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  • 02:00

    Raw Food with Leafy Levi

    in Spirituality

    Thursday March 31!

    10 PM Eastern 7 Pacific

    David aka Leafy Levi is going to be on Onefeather Journal Radio Thursday March 31... get ready to call in and chat with the evolving RawFoodGuru! His info about diet and health could transform your life! We will be taking calls, so get your questions ready!

    10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain, 7 Pacific

  • 02:01

    Tonight, December `16th Guest Pam Teague!

    in Spirituality

    An Evening Dialog with Pamela Teague!


    Join Onefeather and guest Pamela Teague, Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Master Therapeutic Imagery Facilitator as we discuss how hypnotherapy can assist with clearing pain, fear and other blockages to our evolution. Metaphysician, healer, and student of hard knocks, Pam has been assisting people in discovering their personal path for over 25 years.

    Thursday December 16th

    10 PM Eastern 9 Central 8 Mountain 7 Pacific


    Visit Pamela's website at:



  • 02:02

    Guist Patrick Giguere

    in Lifestyle

    An Evening of Adventure Part 2!

    Special guest Patrick Giguere spent the summer living in the Colorado wilderness, exploring the high country and bonding with nature. Now he's back in civilization and has returned to class with his studies of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. This will be a terrific show with great insights and shares!

    Callers will be accepted during this 2 hour radio adventure.

    Thursday December 9th

    10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific


  • 02:03

    Tarot Tuneups with Chris/Onefeather

    in Spirituality

    in tonight for a free Tarot tuneup!

    be taking callers questions and looking at what the cards have to say
    about career, relationships and destiny for those who are in need of
    answers. Each caller will have 10 to 15 minutes devoted to getting
    “their answer” from Higher Mind!

    A good
    opportunity to get the insights you need for the Holiday Season!

    10 PM
    Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific

    on Onefeather
    Journal Radio
    For more info about readings go to:

  • 02:01

    Astrologer Matthew Currie

    in Spirituality

    Join Onefeather for an evening with astrologer Matthew Currie
    Tonight we'll be taking callers as well as discussing current planetary movement... and more! Matthew is a Sagittarius and as we have moved into Sagittarius time in the Zodiac, this will undoubtedly be an insightful show!



    10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific

  • 02:00

    Dust from the Comet's Tail

    in Spirituality

    Fun with the Full Moon: Part 2
    Christopher Witecki & Edward Ragosta
    join host Chris/Onefeather for an evening adventure as the moon comes
    to fullness and transits from Aries to Taurus. This is the 2nd time
    this year we'll have a full moon in 2 signs!

    Join the "3 Wise Men" for insights, shares and tune-ups (mini readings)!

    Callers are encouraged for tonight's show!!!

    Saturday October 23rd

    10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific