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    Kanyackety, Stupor Blowl, Leonard Nimoy, and Offend Everyone in 4 Words

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    On tonight's first consecutive episode since Ghandi and JFK did the Charleston on top of Abe Lincoln's cellular dinosaur railroad, the gang will be getting to all of your questions and comments.

    Just kidding, nobody actually listens to this show.

    But we WILL be touching upon the touchiest of subjects while we touch each other and try really, really hard to touch you.

    In the naughty spot.

    We will also be talking about Kanye West and his fiftieth incoherent meltdown, as well as letting Mick jibber-jabber about how the Superbowl only gave him a quarter-chub.  We'll also loudly bloviate about the sad passing of Leonard Nimoy, and we'll speculate wildly about your mom's box after we play a raucous game of "Offend Everyone in 4 Words".

    Join us, or be relegated to the same irrelevance as the people on this show!

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    MEERA GHANDI~The Giving Back Foundation

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    Meera Ghandi~The Giving Back Foundation
    a wonderful philanthropist who changes the world through her charitable organizations~<3
    Film and book available

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    The World Beyond Belief talks with Ole Dammegard on Liberation

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     The World Beyond Belief talks with Ole Dammegard, one of the foremost conspiracy researchers of our time.   The dialogue encompasses the current global situation, the awakening that is now underway, repositioning us to look at the struggle as one of liberation in the name of love. The game is over and now is the time to encourage all those enrolled in contributing to the dark forces to step up, reveal all they know to expose the hidden masters and join in the higher frequency of light and love in forgiveness. Ole is not only a crack researcher who has identified the cabal's template for false flags, but an author of numerous books, a musician, an artist and a great humanitarian. Please join us for this uplifting inspiring talk. Ole is totally dedicated to revealing the New World Order's agenda including False Flag-operations all over the world. As he says, "It is important for me to point out that I am not here to spread fear by exposing the truth in whatever form it takes. My goal is to prevent the so called Global Elite from turning this beautiful world into a scary, controlled and fearful place. We all deserve so much better - it's time to stop the madness." . The World Beyond Belief is hosted by Paul Marko, Ph.D., author of Belief Magic: Decoding the Belief Matrix. Please visit us at http://pineconeutopia.yolasite.com For more of Ole Dammegard's work please visit: www.lightonconspiracies.com

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    SERVICE: A Humble Gift

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    Next on ‘CLASSROOM DNA with Phyllis Austin’…

    SERVICE:  A Humble Gift

    Have you offered or given a gift expecting a thank you, an acknowledgement or just some appreciation?

    Have you provided a service at no cost and learned that the recipient possibly took advantage you or it?

    Host Phyllis Austin discusses the right mind-set of giving, the reward of giving and what we all must be reminded of about our gift of having the ability to give.

    Sunday: 4 pm CST / 5 pm EST…www.blogtalkradio.com/phyllisaustin

    “Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but greatness, because greatness is determined by service.”  By MLK

    'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.' By Ghandi

    Be humbe in your ability to serve. 'By Donna Hodge'

    Listen, Talk, Learn and Act / Call in 347.855.8603 or Comment in Our Chatroom

    Phyllis Austin:  www.phyllisaustin.com
    The National Parent Education Center:  www.TNPEC.org
    Household DNA Parenting Pyramid:   www.householddnaparentingpyramid.com
    Household DNA:  www.householddna.com

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    Ferguson Moments Call In 646 716 7259

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    The mind of a slave asks - Is it legal ? The mind of a free person asks - Is it Right ? Last night - People's sources of income and homes went up in smoke . Did Justice go up in smoke as well ?  As the sun sets  there are some peaceful and violent demonstrations. But where is the human experience - the realness of the night, the dark of the night. I encourage all that have a voice in this matter to call in and for the history books (so to speak)  speak your mind. This will be downloadable - you can send it to whomever you want.  I am just a voice in the wind of change. We are all shades of humanity meeting to establish a better tomorrow. Speak Up , Be Heard and Take Action.  All calls are heard;all voices hold value. Remember that Ghandi said "A eye for a eye leaves the whole world blind" . Be a visionary; even those that are blind have visions. Call/skype in 646 716 7259.

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--President Eisenhower's Christmas Message broadcast from Space

    Censorship of Assasination depiction in Art--is nothing new--Gussipe Verdi's Opera Un Ballo en Maschera

    originally depicting the Assasination of Swedish King Gustaf the 3rd--Censors objected--Verdi redid the script depicting the assasination of a Governor in Massachusetts

    Bowe Bergdhal US Army desertion case---Was Bergdhal raped by his captors?   Remember T. E. Lawrence--Colo Baird  British Army --his brigade captured in India and sexually humilitated---

    US Navy sailors captured by the Tripolian Pirates---Raped

    Bergdahl will receive a less than honorable US Army discharge---But the public policy question;  Should he receive back pay of an estimated $300,00?

    Update on California Bar Association & the estimated 250 corrupt California Lawyers 

    December 19th--Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)---

    Alois Altzeimer--discover of Altzeimer's disease

    1888 Fritz Reiner--One of the greatest music & Opera Conductor in history
    Assasination of Indian Prime Minster Indira Ghandi



    Dec 19th Births Deaths & Events Relevant to US(a)

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    in Spirituality

    here we talk about faith, what it is and how to use it...

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    Flipping Dreams into Reality with Bob Wheeler

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest Bob Wheeler, when we will discuss Honest Budgeting and Setting Goals: Flipping Dreams Into Reality!

    Bob Wheeler’s personal narrative is:  Be the change you want to see in the world.
    ~ Mahatma Ghandi.

    His crusade for personal growth has cross-pollinated with his accounting practice to birth a new approach to personal finances. From his 25 years of helping clients, Bob has distilled a concoction of warmth, information, motivation and budgeting directive that he offers to anyone with financial concerns. His passion is to help others gain insights about how emotions trigger financial decisions. Combining finances with behaviors, Bob has lifted the numbers off the table and put them into the heart, where he shows they have been all along in his recent book The Money Nerve: Navigating the Emotions of Money. 



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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Pt. Some of the things not well publicized about South Africa

    Racial Role Reversal in South Africa's current Judicial System--Black woman judge presides in a criminal case involving a white south african.   Speculation--If Pistorious were black and the judge white --What would happen if this case occured 50 years ago?

    Mahatma Ghandi started his legal career in South Africa


    Sept 15th--Births-Deaths-Events  relevant to US(a)  John Mitchell Attorney General US  caught up in the Watergate scandal

    Bruno Walter aka Schlesinger  Music Conductor--  audio excerpt

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    The Owners' Manual for the Human Body--HEALTH SOLUTIONS: The Ebola Lies

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    "In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell 

    Our panel consists of very experienced researchers and practitioners in what we know to be real medicine. We have privately & publicly taken the stand to share the truths about mans dis-ease where we can, even when this has proved unpopular or even worse for ourselves or our families. We know – as many millions now do – that the level of deceit promulgated as truth in our time is simply incomprehensible for those who have yet to awaken form a well designed construct that literally has been manipulating and poisoning you from even before your birth.

    Ghandi said,”a lie is a lie, even if everyone believes it to be the truth; just as the truth is the truth, even if everyone believes it to be a lie”.

    As of yesterday the FDA announced it will arrest anyone suggesting that they have natural remedies or cures for Ebola. If ever there was a time to stand stronger on these subjects and know that they fear the others who also have stood strong have reached a greater audience it is now.

    Like the pig and bird flu before them, this so called Pandemic has as many holes and questions they don’t want asked as the Vatican has priests who like boys in all the wrong ways.

    In this show, we will once again share what we know about all viruses and infections, what they truly are and how you can protect yourselves and your loved ones. We will also dispel the germ theory as the plagiarized farce it is and share what we believe is really going on for all to see if they open their eyes.

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    Topically Yours - Actor and Director Michael Green

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    Host Deardra Shuler interviews Michael Green, actor, director, producer and 10 year executive director of the Shades of Truth Theater, located at the Andrew Freedman Home, 1125 Grand Concourse, Bronx, New York, to discuss his new Play "Black Wall Street."  The real life historical event that happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma when the white community declared war on the affluent Black community in 1921, eventually dropping a bomb on Greenwood, Archer and Pine, the Black economic area, destroying all commercialism on this oil rich community of Blacks, Native Americans and Jews.  The first aeriel strike in America was directed against a Black Community.

    As an actor, Michael Green has received critical praise for his ongoing performance as Dr. King in Jeff Stetson’s  “The Meeting,” as Sam in “Blues for an Alabama Sky,” Reverend Ambrose in “A Lesson Before Dying,” “The Blacks,” Michael in “Blues Train” and Moses in “Camp Logan.” He Co-wrote Whistle in Mississippi: The Lynching of Emmett Till with Daniel Carlton and Peace Speaks: The words and Wisdom of King & Ghandi with Christine Melton.

    See http://www.kybproductions.net/shadesoftruth/?ID=2                                                                                             and 

    http://writblog-deardra.blogspot. com/2014/09/functiond-s-id-var-js-fjs-d.html?showComment=1411415736599#c552761979309468121







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