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    Interview with Barry Goldsmith

    in Sports

    This interview is with Kingsborough Community College coach Barry Goldsmith. The interview dicusses Barry's induction into the Hall of Fame for college coaches. In addition, the inerview dissects the ins and outs of coaching and junior tournament training. Barry is candid and entertaining. 

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    Gretchen Goldsmith: The Easter Story

    in Current Events

    How much do you really know about the Easter story and Christ’s death and resurrection? Join us on The River Monday at 11 AM Pacific for new insights from Gretchen Goldsmith the publisher at Rose Publishing.

    Do we know why the hill where Jesus was crucified was called Golgotha, the Place of the Skull?
    How long did Jesus know that Judas would betray him?
    Did Jesus warn his disciples that he would die? If so, why didn’t they believe him?
    What role did Jesus himself have in the timing of the crucifixion?
    Why was his sacrifice necessary?

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    Jeremy Goldsmith - Internal Rhyme Interview

    in Books

    Tonight Bonnie Kaye welcomes up and coming star of Hip Hop and Spoken Word, Jeremy Goldsmith also known as Internal Rhyme.

    By coincidence, Jeremy is Bonnie's nephew and a student at Rutgers's University in New Jersey. Jeremy has been performing in the Philadelphia/New Jersey area for over five years. He has a number of videos that can be seen on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/comedicmusician.  You can visit his Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/internalrhyme.

     Spoken Word is a performance artistic poem that is word-basic. It often includes collaboration and experimentation with other art forms such as music, theater, and dance. However, spoken word usually tends to focus on the words themselves, the dynamics of tone, gestures, facial expressions, and not so much on the other art forms. In entertainment, spoken-word performances generally consist of storytelling or poetry.

    Jeremy takes the literary devises that he picked up in his poetry experience and combines them with rhythm and smooth beats. He started writing lyrics over nine years ago and has been recording tracks since he turned thirteen. He started performing publicly in high school at annual talent shows and currently performs at venues all across the greater Philadelphia/New Jersey area.  

    His music is used to inform or make an audience conscious of some human aspect pertaining to life. Often the words contain curse words which stand for freedom of expression rather than judgment against the poet repeating them.



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    The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell Ep. 4 Special Guest Barbara Goldsmith

    in Spirituality

    FRIDAY 9PM EST ~ The Earth Experience with Kalina Angell 

    The Earth Experience explores our soul's expansion through our human experiences on Earth. Join us for a star-filled evening, no matter how many clouds may be out tonight! Special Guest Barbara Goldsmith, an international master astrologer and I explore the amazing spiritual unknowns about  sun signs, astrological charts, and the current energies influencing everyone’s lives! 

    Barbara Goldsmith, M.B.A., CeFA, CeMAP, Cergi, has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years. She has a wealth of experience in both teaching astrology from beginners to advanced levels and also giving personal astrology readings. She has a growing worldwide audience who enjoy her regular monthly forecasts on YouTube.

    She has worked in the USA, the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and has appeared on BBC TV discussing the benefits of astrological counselling.

    An accomplished speaker and presenter, she has hosted her own local radio show and television show. She writes articles for various publications and websites about astrology and is the author of several books on Astrology and Finance.

    Barbara has an M.B.A. from Manchester Business School and is a Qualified Financial Advisor, (CeFA, CeMAP & Cergi). She brings a unique mix to the field of astrology with her intuitive astrological knowledge together with her practical business experience.

    More info about Barbara can be found at www.yourastrologysigns.com

    DONATE HERE ~ http://tinyurl.com/kalinadonate

    Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/Kalina.Angell?fref=ts

    Network Facebook Page ~ https://www.facebook.com/EnlightenmentEvolutionNetwork  

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    Jarrod Goldsmith: Ottawa Canada - How to become an expert networker

    in Business

    Jarrod Goldsmith: Ottawa Canada www.esax.ca

    Hear this BIGthinker  share successful networking tips that are beneficial for those looking to gain a market edge.The 3 fundamental core values his firm teaches has enabled him  to be among the running as the entrepreneur of the year in Ottawa.


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    S04-22 A Conversation with Robert Goldsmith

    in Lifestyle

    Robert is an attorney who regularly provides legal and business advice in the areas of public and private securities offerings, entertainment financing, Federal and State securities laws, compliance and corporate transactions.
    After beginning his career as an attorney in the Division of Corporation Finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Robert went into private practice in New York  specializing in public offerings and private placements.  He also served as General Counsel to two publicly listed motion picture companies and a privately held telecommunications company in southern California.
    Robert is licensed to practice law in New York and California and is currently in private practice in Beverly Hills, California.  Contact Robert:  http://www.eisnerlaw.com/attorneys/of-counsel/robert-w-goldsmith

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    Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go by Julie Giulioni

    in Books

    Join us for a fireside chat with Lady Selah SuJuris and Julie Giulioni on her book Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go


    “Should be the career conversation Bible for busy leaders!”
    -Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times Bestsellers MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

    “This is the best, most comprehensive resource available. It’s perfectly relevant for new supervisors, senior executives and leaders at any level.”
    -Sharon Silverman, Vice President for Human Resources, Macy’s

    “Every manager will find this short book to be long on practical ways to make career development happen.”
    -Jack Zenger, CEO, Folkman and coauthor of the bestselling The Extraordinary Leader and The Extraordinary Coach

    Amazon Information:

    Series: BK Business
    Paperback: 144 pages
    Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers; 1 edition (September 17, 2012)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1609946324
    ISBN-13: 978-1609946326
    Product Dimensions: 6.1 x 0.4 x 9.1 inches

    Reading provided by Charlie Checkers

    Special Thanks for the Marketing Image background provided by all free-download.com



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    Jeremy Goldsmith - Poetry Man

    in Books

    This show features Jeremy Goldsmith, aka Jay Gold, who is a Philadelphia performer of slam poetry. Jeremy also writes raps and performs.

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    speaking on people fighting themselfs on thier journey and it's not ever yous

    in Prayer

    Jadea on science, math, and society https://youtu.be/m1iXF_e4dMU

    Joel Goldsmith

    Youtube channel: chokmah makob - Yuhnaba

    Only in her mid going into late 20s and such wisdom of truth, awakening round a year after me

    Native Indian Indigenous- Mediterranean cauc`asian` (irish) Indian, `latin/hispanic` Middle Eastern etc as in racial profiling of the five shades of ruddy supremists incliding the southern tribe of brothas of the decieving Israelites cult of judgemental condeming hypocritics of hate. The Most High will have no mercy in his wrath of righteous anger in judgement that is upon! Continue to live a lie and be about that life. I value nothing of yous kind, period! Mans own destrution!

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    Robert Stevenson Linda Sharkey, Patricia Seemann, Tom Sant on Money For Lunch

    in Business

    Tom Sant former college professor, stand-up comedian, and founder of two successful companies.His book, Persuasive Business Proposals, is the largest selling book in the world on the topic and has been adopted by companies around the world as their standard for delivering persuasive messages to customers. He was named “America’s foremost expert on proposal writing” by the American Management Association, and was named one of the top 10 sales trainers in the world by Selling Power magazine

    Robert Stevenson one of the most widely sought after speakers in the world today as well as a best-selling author. He has owned five companies and sold internationally in over 20 countries. He is a man who has lived his experiences, not just studied them. He teaches companies how to deal with risk, competition, and the ever-changing business environment 

    Dr. Patricia Seemann Swiss surgeon with a specialty like no-one else. Her unique expertise is diagnosing and treating the most complicated and intractable issues that plague large global corporations the “Wicked Problems” that, left unaddressed, can endanger the entire enterprise. She has a long track record of working with CEOs and Chairmen as they tackle their company’s wicked problems 

    Linda Sharkey internationally recognized expert in organization and leadership development. She has a proven track record in helping companies achieve long term business results through leadership and talent develop. She is a no nonsense executive coach and founding member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group. She is author of 3 acclaimed books and numerous articles.  She is a sought after speaker and business thought leader.Her most recent book Winning with Transglobal Leadership was named one of the top best 30 business books  

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    Robert Thompson's Thought Grenades

    in Business

    Stacy Feiner, author of Talent Mindset, joins Robert Thompson and co-host Mike Neiss to share the business owner’s guide to building bench strength. Our colleague, Marshall Goldsmith says that Talent Mindset offers an entire platform that will change everything. What is it? Can it work for you? Listen and learn. Practical, simple and effective ideas on how you can make a positive difference for yourself, your organization and the world. Oh, and we have fun too! Listen live Mondays at 10 a.m Pacific, catch it here, or subscribe on iTunes and listen when convenient.