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    Windows to Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Join your hostess Psychic/Medium Kathleen Avino for a little chat, a little sharing and as always your questions answered as time allows. Please be short and direct with your question to allow for more people to have the opportunity to have their's answered. To schedule a full reading please visit www.kathleenavino.com 


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    Card Readings - Pop UP readings for right NOW!

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    Pop UP Readings!

    Yes..  call in for an on air reading.

    Seeking some spiritual guidance right about now?

    Has the spring started wtihout you?

    Are you lanching into something new and looking for clairty with this?

    Call in and join the que.  

    OR post in the chat room below on Blog Talk Radio.

    We will be offering readings, guidance and looking at what's going on in the cosmos!

    We've just left a powerful super New Moon.  Ask for guidance on how you can align with this energy.

    Empower your spirit to stand strong as you allow yourself to be guided forward.

    PS.. while you are reading this.. go ahead and hit the follow button! 





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    The Spirit of Numbers

    in Spirituality

    In this episode of Catch Your Spirit we will look at the art and science of Numerology.

    We will look at how our birth date and birth name hold vibration that can take us further into our spirit.

    My featured guest is Marie Baran. 

    Marie has been practicing Numerology for the last 35 years, through consulting and writing her blog has helped others in understanding their life’s purpose and taking steps in the right direction to find their own paths of self- discovery. Marie Baran resides in Douglaston, New York.

    Contact her at: 




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    Get Answers to Life's Questions about Spirit with Barbara Grace Reynolds

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    Are you ready to change your life?  Are you looking for answers that will help you to consciously create what you desire?  Then call in and ask!   You can send any questions you have to barbara.healing@gmail.com at least 4 hours before the show, your question and the answer will be revealed on the show.  Or you can call in at 646-716-5045 and ask the question live.  Barbara Grace provides answers that will always be for your highest good. She also does Infinity Healing to assist you in releasing your issuses so that you can move on with your life.  This is your chance to change your life!  Join her in this incredible energy and love.  This is for you! 

    Barbara Grace is a Freedom and Empowerment Coach, Infinity Healer, Conscious Channel and, Teacher, who assists others in transforming their lives. Barbara Grace also provides a one time only free 20 minute Discovery session so that you can have more clarity in your life.  Just go to her scheduler and book a session:  https://10to8.com/book/barbara-grace-reynolds/  To learn more visit Barbara's websites at:  www.divinelyguidedhealing.com, www.infinityhealingforwomen, www.divinelyguidedinfinityhealing.net

    If you feel that this show and the work that I do has benefited you and you would like to have an energy exchange then feel free to go to my website: http://www.divinelyguidedhealing.com/donations.html and make a donation.  This is just another way for you to bring balance into your life.  You are loved and appreciated

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    How Mantras Awaken the Spirit for Deep Cleansing

    in Spirituality

    My guest this week on Catch Your Spirit is Melissa  Beasley of Love Essential Skin Care.  Melissa is a natural skincare formulator, business owner, and mother of two. She began formulating skincare products for her son’s sensitive skin issues. After receiving requests for products from friends and family she eventually expanded her product line and launched Love-Essential Skin Care. 

    Melissa uses her background in biochemistry and her love for natural health to create products that are highly effective, completely natural, and wonderfully luxurious. 

    Melissa’s mission is to change the way we approach skincare by encouraging an attitude of love and appreciation for the wonder of the human body.

    Most recently, Melissa has been fascinated with learning the connections between the physical and spiritual bodies.  She has noticed that toxic thoughts affect not only our bodies but also our Spirit.

    Our words and thoughts can have both a physical and spiritual affect on us. These two layers of the body are intertwined and dance together for our overall health.

    By using a mantra,  a word or phrase that carries a positive meaning, the spirit empowers the body. Some of her mantras include "my worth is not tied to how clear my complexion is today", "the human body is an amazing miracle, my body is an amazing miracle and it is beautiful. I choose to see past the small flaws I don't like and recognize the wonder of beauty of who I am." "Love is always beautiful."





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    Get Your Glow On

    in Lifestyle

    Jessie May's 'Sunny Side Up' Podcast is a Global Sensation in its 4th year ~ Reaching and igniting hearts all over the world with her warm, signature voice and infectious energy, Jessie May freely shares her fierce wisdom with an inspiring palette of powerful themes ~  all centered in the heart of our human experience. 

    With show titles ranging from: “What We Fear is What We Desire”, “The Nature of Love,” “Trust Grows from the Inside Out”, “Where Focus Goes, Creation Flows”, “Surrender Is the Bridge”, “The Way We Walk”, “Staying Soft in the Heart of Pain”, “The Power of Your Presence” ~ Jessie May covers topics ranging from relationships, living in the moment, connection, intimacy, communication, creativity, wellness, freedom, trust and more. With each show she unleashes the potential for living a heart-powered life ~ offering listeners valuable tools and inspiration to integrate and transform their lives.

    As part of her growing global community, she regularly welcomes luminary guests whom she effortlessly engages in great convo and deep, stimulating inquiry, laughter and insight ~ creating stimulating discussion and food for thought! 

    Her roster of guests have included pioneering brave hearts and innovators, from celebrated authors and spiritual leaders like Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, don Miguel Ruiz to local visionaries from far and wide!

    Sure to light up your week, tune into Jessie May's bright energy and ignite your heart with your regular dose of Sunny Side Up!!!

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    Spirit Doula Radio..... FREE Spirit Readings!!!!

    in Spirituality

    Please join me, Harmony Green; Spirit Doula as I touch base and tell you all about what's going on at http://spiritdoula.net/. Joining me will be Trisha, a Crying for a Dream client who has known great growth in her life through participating in this experience. http://spiritdoula.net/crying-for-a-dream/

    Through out the show I will also be reading for you!

    Please join us.


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    Windows to Your Spirit

    in Spirituality

    Spring has sprung! Join your hostess Psychic/Medium Kathleen Avino for unbridled conversation and as always readings as time allows. 

    To schedule your full reading visit kathleenavino.com 

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    How can the Tarot Empower the Spirit? Call in for a reading and find out.

    in Spirituality

    Join us on Catch Your Spirit this week to look at how the energy of the Tarot can empower the Spirit.

    My featured guest, is a Spiritual Healer & Creator of the Healing Tarot Deck, Jennifer Elizabeth Moore.

    She brings over 35 years of experience using the Tarot as a tool for healing and self discovery. In her practice Jen supports highly sensitive, empathic women to protect themselves emotionally and to master their intuition. Jen guides people to break through fear and claim their magic so they can seize opportunities for success, wealth and joy while making greater impact sharing their unique gifts with this world.  

    The Tarot in all it's divination, can help us uncover deep, buried bits of information. By bringing them into the open, healing can occur.  It's all about energy!

    Join Jennifer's virtual party! She would LOVE you to sign up for her Mailing List

    Modern Medicine Lady Jennifer Moore supports independent courageous women (and some exceptional men) to release issues from the past and overcome personal obstacles so they can learn to recognize their inner wisdom and exploit opportunities for greater success, wealth & joy. 






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    Unlock Your Hidden (Feminine) Power To Bring Balance To an Overly Chaotic World

    in Spirituality

    Are You Highly Sensitive, Creative and Empathic or Feel Out of Place?

    You May Be an Indigo Adult In Need of Spiritual Healing To Embrace Your Divine Difference!Why do some people feel disempowered and disconnected in a world they deem utterly absurd?

    My guest this week on Catch Your Spirit is Yol Swan.

    Yol Swan is spiritual counselor and coach.  She kept asking herself through more than 30 years exploring the psychological and spiritual aspects of the mind.

    In her new book, The Indigo Journals: Spiritual Healing For Indigo Adults & Other Feminine Souls, she shares her story and practical system of spiritual healing with a variety of tools to help the sensitive, empathic soul types who feel hurt and out of place, yearning for emotional freedom and a sense of purpose.

    CONTACT: http://soulguidedcoach.com/

    @SoulGuidedCoach on Twitter



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    Get it off your chest Monday

    in Entertainment

    Are you ready to get it off your chest?  Come hangout in the playhouse with the crew, and let it all go.  No topic is off limits.  If you need to vent, this is your chance to release all the pressure of the day.  No one does it like this.  Ain't no rules, or limits to the madness.  This is where the grown & sexxxy play.