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    New Battles: Daylyt Vs Big T? Getting Chipped for Work & What Schools Get Dough

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    This weeks Show: Cabé, Den Tut Re, & Saqar Hosting!

    People getting Chipped http://www.myfoxorlando.com/story/28224156/no-more-id-cards

    Rewarding Schools that perform well: http://www.myfoxorlando.com/story/28214009/millions-in-performances-bonuses-handed-out-to-florida-schools

    Daylyt Vs Big T may take place who would win?


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    Saving Families and Getting Families Saved: Special Guest Carlos Johnson

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    Minister Carlos Johnson initially answered his call to ministry in 1991 by working with the youth at Oak Grove AME Church under the guidance and training of Bishop Gregory Ingram. As he grew to develop an even greater hunger for learning and understanding the ways of God he was later led to pursue further study and training under the leadership of Pastor Emory Moss at Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministry.

    Later in 2005 he was officially ordained by Pastor Christopher Brooks at Evangel Ministries as Director of the Family and the Master’s Men ministry. A ministry set on restoring and reviving the blue print and role of men in the family.

    As he grew closer to God, he was empowered and inspired to minister to families in a greater way so:

    he created the family curriculum titled God’s Prosperous Family
    finished his second book titled “The Pains & Joys of Raising Boys"
    and launched his family ministry- Back-2-The Family Ministries whose mission is:
    Saving Families and Getting Families Saved.

    He is a faithfully dedicated husband and father, a good steward to his church as well as the people of God he serves. As he continues the fight for restoration and renewal in families, he believes with a passion:

    The strength and weakness of any organization,
    be it corporation, community, church or country
    is directly related to the strengths and weaknesses
    of the families that belong to it.

    So as God leads him he’ll continue his mission of

    Saving Families and Getting Families Saved!

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    The Voice of Hope: Children's Show - The Letter "M"

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    Welcome to "The Voice of Hope." Our program is designed to help Mandarin speakers learn to speak English. It's also a great way to learn Mandarin if you are an English speaker. These children's programs will help your children excel in English and improve their chances of school success. The programs are written, produced, and translated by certified American teachers. Take advantage of this FREE educational help for your children or yourself. Phonics and stories are a part of our curriculum. Join us today to learn the letter "M."

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    High Power Mainline Call In -Every 1st Getting Through Thursday of the month

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    Getting Through Thursday 2015 every 1st Thursday High Power Mainline Call In

    The Homecoming Celebration remember KENNY MINOR

    John Wannamaker-Deacon In Training and Founder at New Leaf Alliance Foundation, Inc.

    Let Your Power Fall






    and Pray together

    The Universal request prayer call in and ask for what you need.

    Always remembering the inspiration of Clarence Aaron and his loving family and friends.  So we pass it onto the other who are incarcerated and seek commutation, clemency, pardon, reductions or reconsiderations.  WE ALL WANT 2ND CHANCES from time to time. 

    Let only God be the judge


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    The Quest for the Historical Jesus-Can Judaism Help Clear a Picture of Messiah

    in Spirituality

    Through the last 2,000 years, Jesus has undergone a transition from a Jewish Rabbi gathering disciples and teaching life ethics and morals within the framework of Torah Observance to a American Jesus hell-bent on American prosperity.  Join Rabbi Hilbrant and David Fournier in a 45 minute journey through the historical and scriptural look at Jesus: 1st Century Reality.

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    ObamaCare - The Big Topic of the Day

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    The topic of the day is ObamaCare! I am with my guest speaker, Connie, as she shares her inspiring story of how President Barack Obama's healthcare reform helped her to receive medicine for a serious illness she is facing. Without ObamaCare, she says that getting the medicine would not be possible for her. Listen to her testominial and then YOU can decide (or have more information to make a decision) once and for all if ObamaCare (Obama Care) is good for America or not.

    * Episode Features*

    - A real testominial (honest and not a "paid" review of any kind) from guest speaker, Connie, about how ObamaCare is allowing her to get medicine that she otherwise could not obtain.

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    Getting More Spiritual and Answering Psychic Questions

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    Many people are spiritually awakening.  As you become more spiritual you will not hate or fear.  You will also want to help others. With this comes great gifts.  You will become more gifted in reading, more psychic in general.  You will get spiritual discernment and will be warned about calamities. 

    You will notice a whole difference in your life and will attract other spiritual people to you. This will help you in your relationships. People will want to be around you. 

    I will also take your psychic questions. 

    If you want a detailed reading by phone or by email contact me at http://www.Kasamba.com/psychic/mia0899cs


    Love and Light, 


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    Heading into March with MADNESS! The phone lines are clear this week for your voices to be heard!  Be one with the PUB*CRAWL.  Call the guest line and give us your take of this months big tourney.  Find out what our Beer and Cocktail of the Week. Catch up on all the latest NFL, NBA hot topics, help us answer the age old question who has the best uniforms in the MLB?!  And much,much more! Thursday 9pm PST


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    Avoid the Snares and Missteps of Life ! Exhale My Friend!

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    I looked on each side me and no one would help! Lovingkindness rest on me! :)

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    Kemetic, Genetic, Natural Eating

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    This Thursday show we will be interviewing Brother Chris Johnson, who is a raw food chef from Sacramento, Ca. who learned his trade in Atlanta, Ga. he has a detox program that will help the melanin body function efficiently he will explain to us the benefit of a raw food and share with us his journey on becoming a raw foodist. 

    Guest call us at 347 925 9705  

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    Lupus Awareness Night on GRINDHARD RADIO

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    GrindHard Radio Hosted by: Virginia "Supernova" Slim & Jit Chronicles with Co-hosts Cata Mafioso, JustKP, CgDaPrince, and Young Nah. Join us for a special episode as we help raise awareness for "Lupus" and talk prevention and treatment. To join the discussion Call-in n@ 323-693-3043 and press "1" to stream live with the panel of hosts.

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