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    There is a lot to talk about this week in soaps and primetime

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    Tonight we will be taking about the YR and what going on there and also we will be taking about Days also a crazy week and i love then Teenagers storyline. and GH it time for sonny to take down Jullain and Carlos for good and also BB Yucky Quin and Liam gross. I love Sage we need to fight for her. and primetime talk as well,  Get a drink and let chat about the week crazy week in days 

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    Motorsports Apex with Glenn Locke

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    .Tonight we look back at Barber and Richmond and get you ready for the Month Of May with the start of our Indy500 covrage! Get you reved up and ready, along the way we'll talk about the controversy in Nascar, Formula E will not be going to Moscow, and whats in store along the way!

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    P-Funk All-Star Tony "strat" Thomas visit's This Side of The River...

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    Born and raised in Detroit Michigan, Tony “Strat” Thomas started out playing a six-string razor in high school. After Thomas’ mother saw his talent she bought him a Stratocaster Guitar. The rest is history. Early on while landing small gigs, Thomas joined the legendary reggae band Onyx and other rock ‘n roll bands around town. A true artist, Thomas’ psychedelic sound was one-of-a-kind. Thomas has been compared to his music mentors Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Hazel.In 1978, George Clinton gave Thomas a shot to play in the studio with the Sterling Silver Starship. As Thomas continued to work with Clinton as a studio musician, Clinton gave Thomas his big break. Thomas joined George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Eddie Hazel, Garry Shider, Mike Hampton, Bernie Worrel, Bobby Womack, David “Chong” Spradley and Margua Booker to record and perform with The Parliament Funkadelic’s for over 20 years.“The Agony of Defeet” was Tony’s first guitar solo. He has played on various P-Funk projects such as the first P-Funk Allstars album songs such as Catcher Keeper, Hydraulic Pump, and Pumpin it Up.Thomas’ favorite project was Computer Games, featuring Atomic Dawg, and Loopzilla. That’s Thomas on the guitar loop!A seasoned recording artist, Thomas has shared both the stage and studio with Sly Stone, Ike Turner, Rick James, The Dramatics, Ron Banks, L.J. Reynolds, Don Davis, Robin Trower, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kid Rock, Sebastian Bach, Skid Row, Steve Marriott-Humble Pie, Quincy Jones, Wayne Shorter, Glenn Goins, Ron Ford, Treylewd, Cameo, The Dazz Band, Parlet, Gabe Gonzalez, Mike “Clip” Payne, P-Nut Johnson, Lige Curry, Blackbyrd, Dennis Chambers, Rodney Skeet Curtis, The Ali Brothers (Jerome and Jimi), Mudbone, Razor Sharp, Donnie Sterling, Kiddo, My Baby Belita Woods, The Brides of Funkenstein, Malia Franklin, Leslie “Blonda” Vocino, Jocaine and many more! 

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    Smart Social Media Strategies; Maternity Leaves And Small Biz

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    Bill Glenn VP of Marketing at Rightside (www.rightside.co) discusses how small businesses have the ability to strategically use new domain endings (like .SOCIAL, .VIDEO, .LIVE, .NEWS, .ATTORNEY, .DENTIST, .CONSULTING, and .STUDIO in place of, or in complement with, their businesses' .COM website) to better brand their business online and create a competitive advantage by using more descriptive, memorable, and shorter calls to action.

    Jackie Breslin, an HR management expert talks about salary and maternity issues.

    Tom Stachowiak CTO of Birch Communications outlines how the cloud helps small businesses.


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    International Health Show on Building Fortunes Radio with Host Peter Mingils....

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    International Health Show on Building Fortunes Radio with Host Peter Mingils.... on Building Fortunes Radio discuss what International Health does and explains what people get with the free consultations. on www.prodovite.biz.

    Visit www.ihsite.com for more information on International Health and check out www.prodovite.biz for information discussed on the International Health Radio show at www.blogtalkradio.com/buildingfortunes or through Building Fortunes Radio www.buildingfortunesradio.com/internationalhealth. You can find all kinds of information here.   

    PM Marketing NetworkLeads provides this Radio show as a courtesy to our Building Fortunes Affiliates and NetworkLeads customers. 

    Where do most people find the news on MLM, not sure?  www.mlm.news.

    Call Peter directly on (386) 445-3585 for information ob MLM News, Building Fortunes, PM Marketing, Network Leads, MLM Free Speech, or MLM.News. 

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    Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross

    in Education

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Former Senior Policy Advisor at US Dept. of Education Karen Gross.

    Karen Gross has taught and continues to teach across the educational pipeline.  In spring 2016, she will be teaching at Bennington College in Vermont.  She writes, consults and advises on how to improve student success and has a forthcoming book from Columbia University Teachers College Press titled Shoulders to Lean On (Publication date: 2016) on this very topic.  A former college president and Senior Advisor to the U.S. Department of Education, she currently serves as Senior Counsel to Widmeyer Communications, a Finn Partners Company, and as an Affiliate to the Penn Center for MSI’s at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She blogs/writes for many education outlets including Huff Po, WPo, InsideHigherEd, Unplugged, DiverseEducation, Evollution, NAIS, and CollegeAD.

    Karen is proud that two high school seniors at the Emma Willard School have so ably illustrated the Lady Lucy story.  The book and the process of its creation provide a concrete example of the kind of deep collaboration that can occur in education, where the teacher is a learner, and the learners are teachers.  The illustrations, led by Lindsey Slaughter, a gifted art teacher, have made Lady Lucy and the story come alive.  The author and the two illustrators and their teacher see Lady Lucy as a symbol of the power of the possible that rests within all of us.

    Based on the true life of Lady Lucy Duff-Gordon, a leading 19th century fashion designer and survivor of the Titanic, Lady Lucy’s Quest brings vigor to the spirit of young girls everywhere. The illustrations contributed by high school students Ji Woo Jasmine Shin and So Young Jang, also shed light on the importance of empowering female youth.

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    Glenn Smith, Tony Collins, Jeff Herrod, Randy Fuller & Vencie Glenn

    in Football

    This week on a special Happy Birthday to Me episode of Thursday Night Tailgate our guests are: the GM for the Texas franchise in Major League Football Glenn Smith, former Patriots Pro Bowl RB Tony Collins, former Colts LB Jeff Herrod, former Steelers and Falcons DB Randy Fuller and former Chargers, Vikings & Giants DB Vencie Glenn. We'll talk with them about:

    Glenn Smith - We'll talk to Glenn about the roster of players he's drafted, his coaching staff, and how his years as an Assistant Coach with the Dallas Cowboys will impact the opportunities his players will have in Dallas.

    Tony Collins - Now that Johnny Manziel has been cut, fired by a second agent in the last month and had his endoresement deal with Nike terminated, is that enough to make him see that he has a real problem and he needs help and real change?

    Jeff Herrod - Now that the NFL concussion lawsuit has been upheld, what does that mean for the former players who need help now? As a warrior who continues to need multiple surgeries to correct joint and back injuries and a guy who can no longer stand to be in crowds due to sensitivity to light and noise from head injuries, was playing the game worth it?

    Randy Fuller - We'll hear Randy's thoughts on playing DB now versus when he played. Have all the rules changes made it nearly impossible to cover WRs? We'll get his insights into the Steelers defense and what they need to do to catch up to the Broncos as the top defense in the league.

    Vencie Glenn - Hear Vencie Glenn lay it on the line. We'll get his thoughts on Josh Gordon and Johnny Manziel. What would he tell those guys if they were teammates? As a former Charger, how does he feel about the potential for the Chargers to move to LA and their current stadium situation? What made him one of the smartest DBs in the league according Hall of Fame QB Warren Moon?


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    We Lost ANOTHER One. RIP Prince. AND Hillary Way Ahead In Polls For Next States.

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    Natalie Cole last year - then David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Paul Kantner, Denise Matthews - aka "Vanity" - Prince's protégé, Maurice White all this year...and now Prince. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list. These are the creators of the soundtracks of our lives, and they are ALL gone. This sucks for so many of us, so I just could NOT let this day go by without mentioning, and honoring those musicians we have lost...

    But I ALSO have to do my job - which is report, and "pontificate" (no, really) on political news.

    Hillary is WAY out front in the polls for most of the next state's primaries. It TRULY IS time for Bernie to leave the race with honor.

    As a Hillary Supporter and Pledged State Delegate, I am going to support Hillary on my show, from this point, forward.

    So join me - LIVE - Tonight at 11:30 to honor Prince and his contributions to our personal soundtracks, and also to discuss Hillary's lead in the polls.

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    If Only For One Night

    in Books

    Our guest today is author John Price and Latame S. Phillips, as they share regarding the book, "If Only For One Night."

    "Jeffrey McDaniel is living the middle class dream: successful business, nice car, loving and beautiful wife. However, Jeffrey cannot be satisfied because he is still living in the past with his first love. She was his everything, and the one that got away. Recently, she's reached out to him, and when the opportunity to reconnect presents itself, Jeffrey must decide to open his heart again, or ignore what he truly desires. 

    Lawrence Peterson is the quintessential man's man. He has excelled in business, in life and in love ... Or has he? A chance encounter at his high school reunion reignites a flame he once thought was extinguished.

    The problem is, Lawrence's love is Jeffery's wife."

    John Price
    Originally from Augusta, Georgia, John Price graduated from the higher learning institution of Glenn Hills High School. After six years in the Army, he went overseas to work with KBR and then obtained a degree in Visual Communication from John Tyler Community College. He has worked in the creative arts field since 2012. In addition to being a writer, he specializes in fine art portraiture, both oil and charcoal, and has a massive art portfolio. Most of his artwork can be viewed at johnpriceart.blogspot.com. 

    Latame S. Phillips
    Originally from San Diego, Latame left his native home to serve his country in the U.S. Army. He has worked in upper management for several Fortune 500 companies, but has always shown a passion for writing, storytelling, and creative thinking. When he's not thinking of his next story, he raises his five children as a single father in Dallas, Texas, and does a lot of philanthropy work in which he teaches financial principles to the impoverished to build generational wealth. 



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    Are you an orgasm faker? Are you and your gf in love with the same chick? Does your Stepdad have naked pix of you? At least two of these things are a problem. On today's episode of Guys We Fucked, Corinne & Krystyna sit down with Australian media personality, political satirist, and TV show host JOSH ZEPPS to discuss his hatred of labels, the history of homosexuality, Thai , fucking women, fucking men, and fucking goats. Sure, he's married to a dude, but he's not fucking 'gay', ok?

    Follow JOSH on Twitter: twitter.com/joshzepps

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    FRIDAY, APRIL 22ND @ 11pm (TONIGHT!!)
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    GLAMOURPUSS! Hosted by Krystyna Hutchinson + Wendi Starling
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    MONDAY, MAY 23RD - Doors at 7pm, Show at 8pm
    45 Bleecker Street
    ALL AGES (under 16 must have a guardian)
    Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here: subculturenewyork.com/guys-we-fucked/


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