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    Charley Takaya does All Hallow's Eve - Ghosts Ghouls Goblins

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    Charley Takaya does All Hallow's Eve - Ghosts Ghouls Goblins
    Oct 31st
    This will be an event where I will cover some brief history, and accept calls of those pertaining to Ghosts, Ghouls and Goblins
    No Readings since this is only a 30 Min Show

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    HSF: Preparing for the zombie fallout

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    A new show on the Festivals of Fright network, going through the headlines and talking about the latest releases in Horror, SciFi, and Fantasy fiction...

    This week we will wrap up Stephen King's "Revival", talk about the mid-point in Jack Campbell's "The Dragons of Dorcastle", and prepare to kick off the March horror read, Mark Tufo's "Zombie Fallout"

    Tune in, 

    And if you would like to offer feedback or suggest a topic, please visit our Facebook Group and join the discussion.


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    Chance the Darkness -Author -LA Wild

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    In the depths of half-human, half-unknown, twenty-year-old, Summer Keese’s mind, the walls are beginning to crack....


    I must be going mad. When my twin sister dies, my whole life begins to unravel in ways I never could have dreamed. A crazy lady ranting in my head, blood-drinking ghouls, a psychotic cult demanding I channel some powerful objects, dangerous men who want to control me.... Total insanity, right? Except, it’s all real.

    Then I meet him. Black. Tall, handsome, godlike. The man harbors sinister secrets and lives by his own set of rules—rules I can't begin to comprehend. One minute, he seems to want to save me. The next, I swear he's going to bury me six-foot under. Why can't he just tell me what's really going on?

    While searching for my sister's killer in a seedy part of Glasgow, I discover nothing about my life is what it seems. Family secrets, betrayal. Emotions running hot, I make some seriously bad choices. And with the heart of Scotland becoming a paranormal battlefield, I have to wonder.... When did staying alive get so damn hard?

    Contains adult themes

    Chance the Darkness is book 1 in the Dark Series. Chase the Darkness is scheduled for release early 2015

    Genre: Urban fantasy with romantic elements

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    The Kreepy Kastle - Ghoulies and Ghosties

    in Entertainment

    Halloween Jack and Dale Kay host your radio Horror Show of Shows and discuss Ghosts and Ghouls. Call us with your tales to raise our......Spirits!

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    Sylvia Shults joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

    in Books

    Sylvia Shults has been a paranormal investigator for several years. She began her career as a ghost hunter as a result of doing the research for her nonfiction book, Ghosts of the Illinois River (Quixote Press, 2010). Her
    fascination with ghosts dates back to her childhood. She is an avid reader who was raised on Grimm’s Fairy

    A few years ago, Shults was inspired to write a collection of people’s supernatural experiences at the Peoria
    State Hospital in Bartonville, Illinois. This project quickly swelled into Fractured Spirits: Hauntings at the
    Peoria State Hospital. The book incorporates the history of the asylum as well as the many ghost stories that have
    arisen out of the asylum’s abandonment. 

    The book, and Shults’ research, was featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters (“Prescription
    for Fear”, which aired January 30, 2013).

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC. 

    If you like ghosts, ghouls, and grand mansions, check out the first three installments of the serial novel, The Ghosts of Ravencrest: Darker Shadows, by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross. The 4th installment, the novella, Christmas Spirits, is also available.

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    Talking Terror Presents: Vincent Price (The Tingler And House On Haunted Hill)

    in Movies

    Hello Once Again Boils And Ghouls! Do We Have Ever The Treat For You Screamlings Out There! Coming Off The Thanksgiving Break, We Are Fresh And Full Of Fearful Discussions! This Week We Bring To You Films Featuring The One And Only, Vincent Price! We'll Be Discussing "House On Haunted Hill" (1959), Where A Group Of People Are Invited To A Haunted House Party, And Challenged To Survive The Night For $10,000! We'll Follow That Up With The LSD Laced "The Tingler" (1959), Where A Scientist Uses Some Crafty Methods And A Dose Of Liquid, To Prove His Theory Of A "Fear Creature" That Lives Within All Of Us! So Get Your Shock Boxes Ready, Prepare Your Throat For Screams, And Join Us For Some Hair-Raising Thrills! Stay Scared!

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    Samson vs. the Vampire Women

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    Another horror film , the title of which Miss X could not resist, continues your Hallow's Eve season. Tune in to hear more classic horror schlock with your  indefatigable  hostess, the mysterious Miss X.


    Call 646-595-2579 to contribute to the show.



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    Power Points of Victory

    in Self Help

    “The Origin of America’s Halloween” Call in number is 347-237-4648 to listen by phone or speak to the Host. Dr. Johnson explains the origins of the American Festival of Halloween. Why does America start its holiday season with the worship of demons, goblins, ghouls and ghosts?


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    Great Thanksgiving Survival

    in Current Events

    Tune in this Thursday at 9 pm for a very special treat: The Apocalypse Nana Thanksgiving Special, with special guests Scott Baker and Ripley from Spoil the Dead!

    Join Jackie, Rob, and Dom as they talk about Thanksgiving – end of days style! Our hosts will talking about what a post-apocalyptic Thanksgiving dinner entails, some survival tips for holiday disasters, and what you can do to ensure that this Thanksgiving won’t be the last! Do you have a plan for a post-disaster Turkey Day? Call in and let us know!

    The Apocalypse Nana team will also discuss the last six months of the show, and some the highs (and lows) that they’ve been through on the air! We want fans, young and old, to join in the journey down memory lane – our chat room will be open for all guests to discuss their favorite moments!

    Additionally, Jackie, Dom, and Rob will also be discussing the mid-season finale of AMC’s the Walking Dead, and will be joined by Ripley, of SpoilTheDead.com, and Scott Baker, author and regular guest, to discuss the season thus far! We are super excited to have Ripley joining us. Ripley is from the fan site Spoil the Dead (www.spoilthedead.com), a fan site for AMC’s The Walking Dead. Made for fans, by fans, their discussion forum is one of the largest communities for zombie enthusiasts on the internet. Apocalypse Nana show highly recommends the site. Scott Baker is an established writer, author of such works as “The Vampire Hunter” trilogy, “Yeitso”, and “Nazi Ghouls from Space”. Scott is an intelligent and creative person who always brings something special to the show. Don’t forget to call in with any questions or comments about the episode, and be a part of the show!

    It’s The Apocalypse Nana Thanksgiving Special, Thursday night, 9pm on the Prepper Broadcasting Network!

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    Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls - Fears of Self Empowerment

    in Women

    Come near, my pretties, and let me tell you more about how you, too, can safely travel the Road to Self-Empowerment.
    On this day-before-Halloween-episode of the Center for Empowered Women, we're going to discuss some of the things that women fear in their quest to achieve self-empowerment.
    We will chase away the Gremlins, Goblins and Ghouls that frighten you out of your wits and keep you from reaching the heights of empowering yourself to succeed, to reach your goals and to live life on your terms.
    Join Teresa Beeman for 30 minutes of information on how you can become more empowered.
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