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    "Get It Together Girl"

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    Use what you have to get what you want is the concept of this show.  Making sure you get it together is the goal.  Ladies stop procrastinating and tune in to the show.  Soy and radio host Karyn Beach talk about time management and the importance of getting organized.  The tools shared in this show is definitely for any woman that can spare 15 minutes a day to getting their lives together.  Guest: Karyn Beach.  Free webinar here  http://www.getittogethergirlmedia.com/ggdownload.html.  

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    Here We Go!

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    The first episode of Get It Together Girl Radio will set the tone for what promises to be an informative and entertaining weekly hour of radio. For the inaugural show, host Karyn Beach will share her story from teenage tragedy to an adulthood filled with an assortment of experiences from writing a short film to winning big on a national game show. All the while, Karyn grappled with personal disappointments and what she calls The Cavalcade of Clowns - an assortment of one-date wonders and less than spectacular boyfriends.

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    Fierce, Fabulous, Funny ... Lucas Corvatta!

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    Feisty, fierce, fabulous and funny, Lucas CorVatta is an out and proud comedian. In this special episode of Get It Together Girl Radio, Lucas and I continue the discussion we started several weeks ago. Tune in while we discuss coming out, combatting bullying, a career in comedy and overcoming setbacks with style and panache!

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    Find Your Mojo and Get It Together (Subconsciously)

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    Love can find you at any age. But, the older you are, sometimes, the harder it is for love to track you down. Leonardo Bustos has helped thousands of Baby Boomers find love and find it quickly. Even if you're a pretty young thing with a line of suitors around the block, you've got a mother, aunt or friend who can use Leo’s help.

    Host of Magnificent Time, Cloris Kylie, helps women get their lives together. A true Get It Together Girl, Cloris helps women make lasting change in their lives one step at a time. We want to focus on getting your subconscious together. So many times our minds work against us and we don't even know it! We'll discuss how to get your mind in line with your goals and desires.

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    Mastering Your Mind and Training Your Brain

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    Dana Wilde is the author of Train Your Brain: How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Record Time. In it, she explains how to cultivate a success mindset. She’ll discuss breaking the Cycle of Perpetual Sameness and stimulating the brain for personal and professional achievement.

    Dr. John McGrail is a hypnotherapist, self-improvement expert, spiritual teacher and author of The Synthesis Effect: Your Direct Path to Personal Power and Transformation.  With the synthesis process, John is dedicated to helping people create health, wellness, personal change and growth both quickly and profoundly.

    Want to get out of  your rut and get out of your comfort zone, listen in!

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    Don’t Just Sit There … Do Something!

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    Amber Koonce didn’t just spend her time in college partying. She became an advocate for people who needed a voice. She has spoken up for minority and elderly residents against gentrification. She was the youngest person appointed by the governor to serve of the North Carolina Council for Women. She has worked with incarcerated youths and helped integrate schools. She is also the founder and executive director of BeautyGap, a non-profit organization that distributes dolls of color to girls of color internationally. (www.beautygap.org/)

    Maxwell Ivey is a pretty accomplished guy. He’s a business owner, blogger, some time podcaster, lost over 250 pounds and he’s just published his first book. He’s also totally blind. His ebook is all about helping people to move forward and he’s included 11 powerful exercises to get them to do just that. He also encourages his readers to email him and let him know how he’s progressing. (theblindblogger.net/)

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    Passion – Working It Out and Working Your Way Up

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    Love is romantic, no doubt but sometimes we feel a strong love for something other than a partner. On this show, we will explore a new way to kindle the romantic fires and a way to build a profitable fire under your business … which any business owner will tell you is a labor of love!

    It is always a good idea to work on your romantic relationship. Yet, we also know that we need to work on our health and well-being as well. Montique Stephons of Zenity Fitness (www.zenityfitness.com) combines both. Her workout regime for couples helps physical and romantic fitness. After all the couple who sweats together at the gym, will often sweat more together under the sheets!

    Melissa Krivachek (www.briellaarion.com/)has a passion for helping other business owners develop their passions … and increase their profits.  Her clients have seen a dramatic growth in their bottom line. She’s a coach, best-selling author and speaker and she’ll be sharing some advice on how to build a grow your business. In a climate where so many business don’t make enough revenue to sustain themselves, Melissa’s tips and advice are essential for anyone serious about getting down to business about their business!

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    KEI Radio interviews Karyn Beach "Get It Together Girl"

    in Christianity

    Kingdom Empowerment, Inc Radio Host - Donna Ghanney interviews Karyn Beach on February 24, 2015 at 6:00 PM.

    Short Bio Karyn Beach

    Karyn Beach started Get It Together Girl! to help women of all ages realize that you can live life on your terms and you can attain your definition of happiness and success; you just have to be willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a chance. She is a game show winner, produced screenwriter, self-published author and have traveled internationally as well.

    Her concept is simple: Start where you are. Use what you have. And, you can get what you want.

    Learn more about Karyn Beach here: 

    Social Media Community

    The Get It Together Girl blog is updated every Monday and Wednesday with guest profiles and provocative and thought-provoking posts. Yet the social media imprint goes beyond the blog. The Facebook Fan page is updated daily with humorous and motivational messages that reflect the personality of the brand. You can also find us on Twitter. Comments, likes and retweets are always welcomed and encouraged.




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    Do You Have a Story To Tell? Want to Know How to Tell It?

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    Lucas CorVatta is out and open, loud and proud. He wears a number of fabulous hats as comedian, actor, writer and motivational speaker. As a suicide-awareness, anti-bully and equal rights advocate, Lucas is passionate about bringing awareness to individuals whether young or old, gay or straight. He is a man who lives his motto: Life is a journey. Experience it! He'll be sharing stories from his journey and what he is doing to make the journey of others a little better.

    Chris Kennedy is a best-selling science fiction author. Like many authors, he is successful and self-published. He stops by to discuss his latest book, Self-Publishing for Profit: How to Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Into the Stores. Writing the Great American Novel is the secret dream of many people and with the advent of self-publishing it is a dream that is more accessible than ever. 

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    Healthy Goals and Healthy Habits

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    Whether it is losing weight, eating more nutritiously or starting and sticking to an exercise regime, many people start the year with a health related goal. Tonight's show will give you some help in reaching those goals.

    Da'Lia Starkey is a sought-after health and nutrition expert. She specializes in helping obsese children and teenagers as well as adults facing a variety of health risks. As the Assistant Director and Recreational Leader for the City of Philadelphia's Parks and Recreation department, Da'Lia develops and implements after-school programs that get students moving and get them healthy! As a dance instructor, she also works with her clients to not only understand the importance of moving but to enjoy it as well.

    Zaheen Nanji (http://www.zaheennanji.com) is a speaker, coach and the author of Attract Your Ideal Weight. In her book, she reveals the eight secrets to attacting the right weight for you. Zaheen says it is time to stop the struggle with weight and to put an end to the negative mind chatter that makes weight loss that much more difficult. It's time to not only look good but to feel good too. And you don't have to weight until you lose weight to feel great!

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    New Year, New You ... Let's Make It Happen!

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    You know the saying, “New Year, New You”, well let’s make it more than a saying this year! Let’s make it happen!

    Chris Alexandria’s misson is to empower people around the world to live life on their terms (http://www.angelchatter.com/). She’s turned the concept of ‘affirmations’ on its head with the development of what she calls Askfirmations – taking the commonly used positive statements and mantras and turning them into positive, present-tense questions. Making it easier to get the very things you desire most. She’ll explain the concept of askfirmations and how we can use them to make this year our best year yet!

    Next up Dr. Todd Nelson (http://www.tolwellness.com/), an expert in holistic medicine, will share some natural alternatives to many common problems. He has helped his patients find natural solutions to ailments like hormonal issues, PMS, menopause, anxiety, depression, insomnia and digestive problems. He’ll share some self-care strategies with food, supplements, herbs and cleansing that you can begin using immediately to make some positive changes in your health and mood.

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