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    Nov.22-15-Brent Marley -Psych Trail Mix Mag-GirlgeoRadioShow

    in Entertainment

    Girl George & the Dragons Radio Show
    Sun.11-22-15~interviews  Brent Marley  
    Publisher/Editor Psych Trail Mix Mag..out of Philly
    3pm (pst)..4pm (Mt)..5pm (cst)..6pm (est)
    DragonSlayerProductions~Girlgeo Rocker
    Berkeley,Ca...# 96-148.

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    Bad Breaks into Breakthroughs w/ Post-Traumatic Growth: Dr. Michaela Haas

    in Self Help

    Michaela Haas, PhD, is the owner of HAAS live! An international coaching company for media, mindfulness and communication training.

    In America , her articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, CBS, Psychology Today, Psych Central and numerous online media.  She has taught at the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of the West, and other study centers in America and Europe.

    Michaela is the author of the new best-seller Bouncing Forward, which contains deeply personal interviews and accessible tools for discovering the uplifting new science of posttraumatic growth: A cutting-edge look at how we find healing and new resilience after a setback with post traumatic growth.

    In Bouncing Forward, Dr. Haas weaves engaging stories of modern survival with uplifting and often surprising takeaways. Readers are given tools for not only surviving life’s inevitable tough times, but consciously thriving because of them.
    —Gay Hendricks, PhD, author of The Big Leap and Conscious Loving

    Visit  http://www.michaelahaas.com/

    Connect with Deb at http://www.DebScott.com 

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    Bouncing Forward with International Coach & Consultant, Dr. Michaela Haas

    in Self Help

    Michaela Haas, PhD, is the owner of HAAS live!, an international coaching company for media, mindfulness and communication training. She is the author of Bouncing Forward and Dakini Power, as well as a contributor to and editor of several other books. Her articles have appeared in the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, CBS, Psychology Today, Psych Central, and numerous online media.

    As a successful writer, reporter and interviewer for Germany's leading newspapers, magazines and TV stations, she has more than 20 years of media experience and has been studying and practicing Buddhist meditation for almost twenty years. With a PhD in Asian studies, she combines powerful storytelling with scientific research, grounded in spiritual insight.  Visit http://www.michaelahaas.com & www.dakinipower.com.

    Get the Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna. Like America Meditating, Download our FREE Pause for Peace app.

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    The Catholic Geek: Pirates and Alternate history

    in Culture

    Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) will be talking with Fred Heimbach on alternate history, including his latest book, The Devil's Dictum, where the United States of America was founded by pirates.

    Frederick Gero Heimbach's fiction has appeared at Every Day Fiction and Liberty Island. He was editor of the podcast Protecting Project Pulp throughout its run. He can be found on the internet as Fredösphere and in the real world as a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with his family. The Devil's Dictum is his first novel.

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    in Politics Progressive

    Ben Carson has a little problem, just two days before the 4th GOP 2016 Presidential debate.  He has been caught in his lies about his growing up as poor black kid in Detroit.

    He says he attacked another kid with a knife when he was young.  That "kid" turned out to be a close relative.

    In 1968 when Martin Luther King was assassinated he claims he hid a couple of white kids - in the primarily black Detroit high school he attended - inside a biology lab.  Only problem, students interviewed years later claimed they could not remember that as the case.  Carson himself cannot remember the names of the students he claims to have hid.

    But the kicker comes when Carson recounts his experience - while still in high school - of attending a banquet with General Westmoreland after Carson was named ROTC candidate of the year in Detroit.  Carson claims he was offered a "full scholarship" to attend the Army Academy at West Point.  The only problem is is that West Point has no records of that ever transpiring or that Carson even initiated an "application" process.

    Carson has also recounted of his so-called violent past with very little evidentiary proof to back up those claims.

    Fast Forward to his stint at Yale where Carson recounts how his Yale psych professor for his Perceptions 301 class said that the final exam papers had “inadvertently burned,” and that all 150 students would have to retake it. The new exam was much tougher, Carson wrote that everyone walked out but him.  Carson then went on to say that later on he was approached by a photographer from the Yale Daily News and his psych professor who Carson claimed told him the "re-test" was a hoax and was only meant to see who was the most honest student.  Supposedly the professor gave Carson $10.



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    Bob Beckel : I Should Be Dead: My Life Surviving PoliticsTV, and Addiction

    in Christianity

    Bob Beckel : I Should Be Dead: My Life Surviving PoliticsTV, and Addiction

    From popular TV personality Bob Beckel, a deeply moving, redemptive memoir about his life as a political operative and diplomat, his long struggle with alcohol and drugs, and his unlikely journey to finding faith. 

    Growing up poor in an abusive home, Bob Beckel learned to be a survivor: to avoid conflict, mask his feelings, and to lie--all skills that served him well in Washington, where he would become the youngest-ever Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and manage Walter Mondale's 1984 presidential campaign. 

    But Beckel was living a double life. On January 20, 2001--George W. Bush's first Inauguration Day--he hit rock bottom, waking up in the psych ward. Written with captivating honesty, Beckel chronicles how his addictions nearly killed him until he found help in an unexpected ally, conservative Cal Thomas, who helped him find faith, get sober, and get his life back on track.

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights Jeanne Northington of Life Coaching Solutions

    in Self Help

    Birmingham, AL – Henry Ford once said: "Whether you believe you can or believe you can't, you're right." Unfortunately for many of us, we believe we can’t. Though we set goals for ourselves, we often have a nagging sense it’s not going to work out, that we’re powerless to change our lives, that we’re stuck.

    According to life coach Jeanne Northington, when we can change our beliefs, we can change our reality. Northington is the founder of Life Coaching Solutions, a coaching organization that promotes self-empowerment to help move individuals from stress to peace and prosperity.

    “Life coaching is a partnership that promotes change,” says Northington. “The emphasis is on problem solving, reaching solutions, and moving forward on one’s life journey. My role as a coach is to hold the client accountable and encourage them to take the necessary steps toward meaningful change.”

    Our lives are a reflection of our beliefs. These beliefs —usually subconscious— are the cumulative effect of life-long “programming.” PSYCH-K is a process that allows us to effectively re-write the software in our mind, changing beliefs that sabotage us into beliefs that support us quickly and easily. Imagine having the tools to overcome fear and the ability to achieve what we really want out of life!

    “The more I used PSYCH-K, the more success my clients enjoyed!” says Northington. “I love change and I love to see people achieve change by finding their own answers.”

    For more information on Jeanne Northington, visit http://www.lifecoachingsolutions.net

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    The Catholic Geek: Fred Hembach on Alternate History

    in Books

    Host Declan Finn (Honor at Stake) will be talking with Fred Hembach on alternate history, including his latest book, The Devil's Dictum, where the United States of America was founded by pirates.

    Frederick Gero Heimbach's fiction has appeared at Every Day Fiction and Liberty Island. He was editor of the podcast Protecting Project Pulp throughout its run. He can be found on the internet as Fredösphere and in the real world as a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with his family. The Devil's Dictum is his first novel.


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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 38: News & Reviews - 10/15/15

    in Film

    Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio w/ Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday Oct. 15. On this episode we tackle writer/director and Psych star James Roday's star studded horror comedy Gravy. Also we tackle the terrifying new supernatural thrillers Last Shift as well as Ted Geoghegan's We Are Still Here. Finally we go retro with Vinegar Syndrome's double feature blu ray of The Executioner part 2 and Frozen Scream. All that plus TV Terror Talk with a breakdown of Scream Queens and Walking Dead's season premiere. Don't miss it Flesh Wound Freaks.

  • How You Can Cause Hauntings, Demonic Activity & Be Careful Ridding it&FREE Psych

    in Spirituality

    There are people who actually create hauntings.  The obvious is opening a portal, however, your energy can actually create paranormal activity in your house.  Some people don't know how to direct their energy and when they have energy outbursts they might see orbs, hear footsteps, have objects thrown and broken which is similar to Poltergeist activity.  It is all coming from the person, the human being and not from a spirit.

    You can invite demons into your life as well.  When you channel or you are a Medium you are allowing a demon or demons to enter your body. These are not spirits of deceased loved ones. It is trickery.  Deep meditation and astral projection also leaves your body open as a vehicle for demons to enter.  When you ask for your spirit guides to come and make themselves present in your life you are actually inviting demons into your life. Spirit guides are demons in disguise. Jane Roberts had a spirit named, "Seth" who occupied her body.  She died awfully young as she was communicating with a demon and they will devour your body and make you very ill.  There was another famous medium who thought she was communicating with, "Jesus" but she wasn't.  She was communicating with a demon and yes they will use Jesus' name. They are tricksters in every way possible.  People who have had NDEs often bring back spirits and mostly demons with them.  They hitch a ride so to speak.  They will stay with these people.

    I want you to be careful when you are trying to rid your house of a spirit. People might appear spiritual but they can be tricking you and giving you bad advice how to rid evil from your life.  I can see through these people right away. They might acually be sending their evil spirits to you. I will explain.

    Free Readings today! Private readings mia0899cs@gmail.com





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    Season 2 Kick-Off & October's, Thinning of the Veil, w/Celtic Shaman, Jim Wood~

    in Spirituality

    We are back and so excited!  Please join us in our special kick-off episode of Season #2. We begin with the highlights of the last 3 months ~ the journey, the teachings, the evolution.  Then, we connect with the mystery of Sunday's full moon/total lunar eclipse that leads us into the energy of October; the month known as, The Thinning of the Veil.  The time when communicating with our ancestors and those who have passed-on is at its peak.

    Later in the program, we are joined by Celtic Shaman and Druid, Jim Wood. He shares his wisdom in Celtic Shamanism, Druidism, and takes us on a mystical-shamanic journey into the Other World.  With the sound of his powerful drum he prepares us for the energy-charged month ahead. We're taking calls @ (646) 668-8087!

    Jim Wood is a graduate of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies' training program in numerous Shamanism and Shamanic Healing courses as well as a graduate of Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Teacher Training.  He has studied Celtic Shamanism extensively with Tom Cowan and co-facilitates Shamanic Workshops and Gatherings with Tom. He is a Trained Shamanic Practitioner and Shamanic Counselor and an Ordained Duid in the Fellowship of Druids of the Later Age (FoDLA).  He is a student and dabbler in Herbalism and Alchemy.

    Jim has a private Shamanic healing practice in New York's Hudson Valley consisting of all aspects of Shamanic Healing including Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Depossession, Power Animal Retrieval, and Psych-pomp work and is the founder of the FoDLA Grove of the Greenwood.

    Jim also teaches Shamanic Journeying, Celtic Shamanism, and Soul Retrieval workshops and facilitates several Shamanic Drumming Circles.  He can be reached via www.CelticWisdom.com.

    Seeing you Thursday!
    Love, Peace, Harmony, siempre~
    <3 <3 <3