Location Independant business. Credit card processing

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    The Good Inside That Doesn't Always Come Out. Daily Gogetemism #583

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    Sometimes people are misunderstood. 

    Good people are mistaken for stuck up people. Bad people are mistaken for good people. 

    Until you really get to know a person, you just really don't know them.

  • Behind Closed Doors-The Morning Show: "Fuck Yo' Feelings" Friday

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    Good morning friends and BTR family! Welcome back to another episode of "Fuck Yo Feelings" Friday. In this episode, we re-visit the original "Give Him Free" case. For those of you who have been 10 toes down since the beginning, we thank you for the love and continued support. However, there is still work to be done. Since the show's debut a few months back, there have been recent updates and new evidence that can very well bring "Him" home for good. Please tune in and show your support.

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    In light of recent events, CHADMAN welcomes his friend and fellow combat vet, Jordan Allman to the show to discuss veteran non-profits and how easily they can let their reputations and donations become more important than actually helping veterans. Especially when these organizations begin to fire employees for not wanting to play along and by chastising anybody who questions their actions. Both CHADMAN and Jordan were a part of one local organization in Bakersfield, CA and got to see how things are really done on the inside and away from the spotlight. They also discuss the "22 a day" veteran suicide statistic, which has veterans and civilians alike doing a push up challenge to bring awareness to veteran suicide. The only problem is that the numbers are inaccurate and the research does not reflect all 50 states. CHADMAN has been very vocal about this. Unfortunately, this has been proven to be upsetting to fellow veterans. But the facts and numbers do not lie. As seen here in this Washington Post article from 2015:


    This episode is intended to bring awareness of it's own: That just because an organization has money, connections, and access to the media, that does not make them the BE ALL / END ALL for veterans. And also, that all of the good deeds that they do can be erased by a few bad actions or examples of unprofessionalism. 


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    The EMH MORNING SHOW :streaming worldwide: Live from Myrtle Beach SC

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    Recording Artist/Performer/Record exec/Film maker ERIC MAVERICK HERRON is your host for the EMH MORNING SHOW.

    CALL US 347-850-8816. This is the DIRTYBUNNYMOTEL, a place where anything can happen, and usually does. Join the Morning Zombies, and Co-Hosts Sher-Bear, and legendary super-dope producer Blunt Technics!!!! Join us 7 a.m e.s.t until 9 a.m, or whenever we feel like being done...We Do what the F*** we want! This channel contains mature content, so listen with caution around children. Parental Warning Explicit content

    .Join us for the latest episode from the BRAND NEW DIRTYBUNNYMOTEL RADIO studio LIVE IN MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina on Broadway!!!!!!

    Call us in studio LIVE from 7 am to 9 am eastern standard time at 347-850-8816. Call in and join the show or just listen. We love to get new callers and new stories, but we also love hearing from past guests as well, so don't hesitate to dial us up and get your room in the MOTEL!!!! This is the hottest new morningshow in the world. Eric Maverick Herron brings a fun, refreshing break from the morning routine, and keeps everything upbeat, and a morning good time! His co-hosts Sher bear is the SUPER MILF, that loves to tell guys they will be getting some rear end entry! Blunt technics is a world famous producer, out of Detroit, Michigan, Blunt Technics has worked with such artists as Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ronnie Mcnier of the Four Tops, and many other legendary Detroit based artists, alongside EMH for over a decade! Tami High is a super babe with great tits, and she will cut a bitch !  

    Emaill us at EricMaverickHerron@yahoo.com or BluntTec@yahoo.com

    Check out www.ERICMAVERICKHERRON.com for show info, music, merchandise, etc. emh

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    God-Conscious Believer: Making The Choice

    in Christianity

    MAKING THE CHOICE TO BE GOD-CONSCIOUS requires total submission to the will of God. You choose Him over all else. You love Him above all else. You deny yourself, take up your cross and follow Jesus; Have you made that choice?  

    CONCEPTS FOR HOLY LIVING "a plain word for practical life application", A great tool for personal, family, group or church study

    SCHOOL OF PROPHETS. We teach the Holy Bible from a prophetic perspective to those called to speak on God's behalf. Register today! 

    God has given us bible-based concepts showing us how to live each day, and especially in difficult times. When you receive the revelation of God’s will, it will strengthen you in your daily walk with Jesus. We will prove to you through Scripture precepts and example that Father is faithful. Get your bible, pen and paper and get ready to hear what the LORD is saying. Our message is delivered by the prophet Mary E. Washington, Pastor of Feed My Sheep World Evangelism located in Irving, Texas. Please support our World Evangelism Internet Ministry by giving your gift to help us in spreading the Good News.  Thank you in advance and may God bless you in a most special way.

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    Raja Yoga Meditation with Sister Jenna & Sister Gita on America Meditating Radio

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    Tune in as Sister Jenna and Sister Gita from the America Meditating Radio Show discuss the benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation. Raja Yoga meditation is a form of meditation that is accessible to people of all backgrounds. It is a meditation without rituals or mantras and can be practiced anywhere at any time. Raja Yoga meditation is practiced with 'open eyes', which makes this method of meditation versatile, simple and easy to practice. Meditation is a state of being in that place just beyond every day consciousness, which is where spiritual empowerment begins. Spiritual awareness gives us the power to choose good and positive thoughts over those which are negative and wasteful. We start to respond to situations, rather than just reacting to them. We begin to live with harmony, we create better and happier, healthier relationships and change our lives in a most positive way.

    With Raja Yoga meditation you can throw off the old patterns of influence and recreate yourself to be how you want to be. That is the power of Raja Yoga. This ancient meditation practice harnesses your natural powers and trains your mind to be your friend. You are not your mind; you are not your body. You have a mind and you have a body. These ‘tools' sometimes work well and at other times may need calm and exercise to get back to a healthy path. 

    Raja Yoga teaches us to step back and observe life, take a calm breath, cool our reactions, and step forward in the way we choose - independent of others urging us to think or act as they wish.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. 

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    Life is just Music that's why our heart has a Beat

    in LGBT

    Life for some people can be merely white noise and for some it can be the greatest orchestra ever conducted. It's when your life is stuck on search that eventually you get done trying and get to the point your just pick a tune or a station. The only bad thing is life keeps going but are you gonna be stuck in that one song forever

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    MMy Dad's a stripper and hes pretty good

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    The guys take the time to arm wrestle an alligator and eat lipstick corn on the cob.

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    in Religion







    I LOVE SHARING THE GOOD NEWS WITH YOU.  Evangelist  Lacey Kay Green

    keep this show on the air with your prayers and support,

     www.laceykayministries.org    PAY PAL



    2700 N. HOBART ST. # 32 PAMPA TX.79065  (you will not be put on a mailing list) 

    remember to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, this world we live in, your nation. children and widows. 

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    Exposing and Confronting Sexual Perversion!

    in Religion


    The alteration of something from its original course, meaning, or state to a distortion or corruption of what was first intended.

    "All great evil is the perversion of a good"

    "A twisted perversion of the truth"

    Sexual behavior or desire that is considered abnormal or unacceptable.

    Looking at all aspects of sex in the church and the world!

    Have you been involved in domestic violence?

    Are you the perpetrator or victim? 

    Are you homophobic?

    Is incest now acceptable by people in the church?

    Why do some people practice child sexual abuse? 

    How do we stop sexual trafficking? 

    What is sexual perversion?

    What does the Bible say about Sex?

    What is the story of incest in America?

    Is Beastiality practiced in America?


    Dr. Loren Due

    P O Box 18, Victorville, CA 92393

    Office: (760) 951 9484


    Email: lorendue@gmail.com