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    A Conversation with Hello Health Customer Dr. Jeff Gladd

    in Health

    Join us for a conversation with Dr. Jeff Gladd, a leading integrative medicine physician who has transformed his family practice and his personal life through the adoption of integrative medicine. In support of his practice vision, Dr. Gladd selected the Hello Health patient management platform of a revenue-generating electronic medical record (EMR) and a suite of secure web-based communication tools to engage his patients in his integrative care.

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    That Time of Year Again- THE ESTEEM AWARDS

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, July 2, 2014, CWT4R co-host, Ina, Michelle and Terry will welcome back Esteem Awards Founder and Publisher of PrideIndex.com, Philip Esteem. Philip started working in the community with Black Pride (Chicago in 2005) he began networking and was being introduced to people that were doing good things in the community and never really recognized as they should have been. After a short time Philip founded the Esteem Awards and some of the pass awardees included organizations such as The Lambda Literary Foundation & GLADD as well as Youth transgender Eboni Warren Watts, Lori Branch, The gay Magazine, Gay Radio.com, Wanda Sykes, Sharon Bridgforth, GBM News.com, and our very own Michelle E. Brown, just to name a few. He also publishes PrideIndex which is a new flavor of web media sharing local information and national resources for the LGBTQ.THIS YEAR AWARDEES INCLUDE: Craig Johnson, Sanford E. Gaylord, David Bridgeforth of DBQ Magazine, Trisha Lee Holloway of Howard Brown, Simone Koehlinger, Gregg Shapiro of boi Magazine, brklynboihood.com, colorlines.com, The Trevor Project, About Face Theatre, The Bayard Rustin LGBT Coalition (BRC), and Can We Talk For Real, Blog Talk Radio just to name a few. The ESTEEM AWARDS is awarding some of the LGBTQ best, Saturday at Sidetrack beginning at 2pm don’t be late. More diamonds in the LGBTQ Community, Learn  how you can nominate one you know for future awards.

    Call 347-215-8985 show starts at 10:30 eastern and 9:30 central. Press 1 to SPEAK

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    We ALL deserve EQUAL RIGHTS.....Stop Judging Others!

    in Entertainment

    Equality : that state of being the same in quantity or measure or value or status. In law, it means that citizens are given equal opportunities without discrimination of sex, blood, language, social origin or religion.

    What if you was discriminated because of your race, beliefs, looks, age, gender etc. How would you feel?

    Do you think equal rights should be EQUAL to ALL?

    Do you agree/disagree with Gay Marriage?

    Join in on the topic of discussion: We ALL deserve EQUAL RIGHTS.....Stop Judging Others! Tuesday Jan. 21st at 10pm Call me at 646-378-1328 & give me your feedback! #RealLifeReality 

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    PCW Saturday Night Slam Masters Episode 109: Revolving around the great divide

    in Comedy

    Programme Championship Wrestling's flagship programme returns! This week we hear from the new Vice President of Wrestling operations for Viceroy Konfectionary Materials, Marion Covey! Covey explains what will happen to the Idaho Heritage Tag Team titles, after he stripped the Mega Dudes of Dynamic Power of them last week.

    Also we will see the return of Tuck Hanson! Hanson goes one on one with one half of the Monday Night Madmen, Fantastic Frank! Also in tag team action BLAKE teams with Voodoo Magoo as they go up against the ACT!

    Support PCW by supporting our sponsors!


    Buy tons of wrestling DVDs and VODs & even masks and ring gear via Highspots.com

    Start your holiday shopping early via Amazon.com!

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    PCW Saturday Night Slam Masters: Episode 99: RCA

    in Wrestling

    Programme Championship Wrestling's Saturday Night Slam Masters presents its 99th episode!


    This week we have PCW Radio Champion Smarky McNitpicker in action as he goes one on one with the Midnight Rider. The Rider has been haunting Smarky and more importantly Female for weeks, while Gladd Badd is preparing for their Radio Encounter at his summer home on Fire Island.

    Also host Bryan Hughes lets you know about what will occur on next week's 100th episode of Snsm! What will it be? Listen now to find out!

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    Katina Parker-Creator of "Truth Be Told"

    in Social Networking

    Wednesday, June 12, 2013, filmmaker, writer & activist Katina Parker the creator of “Truth Be Told” will join CWT4R co-hosts Ina, Michelle and Terry Boi. Katina a visionary in her own right has put together a documentary that will preserve the many stories of black queers that might have never been heard.Truth Be Told which was featured in Black Enterprise.The fact is the LGBTQ community is not as visible as it should be in the main stream media. However, Katina Parker and other well known in the industry is changing that.Truth Be Told is personal stories from those visionaries in the LGBTQ community which include Stacyann Chinn. Katina brings to life their stories to the streaming media. Each story will captivate you and bring about a sense of pride that comes to the forefront. Parker once worked with GLADD and with the National Black Justice Coalition where she saw and heard a lot of black queer history and life stories that were being heard in only sound bites but not seen in media channels. Join us June 12th on CAN WE TALK FOR REAL as the visionary herself takes us all on the journey of self- discovery and how her project is bringing the LGBTQ community to the next level of self- preservation for the future.Call in on 347-215-8985 at 10:30 pm eastern time, 9:30 pm central

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    The Integrative Practice - An EMR-based Business Model

    in Health

    Please join me for a conversation with Jeff Gladd MD on the opportunity to consider a new model for your integrative and holistic medical practice. The Integrative Practice is a technology-enabled model that enables greater patient engagement and incremental revenue to support your mission. At its core is the Hello Health electronic health record platform, an EHR that Dr. Gladd has integrated into his own practice. Dr. Gladd will be speaking in more detail about The Integrative Practice model and the Hello Health platform at the upcoming Heal Thy Practice conference in Long Beach, California on November 9-11.

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    The Programme w/ Matt and Ben - ISW's Gladd Badd

    in Sports

    This week on The Programme w/ Matt & Ben

    *Glaad Badd of Inter Species Wrestling stops by!

    *The final push for PCW's ItTrevorMurdoch (sponsored by Gimick$ Wrestling Tees)

    *Road to Wrestlemania update

    *Ben attends Local Indies

    *All of this plus the Dungeon of Doom, the SMD of the Week, Programme Championship Wrestling, and more!

    As always, Matt & Ben welcome your input to The Programme. You can do so via the Shaska Whatley Hotline at 646-727-2364 as well as our instant feedback Big Cat chatroom live on http://www.cstcnetwork.com during the show.

    The Programme w/ Matt & Ben - Uncensored Wrestling Radio
    Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm, http://www.cstcnetwork.com
    Part of the Card Subject To Change Podcast Network



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    PCW: Saturday Night Slam Masters Episode 16 Lovely Poison.

    in Entertainment

    Programme Championship Wrestling returns with major announcments regarding the IDaho Heritage Tag Team Championships. Also hosts Matt Ryan and Chuck Meltzer bring you a massive six man tag between Dusty Abromowitz, Gladd Badd and "The Southern Dandy" Jimmy Dupree vs. Bitter Bruce, Stu Jr and Matthew Matt and the second edition of the Tough Talk Challenge.

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