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    GRUDGE INC- Grudge Inc Talk Radio with Southern California's Teo Russo.......

    in Automotive

    WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE.....Come join Teo and the gang.  WEST COAST HOT ROD ASSOCIATION "THE BATTLE OF THE WEST at the Las Vegas motor speedway May 20th & 21st Sponsored by ULTRA-CARBON Go to www.westcoasthotrod.com or on Facebook at WEST COAST HOT ROD ASSOCIATION!!!! and YES there will be a GRUDGE LANE!!! May 20th 4pm-10pm TEST N TUNE Car and Driver $50 Spectators... May 21st gates open at 10am Car and Drive $75 Crew $25 Spectators $20 Parking Pass $20 Class event$200 Team event $1000...LOCK IN WITH THE WEST COAST!!! MATCH RACE MADNESS BARONA DRAG STRIP SATURDAY JULY 9TH 2016 4:00pm-10:00pm BOB MORELAND vs DAN SLEMONS and this just in A CALL OUT SHILOH DAVIES THE FASTEST NA SMALLBLOCK MORPAR ON THE WEST COAST HAS CALLED OUT STEVE SHERMAN YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS!!!!! And the VEGA NATIONALS JUNE 17 AND 18TH AT THUNDER VALLEY RACEWAY IN NOBLE OKLAHOMA t-shirts are ready for order who's coming and who's going to be left behind show starts at 7:00 PST and if you want to call  into the show the number is 347-215-9989

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    Urban Teen Magazine's Celebrity Re-Air Interview with D'Wynter Cold!

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    Born in Nashville, Tennessee, D’Wynter Cold began singing at the tender age of two years old. Coming from a family with a music background, she quickly adapted a passion and unique talent for writing and performing, and at twelve years old, blew away a crowd to get to the final round at “The Apollo.” In 2010, D’Wynter took her talents to Music Row, the heart of Nashville’s entertainment scene, to work with a recording label and head collaborations with artists from all over the country.

    D’Wynter’s unique and sultry vocal tones and glamorous style put her in a lane of her own as she began to emerge on the music scene. Singles "Shoulda Waited" and "Slow To Bleed” broke musical barriers in her hometown, which lead to her nominations for "Best R&B Artist, "Best Music Video" and "Best Performance" at the Southern Entertainment Awards. Her gifts landed her in the top 300 during “American Idol” Season 11 in 2011 and deemed her a fan-favorite on “The Voice” in 2013. Her budding career has continued to grow into 2015. She has shared concert stages with artists like Crissy Collins, infamous background vocalist for Beyonce, and more recently collaborated with Rick Ross and Won-G to introduce a radio smash single, “Rich Together,”. 

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    The Down Low - The Kept Woman or Man for that matter

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    Join your hosts Sierra Devi and Lola lane tonight at 11 pm eastern for The Down Low on Dollhouse Radio with special guest Hashim (Shimbo) Hathaway Host and Editor in Chief of the Never Daunted Radio Network Tonight subject is "The Kept Woman" Who is she or him for that matter? Why is being a kept person looked down upon these days? 

    Join us for what's sure to be an interesting show. To be a part of the conversation join the live chatroom below or dial 646-595-4038 and press 1 


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    Tomorrow Will Be Televised You Me Her/Broadway HD Episode

    in Television

    The program all about TV.  Our guests: Rachel Blanchard and Priscilla Faia, co-stars of You Me Her, the new comedy series from Audience Network (distributed by DirecTV and AT&T's U-Verse cable systems), and Bonnie Comley and Stewart Lane, co-founders of Broadway HD, the new service presenting Broadway shows and other theater presentations via Chromecast and Apple TV.

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    Calling on Angels - Remembering to Ask - April 29

    in Spirituality

    There have been quite a few technical interruptions with broadcasting recently so I suspended the shows until I could try to get that worked out. I think that is working well now. I've also had some craziness going on myself (I will tell a little more about it on the show)...so I am looking forward to getting connected with you all again! 

    In this episode, we will get back to specifically discussing angels and requesting their help and guidance in our lives. We have free will, so in most of our daily lives, angels can't help us or intervene until we ask. It's easy to forget to ask for their help, so many times when we could have their intervention or simply the boost from their active presence, we don't -- or we don't recognize it when they are trying to get our attention. By readily, openly, and regularly calling on them - our path can be more clear. 

    As always, lines will be open for personal intuitive mini readings for your best steps now on your spiritual journey. This is one form of "asking" for their help and guidance, so call in to begin to open those doors more fully.

    Show duration will be up to 90 minutes, depending on calls and discussions.  

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    The Boze Noze Show

    in Politics

    The Boze Noze Show with host West Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich

    This week, it's open line Thursday your opportunity to call or email Jay and let him know what your concerns are about Lane County or items in the news.

    Give Jay a call at 646-721-9887 during the show or send an email anytime Talk@KRBNradio.net

    He also welcomes suggestions for guests for upcoming programs.

    Jay can be heard every Thursday at 6 PM Pacific time right here on KRBN

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    power of perception music with STEWART LANE

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                        My interests have always been much broader than writing music, but it’s through the process of writing music that I seem able to distil and integrate these interests. I began writing music and performing in a contemporary classical and cabaret fusion called Bal, wrote music for concert hall, film and theatre, ran personal development workshops on the power and spirit of the voice and coaching, read everything I could find on quantum theory, neuroscience, spiritual disciplines etc,  all of which have woven themselves back into my music. Gradually my song writing has drifted into the world of rock, pop and Indie. I love the seemingly endless recycling of ideas allowing the format to continually refresh itself. I see this as a powerful metaphor for humanity. Everything is composed of atoms and atoms are alive. Even dead wood isn’t dead. Our very thoughts and feelings interact with that microscopic world and forms our reality. We ARE Quantum. The only limitations we encounter are the ones we make for ourselves.
      Fields of Mars is my latest album and is the first part of the trilogy I AM QUANTUM. Each song explores our quantum potential from a variety of perspectives, but like everything – there is a dark side too. The past has shown us that social systems can be self-serving and narrow-minded, casting out or excluding its members who struggle to squeeze themselves into such confining parameters. By seeing the quantum potential in everyone and assisting them to see it in themselves, we give wings to desires and our universe and consciousness expands. Science and spirituality are moving closer together. Our Quantum selves have the power to create from our dreams and live and love powerfully.

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    Director Rick Jansen and April Blu-ray Releases

    in Movies

    The Movie Geeks review the latest releases, including The Jungle Book and Everybody Wants Some, and speak with director and film instructor Rick Jansen (Lamp Post Lane), whose students have five submissions in this year's Suncreen FIlm Festival in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

    Plus, our home entertainment correspondent Adam Long discusses the host of interesting blu-ray releases throughout the month of April, including Cutter's Way, The Stuff, and Brief Encounter. 

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    EPISODE 34 Detroit Lions @markklane @anthonybroome @jimintheD @maizenbrew

    in Sports

    Episode #2 of the of the very popular Detroit Lions mock draft we did last Wednesday. A shotgun of callers (12callers) with my cohost

    @Heroplenty Andy LaFata and Myself @Fredithepizzamn

    website fredithepizzaman.com

    Callers in order every 5 minutes 

    905p Mark Lane @markklane

    910p Jim Obrien @jimintheD on @wcsx 94.7

    915p Casey Cruj

    920p Michael Marcilioni

    925p Rob Ponto of Comcast 930p Rendell Barnes of Dallas TX

     935p Scott Nalu ( My very Smart brother in law)

     940p Brendan Johnson of Maddona college

    945p Jeremy Otto of Maddona College

    950p Anthony Broome of MaizenBrew

    955p Ameya @ameyapil

    10pm Raymond Bennett of Dsports 105.1 

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    Essence of Hip-Hop w/ Hip-Hop Artists Layla Khepri & Zie

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    Tonight, we are proud to talk to two extremely supported hiphop artists who have put in a lot of work to gain the following they have and we show why.

    He's no stranger to the madness that is Da BlackTop Radio as he has graced this show multiple times providing unique opinion and personality that truly depicts why he is in a lane of his own. He is the leader of the EAT movement (Eliminating All Troubles) from Oklahoma City, OK in which he truly where's his home on his back. He has gained mainstream exposure by working with respectable mainstream talent such as the legendary DJ Drama hosting his mixture "EAT Reloaded." His name is Zie (IG/Twitter: @zieokc) and he updates us on his latest moves and grinds musically, personally, and his SXSW experience recently; plus more!

    Our "Fresh Face Artist of the Week" is a rising hip-hop artist with a unique style and brand that is growing respect to her and her craft. She refuses to follow the wave of what's hot and is true to making her own waves. Her name is Layla Khepri (IG/Twitter: @laylakhepri) and she talks with us about her lifestyle, journey, movement, goals, and more to get you on board the bandwagon. 

    Returning back to us is a profound black man and business owner who's geared up each and every last Wednesday of the month to let us know his strong knowledge and opinion in regards to the black community and hip-hop. CEO of nowarningshotsfired.com is "The Truth Minista" Paul Scott (Twitter: @truthminista) is back to fire up yet another sermon to educate and enlighten!