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    ANEWDAY PANEL DISCUSSION FROM ST. LOUIS, MO.-What's really going on in Ferguson?

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    1st HOUR - Artistic Sounds of: Common (The People) Raheem DeVaughn (You) El Hajj Malik Shabazz-Malcolm X speaks in LA - 1962)  Jill Scott (Sweet Justice) The Roots (Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around) 

    Producer: William Kareem, Content Producer: Hasan Ali, Associate Producer: Levi Shabazz

    2nd HOUR - Panel Discussion from St. Louis: "What's Really Going On In Ferguson?"  Imam Rauf Muhammad, Eddie Hasan, Jihad Mu'Min, & Brother Ghani:

    3rd HOUR: What's Really Going On in Ferguson, St. Louis - Imam Yusuf Ramadan interviews St. Louis Civil Rights Activist, Anthony Shaheed & Imam Akbar Muhammad.  . 


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    The Jerry Palmer Group of Detroit- Woman Who Dare To Be Themselves

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    CWT4R  again this week will revisit a series that is geared toward the masculine identified lesbian with returning guest Kofi Adoma and the Jerry Palmer Group of Detroit. The conversation will again explore Identity and labels with a twist of social justice movement within the MIL community.The mission of the Jerry Palmer Group is to combine the talents of self-identified masculine lesbians into a cohesive effort to give validation, support and resources to MILs of all ages in the Detroit metropolitan area, as well as across the country where such support is needed. This grassroots self-reliant group specializes in educating the public about the social and cultural experiences of African American MILs and others of color because this is a population often neglected, stigmatized, and rarely highlighted in national discussions about the LGBT community. Since this is a self-help peer support organization, MILs serve as leaders in proactively managing the programs of this collective group. The JPG strives to collaborate and partner with similar groups such as Brooklyn Boihood, Brown Boi Project, Unity Fellowship Church Movement MIL Ministry, and Butch Voices to encourage participation in the intersected social justice movements where women of color are marginalized and disempowered.The show will feature three of the leadership cadre members, Elder Atiba Cohen-the elder of the group, Dr. Kofi Adoma (pronounced doe-MAH)- founding member, and Kunto Mawusi-the youngest in the group. Their aim is to share with you the purpose of the Jerry Palmer Group and how it was founded, the specific goals and target areas, who all is involved, and the importance of having a group like this exist in Detroit and elsewhere. The focus of the conversation will be on empowerment and visibility of MILs of color and ways to rally up their talents and skills to be of service to their communities, to each other, and to themselves. 

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    The mess that is Afghanistan just keeps getting messier. After an audit of votes due to fraudulent ballots in the recent presidential election, both candidates have withdrawn. “Both Mr. Abdullah and Mr. Ghani have claimed victory in June's poll and both have alleged widespread fraud. The two candidates had agreed to form a government of national unity but have so far failed to reach a deal,” reported BBC News. Now both are walking away from the recount process, just days before current Afghan President Karzai is due to step aside September 2nd. 

    BIO: Nasir Shansab was once Afghanistan’s leading industrialist before he was forced to leave the country in 1975. He has periodically returned to that country in the years since the U.S. invasion seeking better opportunities for the Afghan people.

    His Book- http://www.amazon.com/Silent-Trees-A-Novel-Afghanistan/dp/0910155933/ref=sr_sp-atf_title_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1387208239&sr=8-1&keywords=Nasir+Shansab



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    Church of Reality 61: Total Police State

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    Tonight we are joined by Fomer Leadrer of the New Black Panther Party Malik EL-Ghani as well as the Directior of the Free Alabama Movement Melvin 

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    Youth Marketing Academy: 3 keys to innovation

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    Ghani Kunto speaks with Graham Brown about an upcoming book on innovation.
    Topic: innovation, culture, organization

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    October 4, 2012

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    Richard Bell, BS, CSCS, IYCA Certified High School Strength and Conditioning Coach is currently working as a High School Strength Coach in the Evergreen and Lakewood Colorado area. Richard is a highly sought after coach for athletes ages 13 and older from Junior High School to the College ranks.
    Amy Jetel is an international tax and estate-planning attorney in Austin, Texas, with the firm Beckett Tackett & Jetel.
      Timothy  Hald Certified Public Accountant from Austin Texas.He has 37 years of comprehensive tax, accounting and audit experience. Including 27 years as a general practitioner specializing in: IRS Tax Problem Resolution,Individual and Business tax preparation and planning,Audit of small businesses,Advisory services to businesses.He was named in Texas Monthly September 2011 issue as one of Central Texas’ Top Wealth Manager. He writes numerous articles covering varies tax related issues in Austin.His company motto is:MAXIMIZE PROFIT, minimize taxes   Greg Longaker  has 14 years in the consulting and staff augmentation industry, currently Branch Vice President of AETEA Information Technology   Ghani Kunto He is the business head of mobileYouth . Based in the UK, this research advisory firm works with companies such as Nike, Vodafone, and MTV to understand and connect with youth to develop better customer insights, innovation and marketing.  The company was founded in 2001.          

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    ** Malik El Ghani ** NBPP West Coast Regional Chairman

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    Greetings Dear Family,,,    Malik El Ghani is the West Coast Regional Chairman of the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. He is an Activist, Student of the Word of God ,and has a strong tolerance for other people's beliefs. I am happy to have him on the show to share some of things he's working on to help strengthen our communities. He is very busy, working hard to continue making the Day of Action and Unity and building a United Front a reality. He took Atty. Malik Zulu Shabazz on a tour of his city right before the June25th,2011 event. He will tell us about that and what's happening with his current Economic Tour..... WOW ;-) !!!!!!!!  please tune in...

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    LIVE ON AIR @6pm eastern time, BBLM in association with DUB-CITY103 TALK RADIO with your host Malik El-Ghani and co-host Yanga Nkrumah present: the BLACK BERET LIBERATION MOVEMENT/SOUTH..riding shotgun with Activist Michelle Williams of Tampa, Florida; while this Powerful Woman take the driver seat..you do not want to miss this,..our topic will be UNITY IN 2013 and beyond, the black family, Black Nationalism, economics , African centered education, and the list goes on...WE WILL BE IN THE HOT SEAT....call in number 347-677-1837 @6pm est . www.blogtalkradio.com/dubcity103talkradio

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    LIVE FROM ATLANTA..Black Beret Liberation Movement in association with DUB-CITY103 TALK RADIO with your host "Malik El Ghani" and co host "Yanga Nkrumah" present: special guest..DR.ALVEDA KING live on air Monday and Tuesday, Jan 28th &29th ...@ 5pm eastern time, Join us while we interview this powerful woman of God, Civil Rights leader, Activist, business woman, and anti-abortion avocate, ...our topics will be Racist Eugenics , population control, black genocide and community activism and other HOT TOPIC'S........The BBLM will also reveal the "SISTER SANTUARY" Women Shelter Inc. ... Call in number is 347-677-1837  

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    Unity in the Black Communities Part Two

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    BBLM presents: DUB-CITY103 TALK RADIO with your Host Malik El Ghani...we will be broadcasting live direct from the city of ATLANTA GEORGIA, our guest will be Yanga Nkrumah National Chief of Staff and Southern Regional Commander of the Black Beret Liberation Movement, the show topic will be UNITY IN DA BLACK COMMUNITY part 2, this special show will be airing live saturday dec 22nd 2012 @ 6pm standard pacific time, all welcome to tune in, we will be in the HOT seat answering all Question...WE DONT RUN FROM HEAT, ...WE BRING IT....TOO HOT FOR COMMERCIAL RADIO call in number 347-677-1837blogtalkradio.com/blackgenocide..

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    Unity in the Black Communities

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    THE BBLM presents: DUB-CITY103 talk radio with your Host Malik El Ghani.. Our show topic tonight is UNITY IN DA BLACK COMMUNITY"...Special Guest tonight is General T.A.C.O. of the Black Riders Liberation party, Activist Dr.C.Mendenhall, Min. Malik El Ghani, BBLM Min of Information Juan Sanchez, the BBLM Mind Squad and a host of others....TOO HOT FOR COMMERCIAL RADIO. thursday Dec 20th, 2012 @8pm standard pacific time. Call in number 347-6771837 blogtalkradio/blackgenocide.com