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    The mass protests in Egypt, Turkey, Brazil and around the world are signs of a world revolution in the making. Now is the time to have a dialogue across international borders to decide the overall goals and strategy for a unifed national front against fascism and war at the grassroots level.There will be differences of course in strategy, tactics and specific goals in various nations where the People face different challenges, but we must focus on our common goals in order to coordinate our efforts to best support each other.This is sure to be a wide ranging discussion to which all of us can contribute in forums like SFPI Radio.On Saturday, August 17 our guest was Gilbert Mercier, Editor-in-Chief of News Junkie Post, a strictly independent online magazine for global news and in depth analyses featuring writers from around the world. Gilbert is a French journalist, photojournalist filmmaker and on air analyst. Know the truth and the truth will set us free.Subscribe to automatic reminders and descriptions of this and future shows by hitting the "follow" button here.

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    An Interview with Melissa Gilbert

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    On Today's show we are pleased to welcome Actress Melissa Gilbert.  You have seen her as Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, Dancing with the Stars, Nip Tuck, and many other great films.  Today we will discuss with Melissa her upcoming guest appearence on The Night Shift that airs on NBC Friday's at 10/9c

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    Coffee Party Meet the Candidate - Mark Gilbert

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    Mark Gilbert has been a Coffee Party USA member since 2014. Since joining, he has become very involved, assisting in the start-up of the Campaigns and Actions Workgroup and then stepping into the lead when the need arose.  Through his efforts on that committee, he has taken a sponsorship role in setting up most of the party's monthly events including several book club programs.  Mark also supports the Newsroom as one of the group's bloggers, routinely posting thought provoking articles from his website.

    Mark is the author of four books on spiritual evolution, publishes the website Conscious Bridge and serves the home office of Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) as their Global Services Coordinator.  He is an ordained minister with Centers for Spiritual Living  and served for 3 years as an assistant minister at one of their local communities, New Dawn Center for Spiritual Living in Aurora, Colorado.

    Mark served for over 33 years with the Federal government.  When he retired in 2009.   he was the Regional Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Denver Regional Office, overseeing the Medicare outreach and education activities of 10 mid-western and western states. Major accomplishments during his tenure with CMS included major roles in the implementation of the Senior Health Insurance Counseling Program, the 1-800-Medicare service and the Medicare Part D program. He is a Senior Fellow with the Council on Excellence in Government and was a member of the Federal Senior Executive Service.

    Mark  lives in Lakewood, Colorado, with his wife, Mary, and his chocolate lab, Harmony. He holds a BS in Psychology from the University of Alabama in Birmingham and a MA in Consciousness Studies from the Holmes Institute in Colorado.  He is the father of 5 grown children (including triplets) and 4 grandchildren.

    His website can be found at www.consciousbridge.com.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Joel Gilbert, documentary-maker

    in Politics Conservative

    Joel Gilbert, documentary filmmaker joins me to discuss his interview with Malik Obama;  his films Dreams from My Real Father and There’s No Place Like Utopia. Also, the Iran nuclear talks, per his film Atomic Jihad, Islamism, Isis and Middle East policy.

    WMD Iraq - with help from Russia some transshipped via Syria to Bekaa Valley (Hezbollah) - some leftover are being found today in Iraq (and not exactly in friendly hands...)

    Question nobody asks---

    If the intelligence agencies of the western world all agreed that Iraq had WMD... why?

    And re: the WH placing a ban on military hardware to law enforcement -- the final report is out today.

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    Joel Gilbert Filmmaker To Discuss His Recent Interview With Malik Obama.

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    Filmmaker and leader in getting the truth out, Joel Gilbert will be the guest.

    Joel Gilbert is the director and writer of the political documentaries, Dreams from My Real Father (2012), Atomic Jihad: Ahmadinejad's Coming War and Obama's Politics of Defeat (2010) and Farewell Israel: Bush, Iran and the Revolt of Islam (2008). Dreams from My Real Father was featured at the Republican National Convention in Tampa (2012). Atomic Jihad was screened at the CPAC Conference in Washington D.C. and won the Hudson Institute Film Festival in 2010.

    Joel Gilbert is a nationally recognized voice exposing Barack Obama's hidden background and Marxist agenda for America. He appears frequently on national radio shows including Michael Savage, Mike Huckabee, Monica Crowley, Alex Jones, Jerry Doyle, Jeff Rense, and Rusty Humphries Show. Gilbert is president of Highway 61 Entertainment in Los Angeles, and is a graduate of the University of London (London School of Economics and Political Science, School of Oriental and African Studies, BA 1986) and George Washington University (MBA 1991). Gilbert has also produced historic insider films on Bob Dylan, and is a contributing editor for www.familysecuritymatters.org. Gilbert has a "professional hobby", performing as Bob Dylan with original Bob Dylan band members in the world's only Bob Dylan tribute band, "Highway 61 Revisited".

    This will be an action packed show. Callers welcome.

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    Celebrating Earth Day with Rebecca Gilbert Reports!

    in Food

    Today Laura Theodore the Jazzy Vegetarian welcomes Rebecca Gilbert to celebrate EARTH DAY! We’ll talk about recipes, tips and ideas for making today and every day gentler on our earth, our bodies and and our animal friends.

    Rebecca Gilbert is a former competitive figure skater whose switch to a vegan diet healed her chronic joint pain.  She is the founder of yummyplants.com and the author of It's Easy to Start Eating Vegan! Yummy Plants 101. Rebecca has been a featured speaker at Vegfest events including the NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, Vegetarian Summerfest, and Paris Vegan Day.

    Signed copies of my Laura’s Cookbooks and the Best of Jazzy Vegetarian DVD are available at jazzyvegetarian.com and SEASON FOUR of Jazzy Vegetarian continues to air every Tuesday and Thursday on the CREATE NETWORK.

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    MMA Jam Session - Invicta FC's Laura Howarth, Molly Mccann & Gilbert Jamal Smith

    in MMA

    Join Cole and Doc, as they bring you another fun filled episode of MMA Jam Session, produced by Fresh Start Entertainment! Here at MMA Jam Session, we believe in doing everything big, and what better way to do that than by bringing you the latest news from the MMA world.

    Tonight we'll review UFC New Orleans and other MMA news from around the globe. Also joining us this week Invicta FC bantamweight Laura Howarth and Molly Mccann, both from England and currently in Michigan training at SFS Mega Camp and newlt crowned RFA welterweight champ Gilbert Jamal Smith.We've got all this and more coming up this Thursday on MMA Jam Session! 

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    World Domination welcomes Dangerous Doug Gilbert

    in Wrestling

    Being the son a a legendary wrestler is tough.  When your older brother was also a legendary wrestler in his own right, it casts an even bigger shadow.  But Doug Gilbert, while embracing the legacies of his father Tommy and brother Eddie, has made a long and storied career of his own.  A veteran of nearly 30 years now, Doug has carved out his own niche and style, and his feuds with the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Terry Funk, and Jerry Lawler are well-known.  

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    On-air Host Jonathan Aldridge joined by Melissa Gilbert and Timothy Busfield

    in Entertainment

    Live with Jonathan Aldridge will debut Friday, April 24, 2015.

    Jonathan thinks he will be interviewing Actress Melissa Gilbert and Director Timothy Busfield to discuss their NBC "Night Shift" episode...jokes on Jonathan.

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    Al Porter M.A.N.in the Street

    in Music

    M.A.N.in the Street is live when we invaded police union HQ.-We're also a part of a 12 year old Police murder victims Birthday Celebration!!Plus we speak on why M.A.N,in the street took on a Rapper from the Bay-Dan Gilbert's Cavs didn't win the Finals but Dandy Dan is winning the forclosure title-Events-New music-Church of what's happening up in here-And the Red Carpet Awards are upcoming&video shoots also!!646-478-0944-Call&be involved!!Mayoral Recall update&more!


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    Encore Q&A with Jennifer Windsor on How to Be Your Own Guru

    in Women

    Tuning into what is true and good for you. Tuning out the points-of-view that belong to others and don't serve you. Access Consciousness facilitator Jennifer Windsor explores how to keep connected to your own best wisdom to be your own guru.

    Jennifer's Conscious Coupling™ program started June 25, 2015 but there is still time to register for latecomers: jenniferwindsor.leadpages.net/taking-con…-soulmate/

    The Elizabeth Gilbert article referenced in the interview was published in the New York Times in June 2015: 

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