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    Comment développer des oreilles qui entendent?

    in Spirituality

    Jésus-Christ concluait presque toujours ses prédications par les mots "Que celui qui a les oreilles pour entendrent, entendent ce que dit le Saint-Esprit".

    Ainsi, certains ont des oreilles pour entendre et d'autres pas. 

    Comment développer des oreilles qui entendent ?

    Celui qui manque ce que dit l'Esprit, ne recevra pas ce que Dieu veut lui donner. Et ce n'est pas la faute de Dieu.

    C'est notre responsabilité de développer cette aptitude.

    Au cours de cette émission, nous parlerons de quelques éléments importants qui peuvent nous aider à marcher en synch avec notre Père.


  • Music and More on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    So much talent to be shared by family and friends.  Today is your day to shine and I believe in the greatness of each of you.  You express the love of Jesus.  Wish more would participate.  I have an idea this is your invitation to rise and shine and be a part of the Voice of Joy.  Come on you can do it.Send a CD to 3219 SW 9th that is originally yours, Des Moines Iows.  The church is PACC attn yolanda.  It is worth it.  You will be a blessing to all who hear your version of songs, preaching, praise and power.  Let people know where you praise, your church home, and be a witness for Jesus on the Voice of Joy.

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    How Do You Contribute To The Stability of Black America? 1,000,000 Man March

    in Culture

    How do you as an individual, whether you are Black or otherwise contribute to the stability of America being completely diversified? Black America has always been classified as poor and down trodden, but what does it take to present equality? Diversity and Equality is needed in America. Black Americans has and as of today, still are suffering from inequality and injustices all over the United States. There are so many tragedies across America and the Justice Department continues to fall short in resolutions to put an end to Police brutalities, harassment, and racial profiling. 


    As an American of any race, what are you currently doing to eradicate all forms of injustice?

    Do you stand strong on diversity in America?

    As Black Americans, do you help to eliminate Black on Black crimes?

    Prime examples of inequality and injustice in America are; The assinations of Sean Bell, Trayvon Martin, Troy Davis, Mike Brown, Roy Glenn, Jr., and Jermaine Ward.


    I would like for you all to join the host in this continued fight for justice and equality. It has been the hosts' thoughts that Black America should Boycott America for Equality. It is evident that Justice has fallen short of Black America, so we should cut our associations and cease our spending outside of our own communities until we reach all manner of quality and justice is prevailed.

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    Pride and Ownership: Fire Service Traditions, Part 4

    in Management

    Host Rick Lasky and Glenn Corbett continue their discussion on fire service tradition and ceremonies. In this replay of a podcast that originally aired in 2008, the two discuss the impetus behind their tradition class at FDIC, the history of fire marks in the United States, "Heritage of Flames," buckets, and much more.

  • Not Yo Mommas Radio Show with Special Guest Morgan Dollar

    in Wrestling

    Tonight on "Not Yo Momma's Radio Show" at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST /5pm PST hosted by former WWE Superstars of the groundbreaking tag team Men on a Mission, Oscar and Mo with Dreami Mimi. One thing is for sure, when Oscar and Mo are on together...This week the guys welcome  Cauliflower Alley Club Member Morgan Dollar. Glenn Kelly also returns to the show to let us know what he has been up to since he was last on the show. the cannons will be set to fire and opinions will soar as "Not Yo Momma's Radio Show" takes over the Pipebomb Radio Network!

  • Motorsports Apex with Glenn Locke

    in Sports

    Tonight we look back at Las Vegas and Dover, Who failed to make the cut, and F1 heads to Sochi! PLUS a preview of the Bathurst1000 and we go back in time to the year 2002!

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    NSR Sports Radio Youth Ranking Edition (10/07/15)

    in Podcasting

    NSR Sports Radio provides a new and fresh, interactive online radio experience to the listeners. Join your host Coach P as we tackle the trending topics in football from youth to the pros.

    Special guest appearing Via the Life by WisdomHotline include:

    •             Ty Mann Producer/director  

    •             Glenn  Deveaux – Elite Sports group   

    •             Donald Davis HC Calvert Hall  

    •             Tyree Washington – Former San Diego Charger and Olympic Track and field runner  


    NSR Baller Sport Light!!!!!

    Each Week NSR Sports Radio will highlight a youth or High School baller that is making national noise. This week we have:

    Caleb Deveaux class of 2018

    Marvin Ridge HS RB/LB 


    Coach David Riley“the Duck", Speaker coordinator for the Glazier Clinic and founder of the unsigned senior showcase is here to answer your sports related questions in our “Ask the Duck” Segment.  Former NFL Quarterback Akili Smithrounds out the crew.  Akili brings his “Real Talk” segment to the listeners from the perspective of guy that has played at every level. For more information visit www.nsrfootball.com

  • UpNxtRadio with TBII

    in Indie Music

    Singing at the tender age of 3, TBII has since matured into a strong vessel that God has placed in this world to minister to souls through song. From St. Louis, Mo., and is a faithful member of Blow Your Trumpet Ministries under th leadership of Pastors Marcus Mickles and Lady Madelyn Mickles. TBII has sung behind Gospel Greats such as Dorinda Clark Cole, Percy Brady, Joshua's Troop, Donnie McClurkin...and has opened for DeWayne Woods and Twinkie Clark. In 2011, he released his first single entitled "More" and in 2013, He released his debut project entitled "The Soul 

    Experience EP" which featured the award-nominated single "The Definition of Love" to positive reviews. TBII is currently in the studio working on his new project due for release soon and the first release from that project is 'Fresh Start!" Written by TBII and produced by Vinnis "The Phenom" Bryant, Fresh Start is a song about starting over in every aspect of life. "God just used this song to remind me that starting over is not so bad when you start over with Him!" His new single is available on iTunes, Cd Baby, Amazon, Google Play and all digital retail outlets now!!! 

    Other Accomplishments:
    -Appeared and Performed on the talk show “Spotlight” with host Sabrina “Wisdom” Brown 
    -Opened for National Gospel Recording artist DeWayne Woods during SuperBowl Gospel Fest in Des Moines, Iowa in Feb.2013

    - 2013 
    PrayzeFactor People’s Choice Award Nominee & Finalist

    Anjelica Records Music Love Awards 

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--POPES & THE Capital Punishment Issue--Julius & ethel Rosenberg Russian Spy Conviction case--execution--Kim Davis--Gay-Lesbian marriage political issue case

    Was Pope Francis used and deceived by Kim Davis's lawyers?

    Father Philip Berrigan---Josephite Order Priest  WW2 Veteran--Anti Viet Nam War  Activist

    Chester Alan Arthur--President from Vermont but believed to have been born in Quebec Canada

    Kevin Vincent Ryan--Corrupt Canadian who lied and commited perjury regarding his entry in the US from his birth place Alberta Canada.

    Oct 1999 --Fleet Week--Then San Francisco Judge Ryan  committed judicial fraud when he illegally tried  18 year old Navy sailor Steven Nary, a male rape victim, who killed his assailant Juan Piffare.  Pifarre, an illegal alien was connected to Prosecutor  Terrance Hallinan and Hallinan was connected to Judge Ryan

    Bradley Manning Military traitor nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

    Associate Justice Louis Brandeis  died 1941

    Earl Warren appointed as Chief Justice US Supreme Court--ruled that military personnel don't give up their civil rights when they enter the US Military--Ryan defied this Federal ruling

    October 5th--FLEET WEEK SAN FRANCISCO--  Sailors and Marines warned about San Francisco homosexual predators and video voyeurs

    Ray Kroc  McDonalds's Founder in  Des Plaines Illinois

    Chief Joseph Surrenders



  • Saturday Symposium w/ Dan Wilson

    in Politics

    Join Dan, Glenn and I as we discuss the issues of the day! From a perspective of time and experience, "Saturday Symposium w/ Dan Wilson" weighs in with those who have "Been There and Done That". Join us to discuss Faith, Politics, Current Events and the current direction this country is facing. Join us as we explore living history and learn from past experiences. We will take callers!

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    Comment reconnaitre la voix de Dieu? - Partie 3 - Les Catégories de Rêves

    in Spirituality

    Alors que les psychologues et les psychiatre chercheront la signification des rêves au niveau de l'âme, celui qui est sage se tournera vers Dieu est est la source du message.

    Le Saint-Esprit interprètera lui-même le rêve qu'il a donné. Et la parole de Dieu validera l'interprétation.

    Au cours de cet émission nous parlerons du sens de certains symboles dans les rêves.

    Nous élaborerons aussi sur les différentes catégories de rêves que l'on peut avoir.

    Nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de ne pas reconnaitre sa voix.

    La production