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    Global Peeks & A. Akbar Muhammad, International Rep. of the Nation of Islam

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    This episode we sit down to discuss the critical issues of the world with A. Akbar Muhammad who represents the Nation of Islam & the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan worldwide. We will discuss global politics and the open season murder of Black people across the United States. He will take questions and comments from listeners.

     Please help spread the word and share with your friends and associates.

    Support Minister Akbar Muhammad in his call for justice in Guyana- Please sign the online petition @ LetterforAkbar.info and share with your friends.

    Letter of Support for Akbar Muhammad to H.E. Donald Ramotar - President of Guyana, South America

    His Excellency Donald Ramotar, I am a friend /associate of Mr. Akbar Muhammad. I am aware of his arrest and unlawful detainment in Georgetown, Guyana on May 19...(Continue reading @ www.LetterforAkbar.info )

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    Global Peeks: Fear is an Enemy

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    This episode we will look at fear and why it is an enemy to those who seek freedom, justice & equality. The U.S. government also uses the politics of fear to justify endless war worldwide.

    We will also hear commentary from Prisoner of War/Political Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal

    Host: Brian E. Muhammad

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    Global Peeks on Ebola: Genetic Warfare?

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    Global Peeks W/ Brian E. Muhammad interviewed Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, Minister of Health & Human Services for the Nation of Islam. We discussed the Ebola crises and its implications for America & Black people worldwide. Dr. Alim spoke about the outbreak in the context of Population Control, Depopulation & Disease infection through Bio-Weapons & Bio-Terrorism.

    Questions about the latest threat to life haunting the African continent

    (FinalCall.com) The numbers are alarming. The World Health Organization believes there may be twice as many actual Ebola cases as are reported.

    The Centers for Disease Control says the number could reach 1.4 million by January 2015 if massive, effective and immediate actions are not taken.

    As focus is placed on treating the disease, some question its true origin, its spread, what is being or should have been done to curb its spread and its ultimate purpose.
    Not everyone is convinced Ebola comes from infected Central African fruit bats and was transmitted by humans who ate infected meat or infected animals.

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    **Honoring` Mumia Abu-Jamal** on Global Peeks **

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    Global Peeks With Brian E. Muhammad

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    Nation of Islam commemoration brings light, life, power to cities and towns across America in preparation for major address by Min. Farrakhan Feb. 22

    CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - Saving the lives of Black people, delivering words of enlightenment, standing for the oppressed and charting a way forward in a world of confusion are essential to the mission of the Nation of Islam.

    In 2015, the movement marks its 85th year in America and the mission to save Black people and the oppressed, the mission to offer light and the mission to provide divine guidance will encompass this year’s Saviours’ Day commemoration in the third week in February.

    Instead of making a journey to Chicago, the Nation’s headquarters, mosques and study groups will stay in their local areas, open their doors, join community partners and present celebrations, workshops, protests and local viewing of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s keynote address Feb. 22, which is titled “The Intensifying Universal Cry for Justice.”

    The Minister will speak live in Chicago at 2 p.m. CST at Christ Universal Temple, located at 11901 S. Ashland and doors will open at 12 noon. Admission is free and the program will be broadcast at NOI.org.

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    Global Peeks With Brian E. Muhammad

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    Listener Call in (347) 857-4514

    A podcast dedicated to the Liberation, Restoration & Resurrection of the Human Spirit. With the myriad of issues facing the world, Right Guidance and Truth is the premium. We hope to contribute to the onward march of Freedom, Justice & Equality.

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    Global Peeks: For the Blood of the Innocent-Resistance can't stop!!

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    Listen to this Live First Hand Report from Sis. Harrabic Tubman of "Existence is Resistance" on the ground in the West Bank. She gave us her eye witness account of the violations of the US backed occupation and siege by Israel. We were also joined by Bro. Ashahed Muhammad, Assist. Editor of the Final Call Newspaper in the discussion & interview.

    From the Los Angeles to New York to Palestine, resistance cannot stop against the tyranny of Empire. The United States, Europe, Israel and many of the Arab & so-called Muslim governments holds the innocent blood of men, women and children who have been maimed, perished and victimized by an agenda of a global elite.

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    More on how you can get involved in the resistance Visit: http://existenceisresistance.org/

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    Global Peeks: America: Rooted in Contradiction & Hypocrisy

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    Global Peeks talks with Historian & Author, Dr. Gerald Horne of the University of Houston about the roots of the United States as the greatest nation of influence in the world yet very problematic in its domestic and foreign affairs. We’ll look at Pres. Obama’s African Summit in Washington DC; the continued turmoil in Gaza & the social & economic condition of the American people.

    Dr. Horne latest books are “Counter-Revolution of 1776” & “Race to Revolution: the US & Cuba during Slavery & Jim Crow” and is an African-American historian who currently holds the John J. and Rebecca Moores Chair of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston.

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    Global Peeks W/Brian E. Muhammad: Matters of Separation

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    In this episode we discussed with James Muhammad, a student in the Ministry of the Hon, Minister Louis Farrakhan, matters of separation as the solution to America's problem of racial injustice, inequity & discord. Separation was advanced & taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, the Eternal Leader of the Nation of Islam.

    The Hereafter is Now Network Presents Global Peeks W/ Brian E. Muhammad; a show dedicated to Resurrection, Restoration & Liberation. We bring voices and analysis on some of the most critical issues facing the world at home & abroad,

    The Hereafter is Now is a network for Holistic conversation, healing and thinking. Visit the Network Website @  http://thehereafterisnownetwork.ning.com/

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    P2P Global Health Forum

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    Moderator: Sheila Kasasa, founder of the National Africa US Chamber of Commerce in order to aid in the development of an interconnected global community of African diaspora small and medium enterprises comprised of driven, self-motivated individuals.


     Dr. Akua G. Asare, A graduate of Case Western Reserve University with her Bachelors of Arts in International Studies, Akua G. Asare M.D went on to receive her Medical Doctorate from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. Dr. Asare works at the American College of Cardiology in product development of Toolkits and mobile applications to address high priority clinical areas and integration of the ACC’s institutional offerings in the Quality Improvement for Institutions program. 

    Andrena Sawyer, Founder and President of P.E.R.K. Consulting, a Maryland-based consulting company for nonprofits and small businesses.  She is a certified Self-Esteem and Life Skills Trainer. She serves as a liaison for IEDA Relief and as an Executive Board Member of Education for Hope and Project Dream BIG. She is also an avid writer. She is the author of The Long Way Home and The Other Side of Assertiveness. 

    Gbenga Ogunjimi,  social entrepreneur strengthening institutions in Africa. He currently serves as the Founder/CEO of LDI Africa, an award winning social enterprise working both in the U.S. and across Africa. LDI Africa is a nonprofit social enterprise that builds the capacity of African corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations to compete in the global marketplace through the service of skilled volunteers.

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    Global Peeks: Former Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney on A World Aflame!!

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    The world is on fire with US fascism continuing on Black, Brown & poor people in America and intensified conflict in occupied Palestine, Iraq & Syria. We are faced with the ongoing depopulation plan from the architects and forces of White world supremacy.   Global Peeks sits down with former Congress woman & 2008 Green Party US Presidential Candidate Cynthia McKinney to make sense of it all.

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