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    Political Food and sports news in the pot this Weds. Night 

    Soul Tree Radio In The Raw 

    call in 718-508-9216

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    Talking Magic and giving free readings!

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    Guest: Donna Seebo

    Featured book:  The Magic Hat

    Website: http://delphiinternational.com/

    ‘The Magic Hat’ is about miracles. Miracles of love, imagination, and faith. A nurse named Annie has a special gift when it comes to working with sick children. Through the power of story and a ‘Magic Hat’ she is able to save a child’s life and enable a better future for a little girl named Julie. There is a ‘King of Horses’, a Prince, and Crystal Magic, that when combined with the power of love and faith, transforms what seems impossible to the possible.

    Everyone who reads the story is moved to tears and then to joy as the story of love’s magic weaves itself into one’s heart and mind.

    Bio: Founder of Delphi Vision International, Donna Seebo is a woman of many talents including writing of children’s stories and non-fictional material. She has won awards for her publications and on this site with the benefit of modern day technology you can order/download not just her books but also her talking books. Donna’s narrations create a magical presence with her golden radio voice that children and adults enjoy listening to over and over again.

    Her Warriors for Peace radio program focuses on interviews with veterans and those individuals who are dedicated to making this world a more balanced, sustaining environment that supports the ultimate objective of peace.


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    The Saturday Stir Fry - is back! 718 508 9216!

  • The Wise Woman

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    Teaching in proverbs on The Wise Woman,

    I will be giving come principles about Godly Women.


    1.  Must recognizes evil when she sees it.  

     2. A Controlled Tongue

    3. Emotional Stability  

    4. A listening ear and a teachable spirit

    5. Her heart is free of jealousy.

    A Godly woman must learn being comfortable with who they are.

    website  joaniebuchanan.org    email:  joaniebuchanan@yahoo.com


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    God's Word

    in Spirituality

    If you then being evil know how to give good gifts to your children how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him! Luk 11:13

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    Boundries and the Illusion of Seperation

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    Why do we st boundaries? Why is it that we experience seperation in most aspects of our lives? Is it possible that these two ideas go hand in hand? What are boundaries in the first place? There are indeed moments when boundaries are suitable and there are times when they are not. Boundaries is what the entire world of today is based on. This is my border and that is yours and you may not coss it with out permission. What ever happened to the idea of a free world of a free person? Could it be bound in the idea of bounderies? To that I am not sure for everyone. As stated boundaries may be useful and just as an example in the work a day world yes but in the personal context I would say no not at all. Boundareies create the illusion of seperation which removes the idea of oneness. Consider this that is that we are all human beings so does that not make us all one family? Indeed it does for we all feel the same things and think the same idea's in some fashion. Due to boundaries we do not trust each other and belive that we all feel differently yet we do not. Is not sadness simply sadness and do we not all feel the same thing? That response is indeed we are all one and we are all in the same experience so why build bounderies. This and way so much more on this show with Liara and Steven join in on the conversation. What do you choose in life? 718-664-9735 is the call in number, Shanti.

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    How to set your goal to your spiritual purpose

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the Psychic coffee shop, hosted by Aeson Knight and Raine S Love, where we will be meeting Every Wednesday night, to talk about Current event from the psychic view

    Giving you information on a topics and often will have guest stopping by to share with us a cup of Joe and Some good conversation. So set back enjoy a cup of coffee and join in with the conversation.

     Aeson Knight is a master psychic of more than 22 years. He is a certified clairvoyant who host an international clientele from average house wives to government officials.

    Raine S Love is a trained medium with skills to contact crossed over loved ones and also a wonderful emphatic clairvoyant with specialization in love and relationships.

    These two energies combined this promises to be an inspirational, as well as empowering hour of your week. Each week we will be co-hosting the psychic coffee shop where we encourage you to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment that will provide you with answers and solutions to the issues you are dealing with in life. It is our goal to not only provide you will pertinent subject matters that pertain to your life, including current event discussion, but offer you tools and information to assist you on your life path journey.

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    Prayer Changes Things With Evangelist Jannie Branch For 5-4-2016

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    Prayer Changes Things With Evangelist Jannie Branch

    Join Her @ 7:00 PM (PST) - 9:00 PM (CST) - 10:00 PM (EST)
    Call: 424-675-8300

    God has the power and wisdom to use our prayers as he sees fit and to do what we could never imagine. If he weren't all-powerful, there'd be little point in praying. If he weren't all wise, it'd be dangerous to pray; after all, who'd want to ask an all-powerful but foolish person to do anything? But God is both perfectly wise and infinitely powerful, which is why you and I can pray with confidence, so join Evangelist Jannie Branch as she shares Biblical teachings that will help you to effectively pray with power and conviction that will transform every area of your life.

    Yes, we're giving you more of what your soul is looking for right here on the Spirit Alive Network 

    Taking It To Streets: Mondays @ 5:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network

    Tuesday Teachings: Tuesdays @ 7:00 AM (EST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network

    Tell It Tuesday: Tuesdays @ 11:00 PM (EST) On The Spirit Alive Network

    The Faith Cafe: Wednesday @ 4:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network

    Prayer Changes Things: Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network 

    Walking Wounded: Thursdays @ 7:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network

    Every Man Standing: Fridays @ 5:00 PM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Network

    Stories of the Bible: Saturdays @ 9:00 AM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network

    Spirit Alive Praise & Worship: Sundays @ 9:00 AM (PST) On The Spirit Alive Ministries Network

    Visit our website at www.spiritalivebiblestudies.org

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    Humpday 22# - Elections, Power, Politics and Media's Effect (Part 2)

    in Politics

    Today Our Hot Topic From the NYC TODAY Magazine is:
    Elections, Power, Politics and Media's Effect (Part 2)

    You may call in at 347.205.9920 or Chat with us on show page. LIKE US & Follow Us NOw!!!


    Your host, Janel and her co-hosts Lauren, Kim, Al, Val, Saeyoung, Julius and Sandman will be giving you real talk, interesting interviews, Hot Topics and funny moments; including prank calling, good music, pop culture and current events. Don't Miss This Wednesday! Don't Miss Any Wednesday! 
    New Music By: [TO BE ANNOUNCED]

    Call in at 347.205.9920 to comment live on the show,

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    Mystical Awakenings: Numerology with Arjay Followed by New Show

    in Spirituality

    Hosts, Deb DeRousse and John Cassidy are so excited to bring in this first time guest.  Arjay is a Numerologist, Healer, Mystic, and Spiritual Teacher.  He is the only Numerologist at The Unity Tree Spiritual Center & Art Gallery in Houghton Lake, Michigan.  Arjay's passion is helping others on their search for spirituality and enlightenment.

     The first hour will be Mystical Awakenings, the second hour will be "Our Guiding Light" with Hosts, Deb & Arjay!

    We will be making some very special announcements tonight about additions to the network, listen to find out what those additions are.  

    Call in with questions for our guest @ 347-850-8292

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    in Christianity

    Remember your Creator
        in the days of your youth,before the days of trouble come   and the years approach when you will say,  “I find no pleasure in them”—
    2 before the sun and the light     and the moon and the stars grow dark,   and the clouds return after the rain;
    3 when the keepers of the house tremble, and the strong men stoop,when the grinders cease because they are few,  and those looking through the windows grow dim;
    4 when the doors to the street are closed  and the sound of grinding fades;when people rise up at the sound of birds, but all their songs grow faint;5 when people are afraid of heights  and of dangers in the streets;when the almond tree blossoms and the grasshopper drags itself along and desire no longer is stirred. Then people go to their eternal home   and mourners go about the streets.