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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---President John Kennedy The rest of his story

    ***Did Kennedy win the Presidency through vote fraud in Illinois?

    ***Was Ted Sorenson Kennedy's ghost writer of Profiles in Courage?

    ***Were there more than one assasin involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ***Was Fidel Castro involved in the Assasination of President Kennedy?

    ****Was the Italian and Jewish Mafia involved in the Assasination of Kennedy?

    Historical Audio extract--Boston Symphony Musical memoriaI

    November 23rd--Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

    The 14th US President Franklin Pierce one the most handsome men elected to the Presidency

    Vice President elbert Gerry--Gerrymandering --election fraud

    Merle Oberman--beautiful actress

    Andrew Goodman one of three civil rights workers brutally murdered




    November 23rd Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)

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    Prison-based Gerrymandering

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    The 2010 census numbers will become available in February and later redistricting for 2011 will begin. The basic idea behind our system of
    democracy is that equal numbers of people should have equal influence over the legislative process. After each census legislators reshape districts to equalize the populations in each district. But all to often, legislators manipulate the line drawing process for partisan advantage. Gerrymandering might be the best way to steal an election short of outright fraud. Prison-based gerrymandering operates subtlety behind closed doors making mobilizing people for reform challenging. It's almost the perfect crime. A legislator gets extra influence without having to be accountable to more constituents and the data says the district is legit. Tune it to find out how a man won a city council seat in the Second Ward in Anamosa, Iowa with only two votes being cast.


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    No matter how hard Obama hurts the nation he cannot do it all by hisself. He has the fool support of the entire communist party formerly the democrat party. No one person could ever do the damage what has been done to this nation. The border over runs. the gerrymandering of political opponent territories. The creation of violence using race targets. The destruction of the US military and their families. The abandonment of troops in the field. The leaking of Israeli defense moves to the Iranians. Azerbaijan refueling

    Israeli plane agreement leaked to Iran. Swapping five Taliban chiefs for one traitor. PRETENDING TO BE UPSET ABOUT KGB AGENT SNOWDEN. 100,000 EMAILS LEAKED BY PRIVATE CHELSEA MANNING. HILLARY'S SERVER LEAKING TOP SECRETS.


    This is not the work of one person who hates America. This is the work of an atheist party,that voted God off the platform at the last convention. This is the vote of a party that will destroy this country. This is the vote of a party that voted to burn the flag at least twice calling it freedom of speech. This is the vote of a party that wants to destroy the second amendment and take away the self defense tools of a nation. This is the party that wants to dope up your children and tax their jones. This is the part that pays for baby parts. Some extracted from living children before they expire. This is the communist party that bails out failing communist countries and sponsors nuclear terrorism. This is the party that uses your hard earned taxes to teach sick sex to little children. 

    The only good news is when the Pope met with Obama on the lawn of the white house. After everybody left the exorcist burned Obama's chair.



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    RedMaryland NewsHour for 9/18/15

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    On the @RedMaryland NewsHour for Friday, September 18th, 2015:

    Governor Larry Hogan calls out former Governor Martin O'Malley on FurnitureGate.
    He and Comptroller Franchot are perturbed that O'Malley made a paid speech to a State contractor
    The lack of AC in Baltimore County schools gets both men hot under the collar.
    The Governor cuts and eliminates fees, putting more money back in Marylanders' pockets.
    His Redistricting Commission hears public testimony as they deal with Gerrymandering.
    We also go to a debate watch party and a County Fair.

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    Punching - Stand In Line To Be The Bag

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    Xperia Z5: Sony Launches Line of Smartphones With 23-Megapixel Cameras, Fingerprint Sensors
    Sam Bradford: Video Combines Clips of Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback With Rocky Balboa Speech
    Latakia: Car Bomb Kills at Least 10 People in Syrian City, Report Says
    Frontier Airlines: Company Announces 'Fly for Only a Buck' Promotion in Several Cities
    Temple of Bel: 1st-Century Temple in Syria Destroyed by Islamic State Group, UN Reports
    Union, Missouri: Police Searching for Missing 14-Year-Old Girl, Officials Say
    Kevin Gates: Rapper Faces Charge for Allegedly Kicking Woman During Concert, Police Say
    Icelanders: Over 11,000 Citizens Volunteer to Take In Syrian Refugees Following Online Campaign
    Treon Harris: Florida Gators Player Named Starting Quarterback for Season Opener, Coach Says
    Princeton, Illinois: Prisoner Escapes From Vehicle at Rest Area on Interstate 80, Police Say

    Huge Gerrymandering Fail Leaves College Student As Sole Voter In Missouri District

    Cop is killed in a Chicago suburb.
    Within 8 hours, there's a task force consisting of local police, state police and the FBI.

    Ex-Eutawville chief pleads guilty to lesser charge, will serve no time for killing black motorist

    Wyandotte teen fakes triplet pregnancy with 'Fake A Baby.com'

    Officer indicted for sexually assaulting woman at gunpoint

    Teen Boy Will Be Charged As Adult For Having Naked Pics of a Minor: Himself

    A Danish video game company has amended an educational online game about the slave trade to remove a section in which users stacked slaves in a ship like a game of Tetris.




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    PNN - Aloha

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    PNN concludes its forth year of webcasting and spends some time amidst this silly worlds troubles with some Islands of Sanity.

    Our Political Commentator Ms Brook Hines dissects the latest charades of what passes for a Legislative body . See the Legislature  continue their unconstitutional GERRYMANDERING WAYS . 

    Then we welcome from the ancient nation of Wales the journalists called The Three MuckRakers. Who bring us their insight on the  American political scene and views of politics in the UK as well as their vantage point of Europe. (The UK has a progressive, Jeremy Corbyn) who out of nowhere, is bucking the austerity meme that sends everything to the 1%. 

    They also address the MidEast and the death dance that opposes the Iran Treaty.  Reflecting on American politics with a decidedly UK perspective. The Three Muckrakers; Dennis Campbell, Prof. Dario Llinares, and Phil Perry bring a century of political acumen. 

    We also welcome Progressive Atheist Alice Carr from Austrailia, who talks about the issues that engage the progressive humanists across the pacific, from theists crowding out liberty, to refugees  to environmental insults to the Great Barrier Reef, she provides very powerful voice from a leader in the progressive atheist community overseas. A voice you should hear.

    And a special guest Annie Orlando a political activist in the north Florida college town of Gainesville who will bring us her tale of political malfeasance that stains too much of Florida's political landscape. Tune in Sunday at 7pm (Eastern)

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    Part Two Corruption and Dysfunction in Albany

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    Part 2 of the Panel Discussion of corruption and dysfunction in the NYS Legislature with Bill Samuels of Effective NY, Blair Horner of NYPIRG, Susan Lerner of Common Cause, and former NYS Senator Cecilia Tkaczyk

    Among the topics discussed

    How do we address the issue of money in politics

    How do we change the Pay to Play culture in Albany

    How do we change 3 men in a room

    and what is to be done about gerrymandering

    Also, the role of the party and the role of the press in the political process



  • Conservative Refuge Radio: August 10, 2015

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    On tonight's show:

    Governor Hogan has proposed comprehensive redistricting reform.  Reformers from the left and right applauded the bipartisan effort to end the outrageous gerrymandering in Maryland.  Maryland Democratic leaders, however, have refused to put the common interest above partisan interest.  We'll discuss.
    Recent failures of Washington's mass transit system highlight the need to reform WMATA.  Governor Hogan and others are pushing for better performance and oversight of this regional mass transit authority.  We'll examine these efforts.
    We visit the "Nut Ball Box" to share a piece from Wesley J. Smith regarding "plant rights activists".  Yes, you read that right, plant rights.
    A special "Get Off My Lawn" about the Trumpbots and one particular "social media expert" who typifies the classlessness of many Trump supporters.

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    Red Maryland News Hour: 7/31/2015

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    Red Maryland's News Program

    On the @RedMaryland NewsHour for 7-31-15

    Governor @LarryHogan touts his bald look, closes a lousy jail, makes staff changes, is ticked about Obama's FEMA not calling the Baltimore riots an emergency, fights Virginia over Maryland crabs, and gets more duties as part of the National Governors' Association. Plus, we hear from Boyd Rutherford & others about Gerrymandering. We also learn about some bills getting pre-filed dealing with stolen valor and good Samaritans.

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    The Red Maryland News Hour for 2/6/15

    in Politics Conservative

    Duane Keenan anchors Red Maryland's weekly news show, focusing on politics and policy from the State House and beyond.

    We have coverage of a bill that would force businesses to provide paid sick leave,

    and the first State of the State address by Gov. Larry Hogan.

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    American Vernacular: Political Hodge Podge

    in Politics Progressive

    American Vernacular is a 60-minute, public affairs problem that discusses the political, economic, social and cultures issues facing our nation from an urban and secular perspective.  Each Monday we feature Political Hodge Podge as we tackle the hot button topics of the day and every Friday we present the AVWeekly Recap to highlight the important news stories of the week.  AV will also present a variety of personalities from the world of politics, literature, arts and music and much, much more with the return of Music Spoken Here and Life On Stage. As part of our belief that all people should be heard, AV presents our "Everyday People" segment where we invite someone from the public to be our guest opine on any subject they like, uncensored and unedited. Freedom of speech for all! 

    Musician-turned-journalist Sandra Booker, and affectionately known as "America's favorite angry, black woman"  hosts this hard-hitting and no holds barred show. Tune in and join the conversation with the nation at 3:00PM PT, Monday - Friday.

    American Vernacular is urban radio for urban people, progressive radio for progressive people and radio for we the people. 

    Visit us on line at www.americanvernacular.org 

    American Vernacular is produced by The Booker Group. © 2014 All Rights Reserved.