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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Women of Golf - Guest: Sarah Forrest - Managing Dir. of Red Tee Breaks LTD

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    Welcome to the Women of Golf Show! - (Last show for 2014)

    Our special guest this week:

    Sarah Forrest- Managing Director of Red Tee Breaks Ltd - England

    A little about Sarah:

    Sarah is a member of IGTWA (International Golf Travel Writers Association), with an enthusiastic and versatile mind she can adapt to suit any occasion, she often thinks on her feet to produce high-quality articles for Radio and Magazines. With an English accent she is often sought out in a crowd as quick witted and able to morph into a variety of situations. With a keen sense of humour she is a good ‘crowd worker’ A reasonable golfer who has used her golfing knowledge to manage events as well as being able to understand the requirements of the lady golfer with out compromising other golfers, writing about her experiences is the next natural step, hence Red Tee Breaks Blogspot http://redteebreaks.blogspot.co.uk/

    As Cindy & I wrap up the 2014 season, we would to thank our guests for sharing their valuable time with us, and to those tuning in each week. We will be returning to the airwaves in January 2015!

    Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Join Cindy and I, Tuesday 9:00AM EST, at www.blogtalkradio.com/womenofgolf


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    Successful Women Wear Red Lipstick

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    As a group of sisterfriends huddled together in the kitchen following our Sunday celebration service one of them said to me, "Dee, you go gurl, not many chocolate sisters can wear red lipstick!" I smiled. See, years ago I'd stopped wearing bright red lipstick. Recently, I started back. Oooooooh, and I love it!

    I'd bet you too have a tube of red lipstick in your makeup bag, right? Do you dare wear it? You like bright, bold colors but do you wear them on your lovely bones? Can you, if asked on the spot, stand center stage and tell a room full of attentive people what you do, love, and fear? Do you ever just let it rip and brag about how fabulous, strong, and talented you are?

    If you answered "no" to any one of these questions, why don't you? What's stopping you? 

    In this episode, Successful Women Wear Red Lipstick, I'll tell you a quietly kept "secret" that I "stumbled" (it was divine intervention really) across that simply explains why some women ROCK men's worlds, shine in their chosen work, and just have more fun, while other women struggle. As we go into 2015 wanting and hoping for more, I'll offer you some simple but powerful strategies for creating more of what you want! I hope you'll tune in on Thursday, December 18, 6:30pm ET on Own Your Power with DeBora M. Ricks. 




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    Red River Radio Dellani's Tea Time

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    Welcome to Red River Radio Dellani's Tea Time! I've got 3 great guests coming on the show. Two are good friends (I won't say OLD) the third is new to our show, so be gentle.

    First up, Florida author Eileen Register comes back to say hello and talk about her books, Adrianna, Adrianna's Christmas Surprise, Roller Coaster Ride and all the other wonderful books in her Grisholm County Chronicles books!

    Second, Broody New Englander, Kenneth Weene, author of Memoirs from the Asylum, Tales from the Dew Drop Inne, Widow's Walk... You get the idea, he's got a lot of great books too!

    Third, we welcome author of A Daughter's Rage.

    Dellani and Christina will also talk briefly about their newest books, so be sure to tune in!

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    Red Queen breaks down business industries for women!

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    Red Queen Hera talks about certain industries for female advancement

    Homecare- Cleaning,laundry,babysitting-nanny,cooking,healing(first aid), emotional-spiritual support;blogger
    Sex- at home sex moves,dating&relationships,sex chat,sex blogs&magazines,stripper,escort,...
    Beauty- makeup,arts&crafts,music,fashion&creative wardobe,nails&hair dos
    Physical Fitness and Dance- yoga,zumba,qi-gong, fitness instructor,health & diet nutrition, instr. dancer dvds

    Bascially these are the hottest zones for the female and I your Queen shall explain why and how?

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    Red River Radio What's Write for Me

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    It's that time again! What time? You may well ask! Time to celebrate and other birthday with Tirgearr Publishing! We're taking names, making a list and checking it twice, so I'll keep everyone posted as we add people. Meanwhile, we're definitely chatting with publisher Kemberlee Shortland, author of the Irish Pride Series, The Carmel Charmer Series, Moondance, One Night in Dublin and The Power of Love.

    Dellani and Christina will also be talking about their latest novels.

    Tune in for two hours of International Fun!

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    So yesterday my beloved laptop failed me, and so I'm crusading for a new computer, but in the mean time, between time, the show must go on.  I'm setting the show up on my tablet, the night before, so I won't have to worry about rushing in the morning or running into unexpected setbacks.  I think I'm handling this issue quite well, seeing as my entire world revolves around my computer use, and the last time this happened, I almost went into cardiac arrest.  Anywho, let's hope the show goes on, without another hitch, cause as you can see...CAN'T STOP THIS.

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    What Women Do That Sabotage Their Success in Business!

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    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as we interview Michelle Bergquist, CEO & Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence. 

    For almost three years Michelle has been interviewing male CEOs and executives on what they think women do that sabotage their success in business.  We’ll ask Michelle to share a “taste” of the advice and suggestions men gave from these interviews.

    Michelle Bergquist is a nationally recognized author, award-winning entrepreneur, lively moderator and engaging, professional speaker. 

    Michelle is the CEO and Co-Founder of Connected Women of Influence, the leading powerhouse community of B2B women owners, executives and professionals who converge and engage to build high-performing professional relationships among like-focused peers in business. 

    Shawn Marie Turi is your host of Business IS Personal: (What you do and WHY you do it… MATTERS!), a show focused on interviewing remarkable professional women and entrepreneurs who are doing what they love, kicking ass and believe that ‘Business IS (in fact) Personal’…and what we do, how we do it, and most importantly, why we do it really does matter! Shawn Marie is the Founder ofSMTi, a full-service brand integration, online marketing solutions, business coaching, traditional design and website development firm.

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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!  Good top of another Monday morning to ya!!! Hope your weekend was all that you expected and more.  Mine, I don't really wanna talk about it, it can get REAL live around these parts sometimes. Anywho, I want to prewarn ya, my voice is totally shot. Hopefully I don't sound TOO bad, but the show must go on. I've contracted a bit of a cold, and so, boom, I'm sounding like, well, not my natural born self.  With that being said, today's topic is, CLEANSE AND DETOXIFY.  What a befitting subject, because it's only the second month of the year, and still early enough for you to get yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically cleansed, to make this year one of your best years yet.  Well, as always, if you need help with getting on the right track, back on the right track, or just want to reach out to me, please do so here, http://theredhawk1967.wix.com/stwrhtheshow, by filling out the form.  It goes directly to my email address.  

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    Min./Evangelist Nedra Butler-500 Women in Red 8th Annual Event

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    Guess Who's Stopping By Walking In Power Blog Talk Radio?
    Evangelist Nedra Butler? of Nedra Butler Ministries?-Lakeland, FL!
    Discussing the upcoming  500 Women in Red 8th Annual Event.
    Tune In/Log On/-Call In 10 AM EST February 26th


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    Warrior Women for God

    in Women

    Join minister Erica and Minister Andrea as they teach the gospel to empower, uplift and change lives around the world through bible teaching. 

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