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    The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell Ep. 4 Special Guest Barbara Goldsmith

    in Spirituality

    FRIDAY 9PM EST ~ The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell 

    The Earth Experience explores our soul's expansion through our human experiences on Earth. Join us for a star-filled evening, no matter how many clouds may be out tonight! Special Guest Barbara Goldsmith, an international master astrologer and I explore the amazing spiritual unknowns about  sun signs, astrological charts, and the current energies influencing everyone’s lives! 

    Barbara Goldsmith, M.B.A., CeFA, CeMAP, Cergi, has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years. She has a wealth of experience in both teaching astrology from beginners to advanced levels and also giving personal astrology readings. She has a growing worldwide audience who enjoy her regular monthly forecasts on YouTube.

    She has worked in the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and has appeared on BBC TV discussing the benefits of astrological counselling.

    An accomplished speaker and presenter, she has hosted her own local radio show and television show. She writes articles for various publications and websites about astrology and is the author of several books on Astrology and Finance.

    Barbara has an M.B.A. from Manchester Business School and is a Qualified Financial Advisor, (CeFA, CeMAP & Cergi). She brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge together with her practical business experience.

    More info about Barbara can be found at www.yourastrologysigns.com

    DONATE HERE ~ http://tinyurl.com/kalinadonate

    Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/Kalina.Angell?fref=ts

    Network Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenmentEvolutionNetwork  

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    S04-22 A Conversation with Robert Goldsmith

    in Lifestyle

    Robert is an attorney who regularly provides legal and business advice in the areas of public and private securities offerings, entertainment financing, Federal and State securities laws, compliance and corporate transactions.
    After beginning his career as an attorney in the Division of Corporation Finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Robert went into private practice in New York  specializing in public offerings and private placements.  He also served as General Counsel to two publicly listed motion picture companies and a privately held telecommunications company in southern California.
    Robert is licensed to practice law in New York and California and is currently in private practice in Beverly Hills, California.  Contact Robert:  http://www.eisnerlaw.com/attorneys/of-counsel/robert-w-goldsmith

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    Metalsmith Benchtalk with Jay Whaley- teacher, inventor and master goldsmith

    in Art

    My guest on Thursday, July 17th, at 3 p.m. PDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk will be Jay Whaley the owner and  instructor at the Whaley Sutdios, inventor and mastergoldsmith. Our technical producer and co-host Aly Kendrick will ask him about his background in Hawaii, his philosophy, plans for the future and more!

    About Jay Whaley:

    With 30+ years of jewelry-making experience, including many years as head of the jewelry making department at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD), Jay Whaley is proficient at hand-crafting exquisite pieces in precious metals and he excels at teaching others to do the same.Jay is a skilled goldsmith, tool designer and inventor, as well as a master wax carver. Jay’s most popular workshop shows couples how to make their own wedding or commitment bands in gold, silver, or platinum. Whaley Studios presents a wide variety of other workshops year-round as well. Jay has two new tools with patents pending, which are being produced and distributed by the Eurotool Company. A new dual-fuel torch, designed by Jay Whaley, is also being considered for possible production by a major torch manufacturer. 

    Since 2009, Jay has also been the host of Metalsmith Benchtalk on Blogtalk Radio, a popular weekly online radio show that features in-depth discussions on topics of interest to the metalsmithing and jewelry making trades.


    To Learn more visit www.http://www.whaleystudios.com

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    Jeremy Goldsmith - Poetry Man

    in Books

    This show features Jeremy Goldsmith, aka Jay Gold, who is a Philadelphia performer of slam poetry. Jeremy also writes raps and performs.

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    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith on Write Now Radio! - ENCORE Presentation

    in Writing

    2pm ET / 1pm CT / 12pm MT / 11am PT

    (Outside US: Dial 00 + 1 + 714-464-4891)


    In honor of the bestseller, Ready, Aim, Influence! winning the eLit Book Award for Literary Excellence, we proudly present Marshall Goldsmith in this Encore Presentation.

    Marshall Goldsmith is Corporate America's preemptive executive coach and The New York Times best-selling author of twenty-eight books including What Got You Here Won't Get You There, a Wall Street Journal #1 business book. Goldsmith was a pioneer in the use of the customized 360-degree feedback as a leadership development tool. In acknowledgement of his work helping leaders change behavior, he received his first national recognition in 1993, being ranked as one of the Top 10 Executive Educators in The Wall Street Journal.

    Goldsmith's work helping successful leaders achieve positive lasting change in behavior for themselves, their people, and their teams has been featured in The New Yorker Profile, Harvard Business Review interview, Forbes Featured Story, and Business Strategy Review cover story from the London Business School. He is one of the few consultants who have been asked to work with more than 80 major CEOs and their management teams.

    In 2004, he was recognized by the American Management Association as one of the 50 great thinkers and business leaders who have impacted the field of management over the past 80 years. In 2005, he was elected as a Fellow in the National Academy of Human Resources, and recognized in Business Week as one of the most influential practitioners in the history of leadership development and icon in the field.


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    David Goldsmith: Paid to Think: A Leader's Toolkit

    in Business

    Consultant, speaker, President of Goldsmith Organization LLC, and author of Paid to Think, David Goldsmith, describes a new way of rethinking the role and value of leadership within an organization. David Goldsmith presents an alternative to the idea of getting people to do more, but rather teaches people to be more. David Goldsmith challenges leaders to think more in terms of strategy than tactics, more in terms of creativity as a collaborative innovator, and more as an entrepreneurial based transformational leader. David shares his higher set of leadership laws that challenge and overturn much of traditional management theory. He also provides examples of top performing companies who have done precisely that. David Goldsmith offers a fresh total rethinking process that reinvents and challenges the usual ways of leadership and management. David also presents the concept of knowledge as a multiplier of performance. He also points out that leaders must continually sell their ideas, their company's greatness, and their teams on the organization's higher purpose. Learn the practical tools that will build better leaders, stronger teams, and higher performing organizations.

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    Real Estate contracts in todays day and age- what to look out for...

    in Real Estate

    This is not legal advice. It comes from years of experience between Brokers. Sandi Parker Goldsmith

    and Nathalie Mullinix will be discussing contracts and how to dot i's and cross t's at all times. Some things have

    not changed as much as people think, although with technology, delivery has...

    Listen in if you are a real estate agent/broker or buying or selling a property or home.

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    in Music

    Music is the subject of The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds when Halli is joined bytwice nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award for his writing talent, and author of the new much-talked about biography Kansas City Lightning, The Rise and Times of Charles Parker, Stanley Crouch and iconic portrait photographer Lynn Goldsmith with her new book, Rock and Roll Stories.

    Stanley Crouch has been writing about jazz music and the black experience for more than forty years. His writing has appeared in The New Yorker, Vogue, Downbeat, and the New York Times. He has served as artistic consultant for programming at Lincoln Center and is a regular columnist for the New York Daily News.

    Lynn Goldsmith is the iconic portrait photographer best known for her images of musicians. After coming of age in the Midwest in the tumultuous 1960s, she crashed the music scene in New York, emerging as one of its leading image-makers, chronicling Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan and more.


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    in Sports

    Modern Combat Masters on DOCRADIO.NET with your Host, Professor Darrell Sarjeant and his Co-Host, Hanshi Dan Vena & Executive Producer Sifu Restita De Jesus are proud to welcome our very special guest tonight, William Eric Eubanks Sensei to the program, Wednesday-October 8th, 2014 at 9 PM EST.

    William Eric Eubanks Sensei is a student of Shorei-ryu and Shuri-Ryu of Robert Trias Karate Linages. My current rank is 8th Dan. I have practiced martial arts for 28 years. My current instructor is Lorraine B. Lewis 9th Dan. I have trained with Sensei for 18 years.

    My first instructor was Frank Rimmer of Brevard. Rimmer Sensei was a chief investigator for the local police department. During that time I also trained Jujitsu with Riley Ethington of Spartanburg SC. With him we also had Shiatsu therapy lessons. After a period of time Rimmer Sensei decided to close his school and two of his students took it over. Lynn Goldsmith 5th Dan, and Russel Ziegler 6th Dan. (That was in 1992)

    I then worked out a special payment program with Lynn and Russel to pay for my lessons and travel. I taught classes for them at the school in Brevard and they paid for us to go to our new instructor in Spartanburg SC, Teresa Sanders 3rd Dan.

    I continue to work for Sensei and keep her teachings alive in all who train with us and our martial arts family.




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    Mischeal Goldsmith and Soulout, Katlin Hill

    in Entertainment

    Onstage7 Radio featuring: Independent and Unsigned artists from around the world. " IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU THE ARTIST "

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    First Word Radio: Guest: Shari Goldsmith, Life Coach

    in Entertainment

    Michelle Gamble-Risley, CEO, 3L Publishing (www.3LPublishing.com) and Sonja Fisher, entertainer and executive (www.sonjafisher.com) host Shari Goldsmith, Life Coach for Women.

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