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    Immigration Reform From the North, South, East, and West

    in Politics

    Recently, the Obama administration's  has used an  executive directive order  to ease the rules for people trying to enter the United States or stay in the country even though they have given “limited” support to terrorists or terror groups.   According to the The Department of Homeland Security and the State Department, people considered to have provided "limited material support" to terrorists or terrorist groups are no longer automatically barred from the United States.  Tonite we will discuss this, student visas, the Boston Bombing and more on Immigration Reform.   Former INS Special Agent Michael Cutler and Immigration Activist Ruthie Hendrycks to join.  For morein information on Michael Cutler and Ruthie Hendrycks go  to the following:  http://michaelcutler.net/.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theruthiereport

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  • 01:05

    Selecting the Right Mayor

    in Social Networking

    Gary Deverman, CEO & CoFounder of Building Healthier America, will be our guest to talk about what may be happening to our society in the wake of political travesties.  Our national health and the politcal system may have morein common than we realize.  What will it take to get us back on track -- to be human.

  • 01:54

    DTong Sports Talk AND Music Show - NCAA Tournament Special

    in Sports

    DTong will take his stab @ March Madness! The brackets will be set, and I'll break down each region one by one! Going to recap some of the major conference tournament battles over the weekend as well! Got some great new Independent Music for ya, both hip hop and rock w/ SYDNEE B, JAHN Q. PUBLAQ, SOZE, and morein this 2 hour special! be there! Call in everyone to give me your picks for the final four and beyond - 347-857-3364! Catch it live or catch the archives @ www.BlogTalkRadio.com/DTong, www.DTongPoker.com, or download the free podcast on ITunes!

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