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    How to Get a Job in Today's Employment Market

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    Guset:Gorhetti Heinz will cover 10 stragetic points for getting that job!

    1.    Job search

    2.    Preparation for interview

    3.    Complete reference checks

    4.    Background checks

    5.    Employment verification

    6.    Relevant skills

    7.    Resume

    8.    Online application/Job Boards

    9.    Recruiting firms

    10. Networking


    Bio: Founder and CEO of Zemployee, Inc., a software company that automates the reference checking process. I bring 17 years experience in the staffing and recruiting industry to my role. I am actively involved as a Board Member of HERS Breast Cancer Foundation., and currently chairing the event People with Purpose to be held in April 2016. I enjoy helping people and motivating them to be their best, both personally and professionally.

    Gorhetti's mission:is to help a million people get hired by using her app

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    The New Employment Reality - How to Get the Job

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    June 18, 2015 - LIVING A RICHER LIFE ~ Life Changing Talk Radio

    THEME: The New Employment Reality - How to Get the Job

    INTERVIEW GUEST: Beverly A. Williams

    Beverly A. Williams is an attorney, author, legal consultant, and lecturer. Beverly specializes in employment and labor law issues. She teaches seminars in Rutgers University’s School of Management & Labor Relations and Center for Management Development. Beverly is the author of Get the Job • Done, an employment advice book for people of all ages particularly veterans, people with disabilities and recent college and high school graduates.


    Most of us have many phases to our careers, from the typical entry level jobs through mid-career to retirement. In the 20th Century, this seemed to run in a predictable series of stages, and often involved working for the same employer, in the same industry or profession, for decades. Not anymore. Employers restructure or are gobbled up by someone else who moves the jobs to another location or shuts down divisions or functions. If you are just starting your career you should take the time to understand how to conduct the new 21st century job search. If you are seeking the next phase of your career, it may involve a career change or it may simply require changing employers or changing jobs within the same organization. Have you come to grips with the new employment reality? Do you know how to get the job?

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    AddictionHelp: Overcoming fear to get a job

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    Prayer to help you overcome 'they not gonna hire me' fear and 'not gonna treat me right' limiting beliefs that may keep you stuck in unemployment. Just believe, there is a place that wants U, irregardless of background or story.

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    Get a Job in Communication

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    Do these things and get a Job in less than 30 days.

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    Get a Job in Health Care

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    Do these things and get a Job in less than 30 days.

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    Suit Up to Get a Job

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    Today's show covers how to suit up to land the job you want. Getting a Job begins in the thinking of the individual!

    Thanks for stopping by for today's show. We know anyone can get a job in less than 30days in this land of opportunity.  We broadcast 5:30PM Wednesdays, right here   www.blogtalkradio.com/jobsearchworkshop

    All shows are available in archived files 24/7.  Follow us to to receive job search information every job searcher can use.     Email us and let us know the city where you job search and we'll help you with information specific to your location. 

    Join us on www.twitter.com/jobsearchwrkshp

    Our job search techniques will get you hired.

    You follow our instructions!

    You put in the work!

    You get the paycheck!

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    Get a Job before Christmas?

    in Jobs

    Get a job before Christmas? Not if you don't learn now to get a job soon. Sept, Oct. Nov. What will your children not get for Christmas. What did you promise last Christmas?
    What will you not be able to buy for your loved ones this year?
    Today is the day to learn how to go get hired.
    If you can't find work, call me and we can talk about what you are doing and not doing to get hired. My archived files will give you what you need if you are shy about a personal discussion. 

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    Get The Job of Your Dream, It Awaits, Only If You Believe!

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    You likely have heard one time too many that there are no jobs? Have you been told more times than you want to hear, sorry, we are not hiring? Well let me tell you you have not because you ask not. You ask but you ask amiss. You have to set a plan and go after the job of your dream. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The economy is booming and the more than 25million small businesses in American can absorb the wages required for every workingclass American to get back to work. You are unemployed because you believe the economy dictates you should be unemployed. As a man thinketh he is. If you think you can, or if you think you cannot, you are right. Listen to my show today and you'll get enough inforrmation to get a job or get trained for a new career. This is my invitation to help America get back to a full workforce. This invitation is yours to reject or to accept. Think about it. You need a job. Your dream job awaits. There is plenty enough of everything to go around. You and only you can get yours,  only if you believe.

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    Alisa Nicole's Wake Up Call...Get the Job You Want!

    in Entertainment

    Listen Live as host Alisa Nicole discusses getting the job you want.  Are you tired of working the same job that you don't find interest in?  Do you want to move your career in a new direction? Listen as Alisa Nicole discusses the issues surrounding getting the job you want, and the steps you may want to take to get it!

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    Get a Job in Education

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    If you are ready to get a job, you will have to be ready to work about 40 hours a week. Work 40 hours a week and get a job in 30days. Are you willing? Are you able? What's stopping you?
    Let's set a goal right now for you to get hired in 30 days. Let's make the education industry your career field of choice.
    Consider occupational choices.
    Application and resume.
    Places to job search

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    Get a Job in General Labor

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    Do these things and get a Job in less than 30 days. Don't take the application prodess for granted. Do a good job. Follow instructions. Leave no blank spaces. Keep it neat. Update information. Get permission of references to use them for job search. Have a discussion with references so they will know anything that is not to be discussed. Also so they will know what strengths to mention if needed. Let references know you are looking for general labor jobs.
    Know what past employers may say about you.   
    Prepare a resume for each job you are applying to get. Resume must tell the reader you are the person for the job. Resume must cause the reader to want to talk to you, and possibly interview you. Your resume, and a cover letter must sell you in seconds
    Know what the job requires. If you are applying entry level, do your homework about the position. Talk to someone in the position or watch someone doing that job, if possible.
    Your attire must be reflective of the person you are and the employee the interviewer is looking to hire.