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    How To Get Out of Debt

    in Finance

    It takes just a dime of every dollar you bring home.  You use 10% of your take home pay to pre-pay your debt.
    The result?  Total debt freedom (including mortgages) in 5 to 7 yrs. on average.  Discipline is going to get you there.  It's simple math.  
    You can't borrow your way out of debt.  

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    How to get out of Self-Debt

    in Health

    Jan Podris is our guest speaker and is going to be discussing the difference of investment of self and self-debt. 

    Many of us are spending all our physical recources quickly and without thought of what it is doing to us long term.  We want to get to the bottom of the emotions that are attached to creating this kind of self-debt. 

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    How 1 Dreamer Dumped $47,000 in Student Loan Debt

    in Finance

    Amanda Paige is free from $47,000 in student loan debt. She overcame under-earning and knocked out a 5-figure debt total in just over one year. - 14 months. Amanda shared her journey through bankruptcy and financial set backs to regroup and implement a plan to be debt free.


    Your journey may not look like Amanda's because it's not supposed to. Draw inspiration from her story and figure out what resources you can exploit to accomplish your dream.

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    Get Out of Obscurity! Why Being Popular Feeds Your Bottom Line.

    in Christianity

    Popular kids, athletes, and members - we all know them. Even though popular people may not be identified as 'celebrities', they are, and they have fans who subconsciously follow them.  These people have fast credibility and strong influence. Big companies look out for these people and soon you see them being given freebies so they wear a certain thing, drink a certain thing, or get invited to certain places because these companies are anticipating that their 'fans' will follow, and we do.

    I love my solitude, I tended to shy away from crowds, and most of all - I perferred to be 'behind the scenes'.  However, this is the recipe for obscurity and obscurity will not help me accomplish my goals, nor get this urgent message of Profitable Stewardship out to those who need to hear it.

    Getting out of obscurity is the best way to ensure FAST SUCCESS!  It is the 10X formula for getting your desired outcome much, much faster.

    This is why Donald Trump - like him or hate him, has so much free publicity,  His Presidential campaign has cost significantly less than all the other candidates because almost everything he does is considered 'newsworthy' and those who love him, but even more so - those who hate him, are all talking about him.

    Get out of obscurity.  People do business with people.  Companies are built on the reputations of their leaders, and eventually, you will lend some of your credibility and popularity to the thing or message you want shared, but it all starts with you.

    Join me as I share some of the strategies I am using to get out of obscurity and increase my online and offline reputation so more people hear the message that Profitable Stewardship creates debt-free wealth.


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    Getting out of debt by T. Key: Financial Management Basics

    in Finance

    How would it feel to get a raise without getting a raise?  Do you want to discover financial freedom?  What are you willing to do to be free?  What price are you willing to pay for financial freedom? We will discuss the root of the enormous debt we are drowing in?  Discuss strateiges to overcome debt, techniques to save money, increase your income.  To bring awareness to subtle spending that affects our bottom line.

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    Holding Out So They Won't Get Tired Of It. Daily Gogetemism #581

    in Lifestyle

    Men and women do this foolishness. They really think that the way to control and preserve a good situation is to hold out on sex or love because they think that the object of their affection will grow tired of them as if they a chicken dinner or something. 

    Insecurity is a mutha.

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    Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Attitude

    in Health

    Good morning and welcome to Get Healthy Now with Denise Thomson, Founder and CEO of Miclknight. I am an Educator, Author, Speaker, Nurse, Fitness Trainer and very passionate about healthy living.
    Follow me on my journey: meeting, yesterday at 11 AM; on time, doors closed, checked invite, 11:30 AM. Now what? First, I felt frustrated, waisted 30 min, two deep breaths, sat on the bench, used time wisely.
    What would you do in this situation?
    How would you react?
    How would it affect you Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically and Mentally?
    Just thinking about it, do you feel a shift in your body and your mind?
    Now what are your options:
    frett over it, get angry, frustrated, walk away, wait patiently and use the time efficiently, get some work done, take notes..
    This is how this BTR came about, as this exact episode happened to me yesterday. I was at the destination on time only to find out that the Restaurant did not open for another 30 min. 
    Used time efficiently, writing my BTR and lovely conversation with guests. I felt that big shift within me from frustration to peace, serenity.
    We can quite often change the outcome just by accepting it, taking a deep breath, and thinking positive, doing sth that soothes us and we feel good about getting it done. It's like getting twice as much accomplished than first intended. What a great feeling.
    Free Gift:  https://www.pinterest.com/explore/serenity-prayer/  

    Be Happy, Healthy Blessed and Stay Empowered!


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    Get The Junk Out Of Your Marketing To Boost Sales

    in Self Help

    Beyonce debuted a new single, sang during halftime at the Super Bowl, announced the world tour and introduced a new product line in the same weekend, do you have a marketing plan in place? Join me and Marcel Johnson, PR and Marketing Expert as she provides strategies to get the junk out your marketing to boost your sales.

    Marcel Johnson’s firm Silent Liaison PR is an award-winning boutique public relations firm that assists new, emerging and aspiring entrepreneurs in finding their voice, articulating their message, and amplifying it to their audiences through the use of branding, public relations and social networking.

    They also get you behind the headlines! With their proven ability, experience and network, they package your company, product or service for media success!

    Their reputation is one of excellence in service and they maintain that by working very closely with their clients in every step of the PR, branding and development process.

    Their services include branding through public relations; start-up business development; media relations; photo Ops; radio, television and news interview Ops; event planning; and much more.

    Want a FREE audio book? Go to Audible.com and you can get one. Listen to today’s podcast to find out which book I recommend for you. 

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    Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Motivation

    Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show!

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    Episode 191 - Open Discussion and Q&A (05/03/16)

    in Education

    Open Discussion and Q&A regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted calls, credit card debt, and foreclosure related issues. Call in and feel free to ask any questions about your specific situation(s).

    Become a member to have access to our entire library of related information, along with access to the moderators via the members forum and live members only webinars. Go to http://www.whatliesinyourdebt.com and "Join Now"!

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    Get Moxie! The Lifestyle Talk Show

    in Motivation

    Join our candid conversation every Wednesday night at 9pm right here on blog talk radio or watch our live broadcast on Facebook live on the "Get Moxie" page.

    Check out our website for more information: wwwmthemoxielifecenter.com