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    Black Shoe Podcast - Episode 1.11 - Minnesota Golden Gophers

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    Last week's game was a little more exciting than we would have liked, but the Nittany Lions pulled off a thrilling overtime win against the Fighting Illini!  Adam, Cari and Dan break down all of last week's action, and break down this week's matchup against the Minnesota Golden Gophers, this week on the Black Shoe Podcast!

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    Who will win the Paul Bunyan Axe? Wisconsin vs. Minnesota game preview

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Rant; presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will preview the Wisconsin Badgers vs. the Minnesota Golden Gophers.  There is more than just an axe at stake today.  The winner of this game will get a berth, in the Big Ten Championship Game.  The Badgers (9-2, 6-1) are led by Heisman hopeful, Melvin Gordon.  Gordon has rushed for 2,109 yards already, and has found the end zone 25 times.  The Gophers (8-3, 5-2) could be without their leading rusher David Carr.  He was listed as questionable, after being injured, against Nebraska.  The series has been lopsided, as of late, with the Badgers winning 10 straight.  The Gophers last win, in Madison, was in 1994.  However, this is a different Minnesota team, and they have hopes of bringing the Axe over the border.  Listen in and leave your comments on twitter; @RedLightSports or @edubsrlsn.

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    Minnesota-Wisconsin preview, Melvin Gordon in Heisman Trophy race

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    Our pre-Thanksgiving Day football preview show returns tonight!

    AXE WEEK/HATE WEEK has begun for the Wisconsin Badgers and Minnesota Golden Gophers, and with some controversy! Paul Bunyan's Axe will NOT be on the sideline but presented afterward and staged near the goalpost of the winning team. What are your thoughts on this?

    We'll break down the match-ups and give our predictions for the game -- which has the Big Ten West division championship ON THE LINE! Will Melvin Gordon continue his Heisman Trophy campaign? Can Wisconsin stop a hot Minnesota team that comes off the heels of upsetting Nebraska at home?

    The Green Bay Packers play their toughest game to date against the New England Patriots. Can Aaron Rodgers and Company beat the best team in the NFL at Lambeau Field Sunday afternoon?

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    APR Network: In the Pickle Barrel w/Bill Pickle; Chuck Skull Golden Age of Radio

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    9AM-11AM EST:  Join Bill Pickle and co-host Susan Minck as they try to be serious and respectful (it's hard to do but they try) on Manic Monday! 

    Monday is your day. This is the day dedicated to you. You set the agenda;they talk about anything you want to talk about. Get updates on weekend political happenings and what to expect for the week ahead in the world of politics. They also take a look at other issues, wacky news, 2016 Elections, Obama, Presidential Want-to-be's, SC Primary Elections, US Senate, Congress, Terrorists, nothing protected, ignored or taboo on Manic Monday.

    You can take part in the conversations and debates by entering the online chat room. Better yet, join us LIVE ON AIR by calling (602) 753-1822.

    11AM-Noon EST: Chuck Skull brings us another great hour of The Golden Age of Radio. 

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    Suns Talk Radio: A Tough Stretch

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    With the Suns entering the hardest stretch of the seaon thus far, Phoenix will need to stay energized as it takes on the likes of the Washington Wizards, Golden State Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies among many others. Host Zach Parnes will break down the week ahead, while also focusing in on PJ Tucker's recent offensive slump. We will also be unveiling plans for our next episode which feature another very special guest! Tune in and share your opinions, or join the conversation on twitter! @SunsTalkRadio 

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    The Hour of Praise & Worship Golden Gospel Oldies

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    The Power Hour of Prayer Presents
    The Hour of Praise & Worship

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    COT - Ring of Fire Ministries
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    Two Hours of Praise & Worship Unto The Lord Jesus
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    Home Page:

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    Who is legit in the NBA and who is pretending half way through the season

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    In this episode of The Red Light Sports Ramble, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Evan Witalison and Troy Otradovec will take a look at the NBA, NFL, and MLB.  While NFL football takes center stage all fall, we sometimes forget that there are three other major professional leagues.  

    The Golden State Warriors, Atlanta Hawks, and Memphis Grizzlies are off to a great start, in the NBA.  As the NBA All-Star game approaches, and we head to the second half; of the season, we will talk about who is a legitimate contender, and who does not have enough fire power.  The Cleveland Cavaliers have won six in a row, after losing six, in a row.  Have they put all their woe's behind them?

    If you are not a New England Patriots or Seattle Seahawk fan, will you be watching the Super Bowl?  Did you enjoy the Pro Bowl?  What do you think the NFL has to do, in order to get better veiwership?  The new format had Cris Carter and Michael Irvin, drafting teams.  Team Irvin beat Team Carter, 32-28 with a fourth quarter touchdown.  Do you like how the end of each quarter, is like the end of the half, and the game?

    Spring Training is right around the corner.  Will the Milwuakee Brewers resign K-rod, now that the Jonathan Papelbon trade seems to be over?  The Brewers had an event that drew 11,000 fans, does your team do anything in the offseason, that attracts fans? Listen in and call the show with your thoughts.


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    Blizzard 2015 and Celebrity Apprentice Wrap Up

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    We are broadcasting live to bring you updates on the impending blizzard.  NYC Public Schools are closed. Non emergency vehicles are expected to be off the streets by 11:00pm. As the blizzard progresses, we will keep you updated.

    Since we are on the air. We can discuss tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Tonight, in the first episode,  Sig Hansen went home and deservedly so. I have been watching Celebrity Apprentice from the beginning and never have I seen a Project Manager have such an outburst. His behavior toward the bartenders was completely unprofessional and inexcusable.  Had that been Vivica or Kenya, they would have been sent home.

    And speaking of being sent home, Kenya talks about knowing so much about luxury, yet she was rolling around on the ground in front of children. She was representing Donald Trump. 

    During the second episode, the teams had the rask of recreating Trump Doral Miami. Kate was the Project Manager for Team Vortex with of course Geraldo as her co Project Manager.  Ian Ziering a true class act was the Project Manager for Team Inifnity.  I think Kate Gosselin had no intention of respecting Vivica and Kenya. Dare I say, Kenya was partially right.  Kate only used them as gophers rather than getting solid input.  She saw herself and Geraldo as the brains behind the operation and the other ladies were treated like Interns. I never saw Kate ask their opinion. If she asked Kenya for advice on how to make it more luxurious, she may have won. But since Kate lost, we were treated to boardroom battle between Kenya and Vivica. Why do all reality shows have to have African Americans at each other's throats. The scene was uncomfortable and unncessary. In the end, Kenya "twirled" her way out of being fired by kissing the butts of the Trump Family. Kate Gosselin was fired.

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    Dr. Sam Mugzzi with Jerry Wills

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    Many brilliant faces on the scene and Jerry Wills is one of them.  New to this experience?  Hungry for higher consciousness thought?  Jerry has another piece of the "STAR" within. 

    Meet Jerry Wills:

    For as long as I remember I’ve seen and felt what I call life force essence around living things. During my early years I had no idea others were unaware of this. After many scoldings I learned to keep my intuitive flashes and comments to myself.

    Growing up on a remote farm in Kentucky provided many years of isolation from the rest of the world. During my teen years I started to better understand how energy moves through all living things – plant, animal and human. Eventually my abilities progressed to where I was able to help myself, and others if they allowed it.  More here, Link!

    Jerry Wills is an accomplished healer, explorer, and musician with the band Bassist for Terrandomaly.  Mr. Wills discussed his identity as an extraterrestrial from the Tau Ceti star system (12 light years from Earth) left here as an infant as part of a project of the Council of Worlds for the betterment of Earth.  Mr. Wills has consented to an in-depth exopolitical interview with ExopoliticsTV and Alfred Lambremont Webre.  Link!  click and go:

    More information on Jerry Here!  www.EBH.club

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    Beyond Amazon Prime: "Transparent" in Real Life

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    Alana Sholar and Bobbie Thompson are a married couple.  That in itself isn’t very unique, however, Alana is a male-to-female transwoman, Bobbie is her supportive cis-gender spouse, and they live in central Kentucky which does make their story very unique.  Bobbie knew Sholar as a male for approximately 25 years, and they even shared an intimate relationship in the mid-1990’s.  Nearly a decade passed when Bobbie saw Sholar again in late 2006, only this time ‘he’ was a ‘she.’  Bobbie was ‘freaked-out’ and told Sholar she didn’t want to have anything to do with her.  Two years later they were married.

    Alana is the author of “Hung in the Middle: A Journey of Gender Discovery,” and Bobbie tells ‘her side of their story’ in her memoir entitled, “My HUSBAND Looks Better in Lingerie Than I Do … DAMN IT,” which explains how she went from ‘freaked-out’ to ‘saying I do’ and much more.   
    Today they still live in the same small Kentucky town where Sholar grew up as a male.  They have a blended family of three children, four grandchildren, and two dogs. 

    Nicholas Snow Live, produced and hosted by Nicholas Snow.  Over 1.7 million downloads in just over 2-1/2 years.  The show's motto: "Connecting the Circuitry of Humanity."

    NicholasSnowLive.com | Advertisers (Plus How To Advertise) | Social Networks

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    Tonight is the blessed night. beloved, that YOU are listing to K-ASK RADIO.  The major questoin aSKED------- SINCE YOU BELIEVE,HAVE YOU RECEIVED THE BAPTIZED OF THR HOLY GHOST?




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