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    Quarantine Radio Interviews Indie Hip Hop Group GFC

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    Quarantine Radio sits down and talk to Indie Hip Hop group from Raleigh, North Carolina. This group blend their creativity with their blue collar hip hop and powerful revolutionary standpoint to the world's media and the state of hip hop the collective GFC ( Gunnz, Frost and Capone). The group assembled after Gunnz and Capone close cousins with a fiery passion for hip hop wanted to collaborate, to create great music that had been missing from the ears of true hip hop lovers, not exactly sure how they were going to accomplish this feet Gunnz reached out to longtime friend and fellow rapper Frost. In recent interviews they discussed how this dream team united. " We knew the concept and what we wanted to do, but we were missing one main element and that was Frost once all three of us connected we knew we had something beautiful" with Gunnz rapping and having a keen ear for music, Frost rapping producing as well engineering and Capone rapping producing and harmonizing with the same love and passion for hip hop. "We knew we had found our missing link." With their soulful samples and mesmerizing lyrical ingenuity this trio paints pictures with their pens that would make Hemingway smile, truly touching on all the basics of real unadulterated hip hop.

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    Reesponding to accusations, Planned Parenthood Protests

    in Christianity

    Today we'll discuss part 3 of our series "Responding To Accusers." How should we respond to accusations even if we haven't done anything wrong? What if we get frustrated? 

    Tonight my 16 year old son hosted his first small group. I'll talk about that and how that makes me feel as a Christian father.



    We'll also discuss Planned Parenthood and a nation wide protest that will be taking place tomorrow, as well as my opinions for a fail proof argument for defunding PP. 



  • Gun control or self control?

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    how to respond to accusers 2 

    Family talk

    Planned parenthood fiasco


    Oregon shootin


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    in Christianity


    3 responses to accusers 

    Family talk

    Obama's pro religious freedom?

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    in Christianity

    Bible talk and current issues from a Christian perspective 


    episodes consist of of bible devotion, family issues, political talk and food!!!


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    Rock Starr of GFC and John Funches of LOD host a breaking episode for the group. 

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    Meet Shepard Exposition Services

    in Education

    Business Credit Radio is proud to introduce Mr. Doug Whittemore, National Sales Manager and Mr. Kevin Bird, V.P. Sales as our featured guest speakers from Shepard Exposition Services. Doug Whittemore is a National Sales Manager from Shepard’s National Sales office in Washington, D.C. With more than 20 years tradeshow experience, Doug is a seasoned tradeshow and convention industry professional. Coming from a second-generation industry family, Doug began his career by working in tradeshow production during the summers while attending high school and college. Doug spent most of his career building a reputation for quality and complete dedication to the customer. Kevin joined Shepard Exposition Services in 2009 from Nielsen Business Media (now Emerald Expositions) where he was Group Show Director for their healthcare portfolio, which included two tradeshow Top 200 events.  Brought in to add to company’s nationally-known consultative approach, Kevin now strategically manages the national sales efforts for Shepard, the nation’s third largest national contractor. Kevin will provide support and oversight as well as strategic planning on Global B2B Finance/Credit Conference & Expo. Exhibit Solutions by Shepard offers:

    Creative (design, graphics, etc.)
    Critical Path Management
    Exhibit Rental/Purchase/Preparation/Storage
    Economies of Scale
    Audio/Visual Solutions
    Print, Interactive Media & Video Solutions
    And More!

    Business Credit Radio is sponsored by the 2016 GFC Conference & Expo at Navy Pier August 29 - September 2 2016.

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    When Your Risks Are Out Of Control

    in Education

    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO is honored to welcome back Mr. Lanny Wingrove, the COO and co-founder of Wingrove Global Risk Management, LLC, in the Chattanooga Tennessee area. He is a certified Project and Risk Management Professional through Project Management Institute and is a trainer, mentor and lecturer. His experience of over 30 years provides a knowledge base encompassing a variety of management topics ranging from:

    •             Project essentials

    •             Team motivation

    •             Communications

    •             Stakeholder management, and

    •             Risk management.

    Lanny was recently interviewed by U.K. project management journal, Project Manager Today on the subject "How Do You Know When Your Risks are OUT of Control?”  That article will be in the May, 2015 issue.

    Discussion Topics:

    •           What is control?

    •           Focus

    •           Product

    •           Team

    •           Communications

    •           Process

    •           Schedule

    BUSINESS CREDIT RADIO is sponsored by the 2016 GFC Conference & Expo.

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    GFC-LOD Radio

    in Entertainment

    The GFC (Grown Folks Corner) and LOD (Leigion Of Diss) is a radio show collaboration of the two the Facebook Groups. Rock Starr will present the GFC awards tonight, do the Tee Jay interview, the Melo vs. Ty and Youngblood feud, and John Funches will bring Boosie/bias/LOD drama. 

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    Counterfeit Copycat groups & Followers Part II: GFC REMIX

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    This is another LOD episode hosted by John FaceCrook Funches, Tee-jay, Wan LOD Wan, and Boosie on the subject of Facebook groups that copy other groups, and how in these rank groups  eople are followers. As of late the Facebook group LOD has been copied and the GFC group has added an additional group titled ‘GFC Seattle’ in hopes to expand their group into a franchise off the ranking fame of Face-crook, Tee-jay and the rest of the original LOD. Topper Hill a LOD co-founder of the original LO3D in an angry response has created a counter knock off LOD group since his ‘Bad Guy’ movement has been a epic fail. His disapproval stems erroneously from the add on of Boosie, but that holds no truth. In reality he is trying to be accepted back into the dLg, AAN, and FTF fold, and to do that he must prove himself by trying to discredit LOD, in Particular FaceCrook. Join us as we discuss this and how followers just go with perpetuated lies to fit in and go with the fallacy of the bandwagon. This will be a two part event. 

  • Free Games with Huge Price Tags

    in Lifestyle

    Bon and The IYC Groovies Talk about the Free Games being given away and the huge budget being spent on them. But, wait a minute. Nothing is free. So, what's the deal?

    "Bon Talk" is back on BlogTalkRadio. That's right, Bon Jon Syn is back; with Bifferson Strangely's Scholarly Rap Readings, Dr. Lovebone's Love Advise, The 420 Music Break, On The Edge Topics and more.

    Coming to you straight out of #TheInglewoodYachtClub it's time for some #RealTalk; It's time for "Bon Talk".

    #BonTalk on #BlogTalkRadio Every Wednesday Night @ 8pm PT. 

    Guest Call In # (718) 664-9206

    (This show contains adult topics, situations and language.)