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    Anita Mitchell: Helping the People of Broward County Tell Their Story

    in Spirituality

    Join us Sunday at 5:00pm as we learn how Anita Mitchell, journalist and creator of the blog "Broward People", uses her passion and gift of writing to help the citizens of Broward County tell their stories. Anita is a journalist for a major local news station; she has worked as a newspaper journalist and as an English teacher.  Her experience, warmth and sense of kindness, engages the community of Broward County and turns everyday people into community heroes and mentors. If you want to know what's going on, and who the citizens of the community are, Broward People blog provides a sense of the good that is happening in the local communities that make up Broward County. Do you have a story to tell about yourself, someone else, or a topic of interest to share?  If you do, allow Anita to help you bring it to life. 

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    Truth Be Told Radio - Partners for Purity

    in Religion

    Today Rebecca from "Partners for Purity" joins us this Valentine's Day. The website for it is at: www.partnersforpurity.com. Partners for purity is a Christian community where a woman can anonymously and freely discuss her journey, ask questions or vent about SA with the support and encouragement of our members and where she can also offer support and encouragement to others. As a community we can share Christ’s love and grow in Christ likeness as we extend compassion for those who are hurting.

    Truth Be Told Radio is a conservative Christian radio show that features teaching and preaching from a biblical perspective.Truth Be Told Radio is also a variety show with a unique blend of special guests, humor, critiques,sermons, clips, news, and satire. 

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    The Vanity of Idolatry

    in Christianity

    The Bible tells us to keep ourselves from idols (1 John 5:21) and to flee from idolatry (1 Corr. 10:14), What is an idol? Is it just an image of wood and stone that is made to be worshipped? What are the consequences of following after idolatry?

    Please join us as we study God's Word. Please join us as we continue to study God's word from 4:00 - 4:45 pm EST. Call in @ 215 -383-3785 or tune in live via the web @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truth-beyond-the-veil-ministries

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    Behind the Headlines: Objectivity in a subjective world - Truth versus Lies

    in News


    This week on Behind the Headlines, Joe, Niall, Harrison and Bahar will be discussing the role of morality in politics (or rather, the lack of it), and will continue a discussion begun on the Truth Perspective show: the value of objectivity in a world gone mad.

    What is truth and why is it important? What does it mean to ‘be objective’? If people's beliefs about the world shape their individual experiences, and ultimately co-create the world they share with others, then a world saturated with lies, (apparently) harmless myths and dangerous narratives leads people to create a world in which they (and most others) are hopelessly miserable.

    Is there a solution to this profound problem? What if people changed their beliefs? Would this create a happier, more stable world, at least for those who changed? But on what basis should people change their beliefs? And why bother if the only apparent change in the external world is that it keeps getting worse?

    Join us this Sunday February 14th from 12-2pm EST / 6-8pm CET / 5-7pm UTC as we get to the heart of the matter at the eleventh hour for modern civilization.


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    Blowing up my Business in 2016

    in Entrepreneur

    Talking with Ms. Dana Bassett of Portsmouth Va. Ms. Bassett is an educator in the Portsmouth public school system. She is also an entreprunuer and is build a business of others who want to explode their finances in 2016. Ms. Bassetts' success is built on a simple foundation of being able to copy a simple system that has been tried and tested to create millionaires out of everyday people. Ms Bassett is building a team of those who want to explode with her. She has simple steps that a blind person can follow and generate as much or as little income---Money as they desire.

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    Beware the Puppy/Monkey/Baby

    in Politics Conservative

    It's St. Vanentine's but there wasn't much love in the polictical world this past week. New Hampshire's primary is in the books, the Super Bowl has come and gone and we lost a SCOTUS justice.

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    Faith or Fear, "I Choose Life"

    in Spirituality

    God has a plan for your life, to give you a hope, and a future! God has and wants the best for you. Through God's Word we learn about experiencing the abundance of peace and joy, which God has for you, and can have it all!!!

  • NARAL and The Death Of A Patroit

    in Politics

    On this February 14, 2016 edition of Team Liberty Radio, we will be discussing the NARAL tweetstorm and the death of an American Patroit Robert Lavoy Finicum.  We will discussing the NARAL comments on abortion and some of the other bizarre comments on the superbowl commericals.  Also we will discussing if the death of Robert Lavoy Finicum was justified or a murder?  Join us live at 6pm for your Weekly Dose of Truth.

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    Prophetic Corner Prophetess Martha Williams / by Prophetic Corner | Christian

    in Christianity

    Join us for an awesome time in God word. A show in season you don't want to miss. The show time is 5:00 pm EST Prophetic Corner Prophetess Martha Williams  mark your calendar so you want miss the show.Come expecting God to give a word that will change your life a word that will make you over again. He is pouring out his spirit, come on in where you fit and watch God move.The show time is Sunday 5 pm EST invite a neighbor and a friend to listen and be blessed. It’s time to raise your level of expectation and get your word from the lord.  

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    Attracting the Right People

    in Women

    Join author, blogger and coach to women in business Sharon Michaels as she shares how to attract the "right" people into your life and to your business. It all boils down to choices! Get ready to listen with pen and paper handy because you're going to want to make notes and jot down a few "aha's." It's all about Women Enjoying Success!

    Sharon shows you how to do business successfully! Sharon has been a woman in business for over 25 years - she is a coach to entrepreneurial women, author of empowering books for women, radio host and executive producer of not only this radio show but also Entrepreneurial Women Radio. Sharon's mission is to empower women to greater personal and professional success.


    Purchase your copy of Sharon's paperback and Kindle books on Amazon.com How to Give Yourself the POWER to Succeed   AND 21 Days to Living Your Dreams

    You'll want to subscribe to Sharon's Newsletter: Unlimited Success For Women

    Read Sharon's blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com

  • Sunday's with The Ninja Pastor! What is Worship, what difference does it make?

    in Religion

    Today we are going to talk about Praise. We are going to talk about Praising God, why we praise God - and why he Wants our puny praise and about who really benefits from it.

    "But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel."

    Psalm 22:3(KJV) "Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel (ESV)”

    HE inhabits the praises of His people - He is “enthroned" on the praises of His people. To inhabit is to LIVE in, to enthrone is to give a position of AUTHORITY. In our praise - our spoken praise - God lives on Earth - He is brought into this realm, into your situation - Alive and filled with power. He is also enthroned - given Authority. This is key because in the absence of praise Who has been given “authority” here on earth? (answer: Satan).