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    Dragon Ball Z OVA: Hey! Goku and His Friends Return! Review!

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    Those Guys discuss one of the newer Dragon Ball Z OVAs, "Hey! Goku and His Friends Return!" and More...

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    Marvel CEO donation under fire. Iowa Caucuses. #GOPDebate. MJ get whitewashed.

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    Tonight we need to talk Politics. With the Iowa Caucuses hours away, there is a lot at stake for the political future of this US. With the gravity of this situation being higher than Goku's training environment, The Black Geek break tradition and go full Politico. 

    One issue with a geeky politico twist this week was the donation of $1M dollars by Marvel CEO, Isaac Perlmutter to a GOP candidate's vetern fundraisers. This raised a lot of eyebrows in the online community. We explore this from a few angles.

    Soooo... someone decided to cast Pop legend Michael Jackson as a white man. Without missing a beat, the online community was quick to express their dissatisfaction with said casting. Is it okay to cast the GOAT as a different race in the name of art, or pigment, as some would have you believe? Let's talk about Race Bending.

    Of course we'll have our Sith News segment as well, with the lastest news from Geekdom. 

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    Is Bardock really the Father of Goku? Call Maury and find out today! Take Two!

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    Those Guys discuss the Dragonball Z TV Special, "Bardock: The Father of Goku", and More...

  • O.G.T. Jarvis Database The Walking Dead more to it than just Rick and the gang

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    Greetings Omni Game Terminal friends and listeners the time has come for another Jarvis Database.  On this week's episode we are diving into Season 1 Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, with the main idea in mind that the world of Walking dead is so huge that there is more to the series than just Rick Grimes.  A lot of Walking Dead fans has made characters like Rick, Darrell, Carol, Michonne and the rest of the surviving cast part of their lives but with great characters like the Governer and cast members of the new Fear the Walking Dead have fans developed tunnel vision to only Rick's crew?  Also the Game Changers a movie previously mentioned on this show about the old school GTA controversy back in the early 2000's starting Bill Paxton and Daniel Radcliffe has an offical trailer. ESPN is now adding a new job listing under it's employ "eSports editor", that's right coverage on video game sports!  Mugen's are cool again thank's to Goku, see Goku vs Streetfighter 2 Gamebill Studios puts together some interesting super hyper combo finishes and victory poses makes for a great 5 minute fullfillment with a twist.  A couple comes together in holy matramoney in a Final Fantasy IX themed wedding. All this and more on tonight O.G.T. Jarvis Database part of the Tru Radio Network Turn on, Tune in and Turn up.



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    Recovering from that Cheap Shot with Joey DiCarlo

    in Hobbies

    Hey everyone! Tonight, DragonBallRadio is joined with Joey DiCarlo to discuss the slew of previews we've seen, his exclusive preview, our TWO promised previews, and the results from Chicago! Again, and as always, we will be taking callers at different points in the show to discuss the topics we're currently on. Please note that calls will be answered in the order they are received ONCE open calls are announced. All callers before said time will be considered to be live listeners. Don't worry, we'll be discussing the Orange and Blue Masteries, Goku and Vegeta MPs, and taking random stabs in the dark at what Android 18 will do! I certainly hope you'll join us in what is sure to be a jam-packed episode with plenty of content to lend your opinions on! See you!

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    2wice The BS Radio Geek Edition- Goku vs Superman

    in Art

    Hello I told you guys before that we're trying to get to everybody. This one is for the comic book, Anime, and Gaming fans !!!! Rob and I will discuss the next gen consoles. Xbox vs Playsation vs Nintendo. We'll debate on the best system of all time. Plus in the second hour comic book and anime debates. With the biggest debate of all time Goku vs Superman !!!  The phone lines will be open we really would like to hear your personal opinion. Dont miss the second vampire episode of 2wice The BS Radio

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    Altered Geek Unleashed – 104 – Geeks, It’s An Awakening

    in Movies

    Steve is riding solo this week. This maybe a little odd of an episode with a 2-in-1 style. The first part is more polished talking #ForceFriday, Goku vs Street Fighter II, and more! In the 2nd part after the closing of the show it’s just like a regular show and was the original Episode 104 but due to some unforeseen circumstances it wasn’t good enough as is so I’ve placed it as a BONUS episode. It discusses Arrow, Marvel, The EDX Pop Culture Class, The Flash, Force Awakens and Civil War. Included in that is a concept for a future show for Prequels, Sequels, Trilogies and Franchise films that we’ll do with more hosts involved.

    All this and more on this week’s AGU! We hope you continue to enjoy the episodes and please feel free to respond to any and all feedback methods. We will read and reply on the show. Topic suggestions also welcome. So get Altered, Get Geeky with the Altered Geeks.

    (NEW) Question of the Night:

    Send us any comments you’d like! We plan to do a comment Q&A episode in the future.

    What are the things you’re liking in #ForceFriday ?
    Do you think we’ve gotten to the point of a possible Super Hero Fatigue? Or do you see a crash imminent in the TV or Film universes?
    Would you want to participate in a live call in show where you bring the topic? (Email us subject Altered Geek Live if interested)


    Steve “Megatron” Phillips

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    The Weekend Review w/ Vixen & Phaze DBZ Movie Review

    in Video Games

    Phaze and Vixen are back this week and Phaze gives you the full review on the new Dragon Ball Z Movie Resurrection of F.

    A New Segment is born this week called "Its A Trap"

    and Of Course Phaze's Douchebag of the Week and Vixen's Did you Know?


    This and alot more of your nerdy info all on the Weekend Review.

    We also give a tribute to Rowdy Roddy Piper.

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    OGT UnNerfed Playground .... It's EVERYTHING DRAGONBALL ... Make your wish !!!!

    in Entertainment

    KKKAAAMMMEEE.... So it all started with the Manga in 84 wear a young boy was found in a space ship by (no not Kal El) by an old man he would come to call grand pa this kid would later quest with a young girl looking for the DRAGONBALLS. We all know something of what happend next ..... Fights and Adventure and more fights and Energy Blasts! HHHAAA ...... Over the next ... (OMG) 31 years That young boy (Goku) and the Z fighters save the earth time and time again. Goku dies comes back dies again comes back ..... AGAIN dies one more time and ...... comes back. MMMEEE...... Now He's Back with ALL NEW  (and some old ) fights and villens to BLOW DA FUCK UP ... oh and with his new BFF  Vegeta     ( "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME " Vageta )....... oh my bad sir ........I mean Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegata  (say that 3X). Tonight HERE on the OGT we will talk Hopes, Dreams, and Expectations for the new Game (Xeonoverse .. soooo good ...dat dlc tho) new Show (Dragonball SUPER ... super!) and The NEW Movie set to the states on Aug 4th thru the 12th (OMFG I CANT WAIT!!!!!). So get All 7 Dragonballs summon Shenron make your wish and join us here TONIGHT ..... PEOPLE OF THE EARTH ....... PLEASE ...... SHARE SOME OF YOUR ENERGY. IT'S GOING DOWN HERE ON THE OGT UNNERFED PLAYGROUND ............. HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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