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    Love Story Living with Marshay - Gigi GiTwice

    in Self Help

    Living Aligned Radio presents... Love Story Living with Marshay (Episode #18, Oct 24, 2013)! Special guest Gigi GiTwice: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist of  Mahognay Dust, CEO, Founder, Astro-Alignment Coach of Living Aligned, and so much more.
    Love Story Living "Love the Story you Live; Live the Story you Love"  All with a bite of Cookietude! Come join us as we talk with Gigi GiTwice who shares her passion as an artist, producer, muscian, coach, entreprenuer, and more! You will enjoy her bubbly, vibrant, loving, youthful, playful energy. She is creatively living her life outloud; inspiring others to do the same!  Tune in Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 at 10:30 PM EST/ 7:30 PM PST Listen in at 818-688-6700 or online at www.blogtalkradio.com/livingalignedradio
    Marshay Mitchell is keeping us inspired about Love, Passions, and Living our Dreams. She shares true stories of love and living a fulfilled life; sharing tools for enhancing the love life with yourself and others. Marshay, previously the host of the "Have a Cookietude with Marshay" show is still bringing her vibrant personality along with moments of Cookietude (a sweet, optimistic, inspiring perspective), and manifestation techniques to experience your desires. Come rise in Love with Marshay!
    Go with the flow and grow with Marshay! Thursdays at 10:30 PM EST/ 7:30 PM PST!! 818-688-6700
    If you or someone you know is living their passion or has a love life that inspires you, contact Marshay at marshay@lovestoryliving.com or www.facebook.com/lovestoryliving and share your story!
    For more infomation and details about the Living Aligned Network, Please visit http://www.livingaligned.net

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    House Entertainment live Episode 4

    in Pop Culture

    House Entertainment Live


    Today :  We'll start off with 

    Donald Trump visits Sept. 11 Memorial 
    Max and Midi skirts
    Pick up the conversation!


      Our newest  and brightest CLUB book club 

    The Girls Day In!Check out our blog coming soon :

    brought to you in part by Sydner Live Productions!

    According to the LA Times.......
    Encino estate has ties to Dick Van Dyke, recording studio built by Harrison Ford 

    An Encino home with a cast of characters in its history has come up for sale at $8.995 million.

    The 8 Wildest Celebrity Prince Encounters
    During his 30-plus-year career,


    How to Wear Three Very Tricky Trends, According to Olivia Culpo

    Olivia Culpo — Miss Universe 2012-turned-bonafide street-style star —

    Form a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company


    Share My Sister Closet: Clothing drive 
    if you like goodwill youll like this





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    in Spirituality

    Jansenius "Tito". Lange Jr., would like to thank everyone on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for following WISE MIND, on BTR every Sunday night from 6- 6:30 pm EST.   On last Sunday's show, Tito, Richard Knight and radio host, "Gigi" discussed "DISCORAGEMENT" and why it happens. Tito is a modern philospoher who teaches each inividual how to effectively change their negative environment into a powerful energy source that will enhance their life in all capacities on the radio show and in private lessons.    On the next upcoming show on 5/01/2016, Tito will discuss how to "DEFEAT DISCOURAGEMENT"

    We look forward to your support and invite you to  join in on the conversation with your questions and comments right here, live on BTR.  Please call in: 646-200-3817 on the scheduled time of 6 to 6:30 every Sunday night right here on  WISE MIND. 

    *To schedule a private class with Tito please E Mail him: lange@yahoo.com

    **To schedule an appointment for an interview: giwizproductionsllc.gae@gmail.com

    ***WISE MIND (The Book) can be purchased at WWW.Wiseminddevelopment.Org


    in Spirituality

    Greetings everyone and thank you for your caller and listener support in advance for the WISE MIND radio show, with Modern Philosopher Jansensius T. Lange Jr.  On tonight’s show he will discuss why some people become DISCOURAGED.  Sometimes DISCOURAGEMENT can destroy a person's ability to move forward. (EZRA 4:4) They become DISAPPOINTED.   In a Christian sense, sometimes people, after praying do not get their prayers answered automatically,  DISAPPOINTMENT sets in, and the person loses belief in praying .   DISCOURAGEMENT can cause serious consequences in our lives and Jansenius T. Lange Jr. will discuss how to overcome DISCOURAGEMENT with his callers on the show tonight and every Sunday night from 6:00-6:30 pm EST on  WISE MIND, produced by Gigi Evans in connection with the Artist's Loft on BTR. We look forward to hearing from you. Call in tonight 646-200-3817 and chat, share and ask questions.  "Tito" will share solutions and assist you in empowering your mind with extended classes.

    E Mail:  Mr. Lange : lange@yahoo.com


    To schedule an interview as a guest on the show E mail the producer Gigi: gwenevans63@gmail.com



    To schedule an interview as a guest on the show E mail the producer Gigi: gwenevans63@gmail.com

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    Join Jansenius T. Lange Jr. and Radio Host Gigi, Guest Richard Knight , Learning The Mind

    in Entertainment

    Would you like to know more  about mind control, seeking positive energies, and being a productive part in society ?  Join Jansenius T.  (Tito) Lange Jr. with radio host Gigi, as he presents to you learning tools to enhance your mind.  Learn how to efficiently lose the negative baggage that bogs your spirit down.  Re-direct your life on a new life pathway with Learning The Mind and all of the capabilities it offers you.  Tito is a modern philosopher who has the experience in teaching you all the elemental keys to a better life.  You can find more in detail in his book, Wise Mind by visiting www.wiseminddevelopment.org.

    We hope to have a very special guest on this Sundays show, renowed author,poet, creative writer with many other titiles, Richard Knight.  You can call in to speak with Tito ,Richard and Gigi, on the show live: 646-200-3817. We hope you engage with us in a thought provoking and enriched show tonight.

    Contact Tito: ange@gmail.com

    Contact Gigi: giwizproductionsllc.gae@gmail.com

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    Sideblock Generalz's Entertainment,Mult-talented Artist Immaculate 101 Joins Us

    in Entertainment

    Immaculate 101 has universal appeal and is moving forward in the world of entertainment as a singer in genres of (Pop, R&B, Rock, Reggae and Rapping).  Her talents excel in her creative craft as a singer, songwriter and poet.  She is a caterer and proud mom, with time to help share her lyrical writing expertise with others.  

    Born In Brooklyn NY.. Immaculateis  a Singer Song writer..Poet Reggae Vocalist (I Got It If you Really Want It) ..She is  humble and appreciates everyones effort including her team NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) & TEAM SIDEBLOCKGENERALZ For Keeping her on her toes about becoming a serious recording artist. For Immaculate 101, she knows that the sky is the limit and there is  nowhere else to go but up.. She says, "The sky is too damn big for just one person".

    Without reservation Immaculate wants to thank everyone for their support, and to those who made an imprint in her life. She gives back her help and supporting love and prayers and will not stop praying when negative forces attempt to alienate her prayers. EXPLICT 

    Call in # 646-200-3817

    Her recording information is: 

    Label: Side Block Generalz Entertainment/Kingz Kounty Records/Kingz Kounty Digital

    Manager: Davida Levine


    Radio host Gigi: www.facebook.com/Gigi

    Contact me for your next rradio interview:

    E mail: Giwizproductionsllc.gae@gmail.com







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    Standing Freedom with GiGi Erneta from the LoneStar Broadcasting Network

    in Entertainment

    On Standing Freedom today,  Trace Embry, founder and Executive Director of Shepherd’s Hill Academy--shares about the academy and how it is impacting lives. Angel Isaacs blesses our show with her beautiful song, Fear Not My Child.

    Trace Embry www.shepherdshillacademy.org and listen to his broadcast at: www.licensetoparent.org

    Music By Super talented, Angel Isaacs: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/chapelgateangel   https://www.facebook.com/ChapelgateAngel

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    in Spirituality

    "It Is The SoundThat Makes Its Tune"

    Join "Tito lange every Sunday as he broadcasts live on my show, The Artists Loft   His univesal and spiritual teachings ;WISE MINDS, hosted by Gigi Evans of the Artists Loft on BTR and narrated by Tito who teaches how to develope your mind and tap into the gifts from the universe. His modern philosophy is rewarding to those who listen and learn how to become better in mind, body and spirit to help them live a happy productive life.   Call in to the studio to speak with Tito; 646-200-3817 from 6-6:30 PM EST, every Sunday night.

    Jansenius (“Tito”) Lange, Jr. was born in 1955 in Port-de-Paix, Haiti. The son of a prominent minister, Tito learned at a very early age that cultivation of integrity through honesty was the only foundation on which to cultivate character. The ensuing study of ‘universal wisdom’ captivated his curiosity so completely that he determined early on to educate all teenagers in the spiritual wisdom of honesty and has never looked back.
    This life vision led to his discovery of ‘mind as energies,’ from which he created Self-Development Wisdom Institute and it’s parallel production, Wise Mind Wisdom Education, designed specifically to stop bullying and suicide practices among adolescents of the world. These educational approaches have been tested and found reliable for personal freedom cultivation for minds of any age.



    Jansenius T. Lange




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    THE JAZZ BEAT CAFE: featuring: Thelonious Monk's jazz septet. Monk's Music

    in Music

    The first song "Abide With Me"—a hymn by W. H. Monk—is an austere rendition played only by the septet's horn section. The song "Ruby, My Dear" is performed only by Monk, Coleman Hawkins, Wilbur Ware, and Art Blakey. John Coltrane had joined Monk after playing with the Miles Davis Quintet, and Monk can be heard enthusiastically calling on him to take the first horn solo on the album in "Well, You Needn't" (though Coltrane's name does not appear on the front cover). All of the songs except one are original compositions by Thelonious Monk, but some had appeared on previous albums by Monk. The two mixes of this album (stereo and mono) are notable in that they used entirely different setups of microphones, recording the same performances. The stereo mix was recorded using microphones at a greater distance from the band, and therefore has a distinctly different sound from the mono mix. Thelonious Monk – piano Ray Copeland – trumpet Gigi Gryce – alto saxophone Coleman Hawkins – tenor saxophone John Coltrane – tenor saxophone Wilbur Ware – double bass Art Blakey – drums 1. Abide with Me (feat. John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey) — John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins 0:54 Well You Needn't (feat. John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey) — John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins 3. Ruby My Dear (feat. Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey) — Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins 5:26 4. Off Minor (feat. John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey) — John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins 5:08 5. Epistrophy (feat. John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey) — John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Coleman Hawkins 10:45 6. Crepuscule with Nellie (feat. John Coltrane, Coleman Hawkins & Art Blakey).



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    in Spirituality


    Jansenius T. LangeJ Jr. Presents episode 4 of Wise Minds. He takes each listener on a journey of wisdom to help each one learn the correct way to empower their spiritual awareness and awaken their senses to a a better life.   Join Jansenius T. Lange  Jr. on his new show WISE MINDS with radio host Gwen"Gigi" Evans on the The Artists Loft.  Call in to chat with Jansensius  "Tito" Lange Jr.  right here on The Artists Loft 646-200-3817 on 3/27/2016 from 6-6:30 PM EST. Tito looks forward to chatting with you and answering your questions.  Happy Easter to everyone!'