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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Sun Soul Orchestra!

    in Music

    Lawd, are you gonna hear some soulfully groovy music on 6/25!  There is not a finer way to wind down June than with the leadership vision of Stephen "Stevo" Theard and Ginger Murphy :)

    Yours truly first met Stevo when he was drumming for Peter White's Christmas Tour.  But his reputation certainly preceded that date.  This genuinely revered artist has roots in New Orleans and the flavor of the city shows in a most satisfying way.  When little Stevo was growing up in The Big Easy, he absorbed the sounds of the streets in ways that only special children can. Daddy loved Broadway, too, so that was thrown into the "Gumbo" of his musical heritage.  Matter-of-fact, you can Google Gumbo Child and find Stevo Theard!

    He decided to become a musician at 13 - and spent years in earnest study, performance and experimentation.  Years later, internationally known stars can tell you that his work paid off.  Stevo has played with household names, instrumentally and vocally.  He has appeared on TV and on stages across the globe.  Written original music for films.  But one of the best opportunities that has come his way: meeting Ginger Murphy.

    Ginger is one of those completely unique Beings that beguile men and enchant women.  A powerfully talented cellist and natural redhead (!!!!!!) whose art has captivated everyone from Snoop Dog to Josh Groban!  Ginger is classically trained, a native of Chicago, and has played with symphonic orchestras as well as recorded for both TV and Film.  She has been involved in over 100 albums - alongside MAJOR stars.  Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Soul, Jazz.

    How these two gravitated toward each other - well, let's just be grateful!  Together, they created Sun Soul Orchestra in order to share the richness of their musical diversity.  And like minds :)  Join us for utterly fabulous music and conversation!

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    MXMGBTR - 06/25 "True Life Experiences," Director&Actress #FayeYvetteMcQueen

    in Motivation

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." The Life & Motivation of Director/Actress #FayeYvetteMcQueen, born to be an actress. She was named after Faye Dunaway, Yvette Mimieux and just happens to be a distant cousin of Butterfly McQueen best known for her role in “Gone With the Wind”. As a young child, I was always labeled the ambitions one. I started my own dance school called, "The Dancer's Delight" at the tender age of 12. I gathered the other neighborhood children together and taught them the movement from my dance classes. Faye began her acting career in Dallas, Texas while in Graduate School at Southern Methodist University. She was discovered on the streets of Dallas while being her animated, graceful, and confident self with her friends.

    My ambition is what sets me apart from most people, especially those in my age category. It gives me a youthful glow. It keeps me young. It makes me appreciate myself as a "Woman of the World!" My drive and ambition have helped me to land a role on, "Orange Is The New Black", "Law & Order", "Bourne Legacy", "Veep", and several commercials. You ask the question, "Why do I think I am more ambitious than most? ", or "What sets me apart from others?" My answer will always be the fact that I thank God for allowing me to use my "AMBITION" to guide me, and to keep me focused and to never accept defeat, fear or competition as an excuse for not trying. Faye’s other passion is animals, especially dogs. She loves spending time with her two poodles, Alice and Ginger. During her down time Faye loves to travel overseas to discover new places and native people. Faye’s motto is “Faye Will Make A Way”. No task is too hard or too difficult for her. She can always see the light at the end of the tunnel!"


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    Principles of Building & Sustaining High-Performing Cultures

    in Business

    Join Ginger Hardage, Senior Vice President Culture & Communications for Southwest Airlines Co. as she talks about building and sustaining the legendary culture SWA is known for.   Ginger will speak to how they have carefully created and nurtured a culture based on just a few principles.  In a time when the war on talent is fierce, Ginger's insight will allow you to recruit, hire and grow an amazing workforce fully aligned to drive the organization's success.  

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    MARCH 2015 REVIEW (WEEKS #3 + #4) (PART 4: Finance Collapse Trend, Fag Takeover)

    in Current Events

    On this ongoing series of episodes covering MARCH 2015 IN REVIEW with our discussion of TOPIC #8: ZEPHANIAH PROPHECY OF WHEN "GOLD & SILVER WILL BECOME ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS", we talk about many of the major newsstory trends indicating we are headed in that direction! Ever wondered why you see so many BUY GOLD, INVEST IN GOLD, TV & RADIO COMMERCIALS?? That time of Zephaniahs Prophecy is almost upon us! Then we move onto TOPIC #11: SODOMS SEQUEL and discuss our theory of "ONE OF THE POSSIBLE REASONS FOR JADE HELM 15 MILITARY DRILLS" happening this summer! Is Obama expecting a NATIONWIDE REVOLT TO A"50 STATE FAG-TAKEOVER" OF LEGAL SAME SEX MARRIAGES AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT GOES WITH IT?? Let's talk about these and other major articles of interest on todays show... STAY TUNED! STAY INFORMED! TO GET IN THE KNOW, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO, WITH YOURS TRULY, STEVE "Si" - THE BIBLE GUY, YOUR PROPHETIC MOUTH OF THE APPALACHIAN SOUTH..

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    Singers Delight

    in Rock Music

    If your a singer  than this is the show for you. @ 7 pm this Thursday we have Former Iron Maiden Front Man Blaze Bayley calling to talk about his Time in Maiden, his original Band WOLSBANE and touring with his latest Project, Blaze. We will absolutely grill him on his time with Maiden including the fans reaction to him replacing the gendary Bruce Dickinson.

    At 7:45 pm we have Christian Rock Vocalist and elite Vocal coach Ken Tamplin calling in to discuss the KenTamplin Vocal Academy, and whether or not he thinks he could teach anyone to sing. Maybe even me. Ken is an amazing singer who can sing in almost any vocal style (couldnt find any videos of him singing Opera). 

    In the world of sports we will discuss the Cavs vs Warriors series, David Wright and when the Mets can expect his return. The stuffing of All-Star Ballots in Knsas City and we will Have our brand new MLB Correspondent, Roy Jones, on  to talk all things baseball in in new bi-weekly segment.

    Bruce Dickinson is starting his own airline, Ginger Baker hates that Cream is associated with Heavy Metal, and many other Music related talk as well will be discussed during theis show.

    I hope you will tune in this This Thursday at 6:30 pm est to hear all of this and much, much more. Feel free to call in and ask your own questions of any of my guest as well by calling (347) 826-9934.


    Keep on Rockin!!!


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    Talk with Tenney: Shock Survivors to David Healy: Defend Stance on Shock (ECT)

    in Current Events

    Misinformation about electroshock is being delivered to the public. David Healy, psychiatrist and a writer on Mad in America, also co-authored a book supporting electroshock. Shock survivors want to hear Healy's defense. They say the dangers of his pro-shock position include people voluntarily getting it based on his word that brain damage from electroshock is an "urban myth" (which Breggin M. D., pointed out in  HuffPost 2012). Shock survivors demonstrate the ways in which they have been damaged and present evidence from studies validating those damages. To many in the survivor movement, it is starting to feel Healy, like psychiatry itself, is a hidden danger, acting as an ally, supposedly anti-drug, he has long had the support of the movement. Shock survivors want to know: Do you know David Healy supports electroshock? Call in live: (267)521-0167

    Guests include: 

    Jason Kalendek, a 43 year old shock survivor,who had been on psych drugs for more than 20 years was conned into getting electroshock as a way to get off the drugs. Electroshock destroyed his working memory and caused amnesia; destroyed his art career. The shock was 5 years ago and he is barely able to survive, the trauma of it is the worst thing that has ever happened to him.

    Marie Jones, 49, lost all of her autobiographical memory due to electroshock without informed consent, which she was subject to while going cold turkey from Klonopin.

    Tony Buonfiglio is a 61 year old electroshock survivor and photojournalist who was subjected to shock at 16 years old. He never regained memories of his childhood and continues to struggle with long term and short term memory loss.

    Kim Wood is 57 years old and on SSDI for over 6 years after 16 years of psych meds. After 18 electroshocks, 2009-2010, her 26 year nursing career was destroyed.
    Invited: David Healy, Peter Breggin; Ginger Breggin, Robert Whitaker, Bonnie Burtsow

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    Conversations with Counselor Mandy: Inspired Stories of HOPE! Ginger Wagoner

    in Psychology

    Mandy Eppley is thrilled to interview award winning photographic artist, Ginger Wagoner, in this episode of Hope is Now. They will be speaking in depth about how service and the fight for justice is an integral part of her life and her art, and how this ties into Step 6 of The Model of Heart-Centered Grief.

    An award winning photographic artist, Ginger dedicates herself to creating soulful, intimate, and meaningful portraits. One of Ginger’s clients sums up: “The great thing about using Ginger for your photography is that you know you’re supporting all the great work that she does in the community. She works with breast cancer survivors, creates portraits of children with life-threatening illnesses and for families who lose a child at birth, volunteers building homes with Habitat, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!”

    In addition to her photographic work, Ginger is zealous about promoting social justice for women, children, different ethnicities, and same-gender couples. Together, she and her 13-year-old daughter launched JusticeSeeders.com, a site with wearable art calling attention to and raising money for these causes.

    Ginger’s artwork is held in private collections across the US, Australia, Italy, & France. She has held positions at the White House, with Time Life, Inc. and with a celebrity photographer in NYC.  You can visit her website at www.psphotoart.com.


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    Whirl With Merle

    in Travel

    Just in time for the start of summer, we’re excited to share the return of the 2015 Metropolitan Summer Recital Series to all five boroughs bringing New Yorkers free outdoor concerts from June 15 through June 30. Starring leading Met artists and young rising stars of the Opera World, the series, now in its seventh season, features six free concerts presented in collaboration with City Parks Foundation.

    Located at Socrates Sculpture Parks in Queens, soprano Kiri Deonarine, mezzo-soprano Ginger Costa-Jackson, and baritone John Moore joined by pianist Dan Saunders will perform arias and duets from various operas including Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Don Giovanni and Samson et Dalila on Wednesday, June 24 at 7 p.m. Deonarine, Costa-Jackson, Moore and Saunders will also perform three additional recitals in Jackie Robinson Park (Manhattan), Crotona Park (Bronx), and Clove Lakes Park (Staten Island). No tickets are required for this performances. 

    The first two recitals, on June 15 at 8 p.m. at Central Park SummerStage and June 17 at 7 p.m. in Brooklyn Bridge Park, will star soprano Janai Brugger, mezzo-soprano Isabel Leonard, and baritone Nathan Gunn, joined again by Saunders. These two recitals will feature arias and duets from a number of operas such as Faust, Carmen, La Bohème, and Porgy and Bess, along with selections from the American Songbook.

    My guests today are Ginger Costa-Jackson and John Moore

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #22 - Special Guests Ginger Taylor and Paul Gautschi

    in Health

    Ginger Taylor of Health Choice and Paul Gautschi from the film Back to Eden

    This Saturday's super double-feature show starts off with an in-depth discussion with a great vaccine choice and health freedom advocate. Ginger Taylor (www.healthchoice.org) of Health Choice is an author, speaker, new media writer and activist. She blogs on the politics of autism, health, vaccination, informed consent and both corporate and government corruption. Ginger was honored with the Health Freedom Hero Award for 2014 from the National Health Federation for her work on health choice and parental rights. She will discuss with us the current situation in the campaign toward global forced vaccination, in her own state of Maine and across the country, as well as her work for health freedom.

    Then for the second part of this week's show, we will talk with Paul Gautschi, star of the film Back to Eden. This incredible movie (www.backtoedenfilm.com) showcases a new, but very old and basic, way to produce some of the highest quality fresh food on the planet. There's a good chance you can do it yourself to some degree wherever you may live, even in cities, and you can do it even in a planting box on concrete, or on a roof.

    Ending GMOs (not just labeling them, which is not enough) will not ultimately help us UNLESS we create a true renaissance of new small family farms, that are organic in the true sense of the word, worldwide, and we have to do it right now, no more waiting.

    Because of the vital nature of this issue, that is discussed almost nowhere compared to the many discussions occurring on GMOs and farming with poisons, this episode with Paul Gautschi will be the first of a series, and he will be back again soon to answer questions from interested listeners.

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    2015 AFC North Schedule Breakdown

    in Radio

    Today we talk AFC North schedule. Last year this division had three teams go to the playoffs. The division is still strong and most likely has gotten stronger. What needs to be determined is, could their schedules be the difference in the powerfull division. Dive in with us as we breakdown one of the hardest hitting, defense driven and cold climate divisions in the NFL. This should be a great show and some great break downs.

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    Source Material #031 - "Maximum Carnage" - Parts 1-7 (1993)

    in Books

    We are rocketing into June folks.  And, of course, I ain't in this starship alone.  Tonight we welcome back accomplished artist Benjamin J. Colon AND the #RiBN's resident evil ginger, Jason Teasley.  Teasley wanted to talk this book way back as #SourceMaterial just started out.  Benjamin is our own 4 legged arachnid expert, so we knew his input would be essential. 

    Cletus is his name and Maximum Carnage is his game!  Join us tonight at 10 pm as we discuss the first 7 issues of this comic series.

    PS - we did not skip episode 30... somehow there are 2 episode #028's out there.... thats what I get for trying to number episodes like comics.  I had a stern talk with our editor and this will hopefully not happen again.