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    The Tufts Get Going!

    in Self Help

    9 am Thursdays, "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Up to your Ass in Alligators." Rahu, the North Node Eclipse point, has just shifted into Leo, where it joins Jupiter. While Jupiter expands anything it touches, Rahu EXPLODES anything it touches. How this will affect you, will depend on which House Leo rules in your chart. I trace the story of the craziness Rahu hath wrought in my own life over the past three years, while it was transiting Libra and Virgo, so you can get an idea of how this works. If you've got something going on in your life that's so bizarre, you couldn't make it up if you tried, this show is for YOU!


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    Promostar Radio Ep.14 Signs He's Never Going To Marry You! Indie R&B Hits

    in Entertainment

    "For Sure Signs Your Man Is NOT Going To Marry You" Have you been in a long term relationship and been waiting on your man to pop the questions for at least a year now, but he just wont do it? How long is too long? Do you suspect he'll never marry you? Find out now by tuning in live or press play! Truth some men NEVER step up to that plate and you may be missing all the tell tell signs! Host by Simply Candy Baby. Subscribe to our station don't forget to check us out on our FB Fan Page @ Promostar Radio.

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    what's going on? How we get Rejected in 2016 and on!!!

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    Hello and welcome to my show Chicashow  “What’s going on?” I am your host Mayra Rivera and my number is 1-657-383-0357 please call in or ask a question…  

     we have Co host here his or her name is --------------- I like to welcome to my show.

    Before we go on Lets talk about last week show about finding true love 2016 well  I learn how I can find your true love in 2016 and the best thing to find it is let your best friend help you find your true love… Or there are several ways but many people are different. 

    Co host: tell me what will you do…..

    1-657-383-0357 please call in and listen and press one to ask a question or you have comment… 

    Before we go on break I am going to continue a little more about last week show and I am going on about “Rejection” 

    And we are back welcome 1-657-383-0357 please call in to listen in or go on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/chicashow

    Let us talk about rejections

    What is rejections???
    How we get rejected in Life
    *Career (Job)

    According to the dictionary Rejection formally known as reject it is refuse to grant or consider also it is refuse to admit believe or receive or it can be throw  out  as useless or unsatisfactory in a noun rejected person or thing. 

    That is what in the dictionary means….. So tell me does anybody out there who are listening being rejected by a job or crush etc. please call me 1-657-383-0357 or post me a comment at Facebook group page  at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chicashowblogtalkradio/


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    Grilliant Ideas Radio- Are You Going To Eat That?

    in Food

    It's that Magical Time Again! Time For Grilliant Ideas Radio and Food of course!

    Are You Going To Eat That? That's a question that we have all heard! Right?

    When you have leftovers on your plate.. someone who wants it may ask...or other times when testing something unique and different and especially when Brian cooks a meal, people always wonder that question! haha

    Join us as we explore the culinary world with its turns, twists, and news.

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

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    HR Examiner Radio Show: Jason Lauritsen, Dir., Best Places to Work

    in Business

    Jason Lauritsen is a talent strategist and innovator who will challenge you to think differently about talent and the workplace. 

    A former corporate Human Resources executive, Jason is today the Director of Best Places to Work for Quantum Workplace where he leads a program that collects data from employees at over 6,000 companies each year to identify, celebrate and promote some of the best workplaces in the world. 

    He is the co-author of the book, Social Gravity and some people may know him as the tall, dancing guy with Talent Anarchy.  

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 2-8-16... “What is Going ON???!!!"

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2016/02/09/kp-radio-hawaii-2-8-16-what-is-going-on

    Talked about (among other things):

    Energies… there’s a lot of “clearing things out” going on… Also seems like we’re “close” to something.
    Changes going on around the planet, freeing from the old cabal paradigms.
    Eurasian Triangle: Iran, Russia, China… Very important.
    Movements in Hawaii to take stewardship of the lands.

    MP3 download link:


    [Pre-show notes: “Lots of “things” happening, so we’ll look into them.”]

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Trading Places

    in Politics Conservative

    Germany-Netherlands soccer game is canceled before it can be bombed; Jeb Bush on Syrian "refugees": "Send 'em all here!"; Barack Obama is autistically sucking up to Putin; Thirty thousand Cubans pouring across U.S.-Mexican border; Will Paris attacks sink Donald Trump & Ben Carson?; and France and America have really, truly, actually traded places.

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    What's going on Find your true love 2016

    in Friends

    Good Evening and Happy Saturday To everybody and welcome to my show I am your host Mayra Rivera AKA Chica! And I am so glad to be back.. And welcome to the 2016.… well  well well!!! Let me talk to you guys about this topic I am going to discuss for this New Year… well the Main Topic for this New Year.. Is about Finding your true love for 2016... Ok people how many of you just find your true in the 2015...??? Well I did before but it went up to turmoil…. But I am strong like super woman.. Any ways… Now its all of ya’ll call me in 1-657-383-0357 and tell me how did you find your true love and how long did it last? You can remain anonymous… I just listen to this show on Monday and I tell you it was good the name of the show was Journey of to wholeness 2016 The soul of American radio at Blog talk radio.. Boy I tell you guys I highly recommend to listen to it.. So please as a support to our friend to help out please listen to him on your own free time..  That show is the best show I ever hear.. Please people add it… 

    This was the second Monday I listen to it.. I even call him talk to him and share my feelings! about my situation about this abuse and etc,. when you find your true love think about this and listen to this station.. before you find  your true love.... 

    Breaking News Even though it is old news but I will like to share this legend even though I love the 80's music and I love Queen... but a legend has passed away on Monday morning... when i find out that day I was sad... and I was Hey At least Freddie Mercury has his partner and they are singing "Under Pressure" people I want to you to listen in honor of these two artest these legend of life... this is "Under Pressure" by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie RIP you two... 

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    What is going on this week?

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    Good evening everybody and happy Saturday everybody! 

    Welcome to my show chicashow I am your host Mayra AKA CHICA

    we have a Co-host _____________ I will like to welcome my friend ___________ to my show! 

    Word of Our sponsor:If you need a spiritual advice and you don't know where to go well Please join in at www.letstalkandpray.com with your host   Mrs. Marilyn Vasquez Pheres… come join  her conference calls it is every Sunday night From 7:00-8:00p.m.central time for more information please go at www.letstalkandpray.com 


    Today we care talking about losing friends and don't really care.. 

    Why I say that well one maybe these people are not your true friends 

    Second mybe you feel unconfortable to them.. who knows

    If I lost my true friends Yes I do cry... i will be feeling like a big break up 

    Questions: Had you ever got into a fight with a friend(s) over stupid stuff?

    For those who have face book.. had you ever got block or got deleted over stupid stuff and you don’t care about it?

    Had you ever gotten block from any social network and you didn’t know about it? 

    Let me know share your story at 1-657-383-0357

    Let me tell you something, I got my true friends and I got about 4 so far… why 4 because I do not want to be popular nor be show off.. If I have about 1,000 friends at face book well you know my true friends are and you know how many true friends I got.. I am sorry that is just me… If any comments please call me at 1-657-383-0357 call me or go at www.blogtalkradio.com/chicashow
    Or https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chicashowblogtalkradio/


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    What is going on?

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    Now you know Last week in my What’s going ON? We talk about Thanksgiving and The Black Friday! How my guess Magda was working on that day and she said that it wasn’t so bad that day due to the weather… but when I told them the difference between United Kingdom and United States and how they did their Black Friday… Man United Kingdom Won!! I am sorry  for being generous and well respected while we in the United States Fight over stupid stuff by pushing, kicking, stampeding the whole store… I mean My Goodness people please next year Grow Up! Be like united kingdom and show some respect with each other.. 
    NOW! As we know the holidays are coming! So My question is the everybody 
    Also, how Tina and Marilyn had help out by mentioning about true meeting of Thanksgiving!! You guys I was bless..  How my sisters explain really well about the holiday season!

    So what is going on??

    The Holidays are coming!! What do you mean? well you mean Christmas and New Year!!! 

    Let's really quick talk about the main event that going on this month and that is Christmas!!! So tell me what do you think? 

    I think to me it is a nice beautiful holiday but!! some people do not agree!! but tell me for those who don't agree with me that is a nice holiday why you don't like Christmas or what is the effect of this holiday!!! Many people may have the holiday blues!! maybe because they had lost a love one and it will not be the same at this time of the year!! or You tell me! Or is it the spending the money! or Tell me help me out! Some people celebrate the holidays different as you know the Jewish celebrate hanukkah, Africans  or (African-Americans) they celebrate kwanzaa. the Latinos we do celebrate Christmas but on January 6,2016 we celebrate the Three Kings Day!! They are so many Celebrations! Lets go on New Years... tell me!