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    The Right Attitude - The Berserker Bastion

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    The "Right Attitude" that we should have regarding our White Race and what needs to be done was presented by Dr. William Pierce in his broadcasts and books:  "The Turner Diaries" and "Hunter".  Dr. Pierce often expressed his honest opinion whenever he talked about the necesssity of "hanging" and "machine-gunning" traitors and enemies to our White Race and White Nation.  He never agreed with the "jew immigration plan" leading to our destruction and did everything he could to resist while informimg others of the coming danger. 

    Two thousand years ago, when the German Tribes united and massacred the Roman Legions at the Battle of Teutorburg Forrest, that is probably one of the first displays of a "Collective Right Attitude".  When Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP came into power last century, removing the overwhelming influence of jews from German Society, that was definitely the "Right Attitude" to have and another resurgence of those days is much desired.  

    We can see the same "Right Attitude" in the behavior of Joe Horn and others I will mention this evening.  Hate is key for having the Right Attitude - Nurture Your Hate. 


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    No More! - The Might Is Right Power Hour

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    When enough of the awakened Jew-wise Whites say NO MORE to our enemies as well as to our folk within & outside the struggle in EFFECTIVE ruthless ways, then there will be a sustained effort that will snowball. Then it will finally be GAME ON!


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    Victory Is Noble - The Might Is Right Power Hour

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    The 14 Words at ANY price & by ANY means required is right, moral & noble. Failure to do whatever it takes to achieve victory is perverse, immoral, wrong, & certainly NOT noble or Aryan. Might IS right! Victory is the true Aryan way. 


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    Getting It Right! The Mid-Term Elections!

    in Politics Conservative

    In my opinion...THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTIONS OF OUR LIFETIME!  So it is very important that we get this right!  Local elections, state election and national elections!  It is not just important to win the U.S. Senate...we MUST win local and stae elections also.  Time to get this country BACK on track!  And also we will be getting a "Health Update" with the GREAT Sue from New Mexico ( @freedomlight_ ).  So join @gskirocks and @airwavesamerica tonight at 9pm Eastern!

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    Do the Right Thing ~ Right!

    in Business

    This week’s show will have another guest who will talk about an ethical dilemma that he faced.  Our guest will be Liam Naden.

    After ending up in court with two ex wives at the same time and losing everything he owned due to a "bad" marriage, Liam Naden came to realize that nothing will have more of an impact on the quality of your life than your marriage or intimate relationship.

    Liam now shares his discoveries on what (and what not) to do to create the ideal marriage - and what you must do if things are going wrong.

    Liam is the author of 28 Kindle books (including 7 #1 best sellers, such as "How to Save Your Marriage - When Your Spouse Doesn't Want To" and "The Sexless Marriage Cure"), host of the Growing in Love for Life podcast and creator of several online marriage programs. His main focus is on helping couples and individuals rescue their marriage from the brink of divorce.

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    Sunday Open Lines 29 - The Might Is Right Network

    in Politics

    Sunday Open Lines is your opportunity to call in &  speak your mind.  This time we discuss the idea that racially aware Whites locate near others that are like minded. The Northwest in general is discussed & specifically the PLE in Kalispell MT.


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    How Distrust and Mistrust Stops Intimacy

    in Motivation

    Intimacy conjures ideas of a private cozy atmosphere and is defined as an affinity for; a rapport,affection and confidence in an interaction.  Empathy, understanding, and compassion are at the heart of intimacy. Researchers are beginning of understand the relationship of depression among people due to the absence of intimacy in their lives. The need to feel part of a bonded community is universal; a desire for “ being at home” emotionally. This is reflected in a common Southern congenial expression, “Make yourself at home”.

    Current expectations in relationships are conditioned by previous experiences. Often we are expecting something in a relationship and not realizing this until  we are not getting it. Relationships can be sabotaged by hidden expectations and lingering disappointments. Emotional memory exists outside of time. We must be  aware of our own expectations (and how they are affected by our history) for there to be hope of developing intimate relationships Distrust is  a feeling that someone or something is not honest and cannot be trusted and is regarded with suspicion thereby eliminating confidence in the success of new circumstances.  

    Mistrust is a general sense of unease toward someone or something not necessarily based on experience but on instinctive. Mistrust can evoke “Mind Reading”  which is often related to a past disappointing relationship experience. We tend to expect what we previously had the opportunity to learn; we make assumptions based on our history. Then an action in the present, that is similar to a previous experience, triggers an intense negative explosive emotional reaction.

    It is imperative to learn how to change the hidden expectations that work to distort a relationship, because we transfer hidden expectations from our history to present day. 

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    Do the Right Thing ~ Right

    in Business

    This show will feature another guest who talks about an ethical dilemma they faced and how they resovled it.

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    Ways To Awakening Your Genius

    in Motivation

    Did you ever daydream? I guess I should explain “daydreaming” to some of you if you have never heard the term. "Daydreaming" is like pretending, not in action but through thinking. It is thinking of something desired and making it as real as possible, feeling joy and a sense of accomplishment. Long before electronic gadgetry and “virtual” imaging games, the brain created virtual tours for imaginative individuals: children could fly and become fast running horses.

     There is research evidence that imaginative people are more intelligent than those who are not. I recently read a story where Albert Einstein was asked “how can I become as smart as you?” and his answer was “read fairy tales”.  When asked “how can I become smarter than you; he answered “read more fairy tales”. Well the inquirer was frustrated by such answers and thought disparaging thoughts. But I understand!

    Fairy tales invite the reader to enter a make-believe world and entertain unusual thoughts. Such thinking stimulates different parts of the brain than routine activities. When the brain is stimulated, like a body-builder “working” his muscles, so does fantasy exercise the brain to expande it.To develop genius, the brain must be exercised.

    There are a number of companies that are cashing in on this concept and selling subscriptions to “thinking” activities. It is good to know that everyone can improve his/her brain by setting aside time to daydream and ponders abstract concepts. It is important to engage children in “What if” games to get them thinking about less concrete things. Childhood should have wonderment and make-believe and their brains should be stimulated to grow. Imagination is the incubator for genius.

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    Right vs. Wrong: old programming getting in the way

    in Finance

    Hey peeps!  Were starting the week off with a topic which stirs the pot of society.  Right vs. Wrong debate: Are we getting caught up in the verbage when creating a new world and a new economy?  We're tackling C.W.G. book 1, again and my interpretation of the debate...      

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    The Law - The Might Is Right Power Hour

    in Politics

    A special spur of the moment podcast covering the revolutionary White law of the future & miscellaneous items. 


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