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    The Tufts Get Going! "Sharis Rhodes"

    in Hip Hop Music

    9 am Eastern, 6 am Pacific: "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Sharis Rhodes." Meet a star in the making, calling from Hollywood! Sharis has been burning up the local charts there, with her eyes set on breaking through nationally. Lady E joins me this morning to interview her, and play "Single and Lovin' It," "Wait Mix," and "Welcome to the Spotlight." Do you hear a hit? 

    Her manager will also be with us: John E. Williams III, who started out as a DJ and went on to become a tour manager for many top R&B and Rock bands -- and then caught the musical theatre bug, rising as high as playing the Beast in Beauty in the Beast on a national tour, and Jekyll & Hyde in London. He is currently the CEO of A Class with Broadway, a nonprofit which educates teenagers about Broadway. 



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    S and M presents: Finger licking good BBQ places in the U.S.

    in Entertainment

    Turn in Aug 31 at 11pm est/8pm cst/10pm cst. Let get ready to ear some BBQ. We will betalking a look at the top 10 places to eat some good old fashion BBQ from around the U.S. from Boston to Texas. You will get to know different styles of BBQ. And some of our favorite BBQ we had the pleasure of eating. Call in and tell us whats your all time favorite. And as always. Sasha will brining you the hot gossip on the net.And for all you sports fans, Max will let you know all you need to know in the world of sports. aa that and more on S and MRadio. Make your opinion heard and call (929) 477-1332 and say it like you mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Going Viral and Creating Buzz On Social Media

    in Comedy

    You know social media has changed the way the world works. We get our news and information in 140 character bursts from Twitter or on the "trending topics" section on Facebook. At one time this seemed like a very positive thing, but now? Maybe not so much. Everyone is so focused on creating buzz and going viral and getting clicks that the substance is all gone! Well, not on IWS Radio dammit!

    Matt-Man and Jayman are going to discuss the ways that social media has changed the world. Both the good and the bad. It's brought us all closer together and given people all over the world the chance to connect. It has also torn us apart as discussion usually devolve into name calling arguments with everyone just trying to shout the other side down. This is just so sad. How did this happen? Matt and Jay have a few theories on this and will break it all down this week.

    How hard is to "go viral" and why is everyone so desperate to do so? Why won't Miley Cyrus re-tweet Jayman? Which social media site is the best? How dead are blogs? Are podcasts dead? Is all about Periscope and Vine and Instagram now? It all changes so fast and it takes social media gurus like Matt and Jay to keep it all straight.

    As always Canadian Bureau Chief Jamie Mapleleaf and some members of the IWS Players will be along to entertain and inform you. And as always we'll be taking YOUR CALLS @ 661.244.9852 so be sure to join us for all the fun and games!

  • Ed Woodham - Art In Odd Places

    in Art

    Art In Odd Places started as a grass roots happening and has transformed into an annual landmark art festival thanks to its many artists and supporters. This year's "odd" 11th anniversary: AIOP 2015: RECALL will again transform NYC's 14th Street into a civic space where social interaction and creative expression captivate imaginations and deeply connect people to themselves and the world.

    Talkupy welcomes Ed Woodham, Founder & Director of AIOP, to the show on Thursday, Oct. 1 at 11 am ET. In addition to hearing about what to expect at this year's event, Woodham will discuss the importance of presenting visual and performance art in public spaces across the U.S.

    For more info on "Public Art as Social Engagement" watch Ed's TEDxIndianapolis To donate to the project, please click here. Please follow @Talkupy_Radio on Twitter and visit Talkupy.net


    in Family

    In light of the recent rash of homicides in the Cleveland Ohio area, I feel compelled to air this special show to pose the question, What Are You Going to Do?.

    I’m angry and hurt. Sleep is a stranger. Peace of mind is a thing of the past. As I pondered the question, What Am I Going to do, I was reminded that I have a platform. I have a platform that has been used for a lot of positive topics with guests from near and as far as the United Kingdom.  That’s all well and good and I will continue to provide my listening audience with guests and topics that Empower, Inspire, Encourage and Motivate.

    However, now is the time for me to focus on home. In the past few weeks the Cleveland area has lost several young people, one being 5 years old and another 3 years old due to senseless violence and drive-by shootings. The cowards that have committed these murders have left  our city in a state of not only disbelief but also fear.

    What happened to The Village Raising The Child? What happened to the days where adults did not fear our children? What ever happened to the days of yes ma’am and yes sir? What in the world ever happened to the days when children could be children without the fear of being abducted while walking to school, bullied, raped, sold into child slavery, and murdered while playing in their own yards?


    I need you to call in and answer this question. It’s time to take back our city from those who are in this city killing, stealing and destroying the moral fiber of our lives.

    Other radio shows that are addressing this issue tonight are:

     www.whohasthepowershow.com with Host Charles Yancey II on Mixlr Radio 330-752-277  7-9pm EST

    M.A.N on the Street with Host Al Porter, Jr. on BlogTalk Radio 646-478-0944 9-10pm EST

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    Grilliant Ideas Radio! 4 Years Of Foodie Fun Entertainment & Still Going Strong

    in Food

    It's Our 4th Anniversary Show!

    Can't believe we have been doing this Food Show for so long!

    Thanks to all our past Guests, Friends, and Our Grilliant Ideas Radio Family.

    High Foodie Five from Laury, Brian, and Grill!

    It started with a crazy Grilliant Idea and is still crazy after 4 years!


    Eat, Drink, and Be GRILLIANT!

    Also Thanks to Hot Box Grills! The best portable versatile Grill on the market!






  • The Tufts Get Going! "Stones Rising"

    in Environment

    9:00 AM Eastern, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Stones Rising." Ever wonder how ancient peoples made those megalithic monuments? There's a place just a couple hours' drive from DC, where you can not only see how it was done -- YOU get to do it too! Four Quarters Farm in Pennsylvania is the site of an ongoing project to build a new megalithic Stone Circle, as a place of worship. Sophia Kelly Shultz, one of the church's board members, joins me this morning to talk about how the project got started 20 years ago, and how it benefits the people who participate. (Encore performance.)

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    "Is Going Back, Going Backwards?"

    in Radio

    "Is going back to your neighborhood, after becoming a success, a step backward?

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    We're going to get to see October baseball

    in Sports

    Welcome to the Sports Time Radio podcast hosted by The Big Jack and Dan the Man; who'll show up eventually. It's the sports talk that you and your friends have when you're hanging out only in podcast form. The NFL season has officially kicked off and if you're looking for help with your fantasy football team you've come to the right place. Are you a season long fantasy football player or have you gotten into the weekly leagues? Either way you can get the help you need right here. The baseball season is wrapping up and soon will be have the playoffs. Which team is in the best position to win the World Series? Will pitching be king in the playoffs or will one of the young up and coming teams who can hit win it all. Will also make our picks for individual season awards and see how they compare to what the people with the votes pick. Then there's NASCAR, Boxing and any other sport that's making headlines. Also we have the best interviews with experts from all over to get the inside scoop. Checkout www.SportsTimeRadio.com and follow us all on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Danzeeeman @Mrfanofsports & @Burketime 

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    Against The Grain- So Much Going On!!!!

    in Current Events

    Hello all my beautiful HUMANS around the world! There is A LOT going on on several different fronts as we speak. Pope Fancis has touched down right outside Washington DC.....addressing Congress tommorrow which makes him the 4th Pope to ever visit the USA and the 1st ever to talk to Congress in an open session. Syria and Russia intensifies as the USA involment get questioned......just so much. So join us 9/22/2015 at 7PM Central (USA Time Zone) as we dig thru some of this havoc going on! So agaibn join Honey Bee and myself Rush Perez of The Real World Order as we fact find and have sort of a roundtable discussion on a lot of topics!

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    Open Conversation: What's Going On?????

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we going to talk about everything.  What is really going on, we are going to talk about what is going on with the debates.  We are going to talk about what is going on nationally.  We are going to talk about what is going on in Memphis.  What is really going on......tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation