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    Tom Mesereau,Kerry Anderson,& Nurse Lee, Geraldine Hughes celebrate MJ 5 years

    in Entertainment

    Tom Mesereau,&Kerry Anderson&Geraldine Hughes Chris Tucker,Nurse Lee Freinds celebrate his Lifeon the  Fifth Anniversary of the Death of The Icon Micheal Jackson,at 9-10 we wil have freinds of Michael Jackson (FreindsTBD) at 10pmest former attorney & Freind Tom Mesereau wil look back at this Icon ,We Will Celebrate The Life of this ICON looking back At  The Man who brought us Thriller,Smooth Criminal,Bad,Billy Jean,Rock with you,,,Man in the Mirror,You Are not alone, They Dont Care About Us, Ghosts,We are the World,Heal The World,Jam,Remember the Time, You Rock my World, You are my life MJtribute w/ Mesereau,Former Body Guard Kerry Anderson,Nurse Lee,Ms Huges &More

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    Tom Mesereau & Friends: 10 year anniversary of MJ being found Not Guilty Show

    in Pop Culture

    At approximately 2:25 pm PST on June 13, 2005, the jury of the Superior Court of the State of California, held in and for the County of Santa Barbara, determined that Jackson was not guilty on all 10 felony and all 4 misdemeanor charges.This was a 5 month Trial of charging The Late Pop Icon of Sexual Content with a 13 year old & Gavin & His Family turned out to be Giant Scammers Thanks Defense Attorney 10 years ago Tom Mesereau led MJ to a not guilty 14 times! We will have a show to honor This w/Tom Mesereau,2 BodyGuards of MJ,  Geraldine Hughes.&William Wagner & YouTube sensation Nicole & Scotty!!!

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    Getting Your Book to No. 1 (in your Category) on Amazon

    in Writing

    Join cohosts Wendy Dewar Hughes and Suzanne Lieurance as they talk to author Wendy McClelland about the marketing strategies she used to get her book 27 Steps to Freedom to No. 1 in her category on amazon and how these same stragies can work for other authors.

    About the Book

    When you hear a doctor say “If you don’t have massive blood transfusions now, you’ll die before morning” you know you’re in trouble. These words began a difficult journey as doctors tried to save my life after a massive bacterial infection invaded my body. It had eaten away portions of the lower discs and vertebrae in my spine, destroyed a kidney and gave me brain damage. Months in hospital, many more in a full body cast (from neck to knee) and two years to learn to walk again, speak more than three words in a sentence and get brain function back – plus rebuild a life with my young children. But this isn’t a sad story. I am taking you on a raw, authentic and emotional trek through losing my children, nearly dying, losing my home and having to regain skills and rebuild a life for my family. This is a story of hope and inspiration. I have taken each negative and turned it into a life lesson that anyone can apply every day to live a fuller life. My wish is that this book gives you hope!


  • #177 On a Different Note with guest Ana Free 08/26/2015 | UTLRadio LIVE

    in Business

    On this show hosts Peter Lamont, Esq. and Bob Hughes discuss business and legal issues related to the music industry. Today's show features performer, artist and songwriter Ana Free.

    Without label, manager, booking agent or publisher, this young Anglo-Portuguese artist's YouTube performances have led to collaborations and gigs with international stars, chart-topping singles, sold out gigs and an enviable global following.  Based in LA Ana has opened for artists including Shakira and James Morrison. To support Ana's music: https://www.patreon.com/anafree?ty=h

    More information: https://www.youtube.com/user/anafree

    For more info or to contact UTLRadio:

    Web: www.UTLRadio.com
    Legal: www.Peterlamontesq.com
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pjlamont1
    Twitter: @pjllaw
    Tel. (973) 949-3770
    E-mail: Info@utlradio.com

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  • HRExaminer Radio: Cathy Missildine, Co-Founder, Intellectual Capital Consultants

    in Business

    Cathy Missildine has extensive experience in many areas of strategic Human Resources Management. She has worked closely with executives in the areas of performance, productivity, organizational metrics, training, employee and customer engagement, workforce planning, organizational change and strategic implementation. Her past experience in operations and sales management in the technical, insurance and hospitality industries has given her a broad understanding of business issues and a solid foundation for building performance enhancing systems that support the business.

    A graduate of Kennesaw State University where she earned an MBA with an emphasis Human Resource Management and Development, she is also a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and holds their professional certification, Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

    Cathy is currently serving as Immediate Past President for SHRM-Atlanta for 2014, where she is working to execute the strategy to “Move HR Business Partners to Business Leaders.”

    Cathy is serving as an adjunct Professor at Kennesaw State University, teaches an online and live  SHRM certification course. She is a nationally recognized speaker addressing audiences from SHRM, ASTD, and AAHAM.

    In addition to her domestic speaking, Cathy has traveled to Shanghai, China to deliver “Moving from Transactional to Strategic: Becoming an Effective HR Business Leader’ to HR professionals representing multi-national organizations. 

    In May 1997, Cathy and her business partner Barbara Hughes started their own consulting firm, Intellectual Capital Consulting (ICC), specializing in profitability through human capital. Their corporate mission is as follows, “to increase performance through maximizing an organization’s human capital.” 

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    All about Indie Publishing: An Interview with Wendy Dewar Hughes

    in Writing

    Host Suzanne Lieurance interviews publishing coach & award-winning author Wendy Dewar Hughes about independent publishing.

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    Real 2 Real Radio with Tamara Gooch and LaTracey Copeland Hughes

    in Entrepreneur

    Host: Tamara Gooch

    Guest: LaTracey Copeland Hughes

    Topic: Reclaiming The Flame!

    LaTracey's Bio

    LaTracey Copeland Hughes is a Fire Walker in her own rite. One who has been through the fire and continues to walk in faith while executing her life's purpose. As a Igniting Empowerment Speaker, Business Consultant and Coach, Author and Publisher, She has bounced back to prove to herself that she can be knocked down but not out.


    Visit LaTracey Online


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    The Grantham Taylor Hughes Show

    in Legal

    Every Sunday at 6:30 PM EST, Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes J.d., L.c.m.D., Ph.D. (Grantham), explores the 1930 Geneva Convention International bankruptcy and its contemporary effects on our society. He also analyses the necessity of his four foundation bankruptcy platform planks of health, sovereignty, solvency, and afianchetto. These planks include talking about bankruptcy money issues, e.g., Federal Reserve exemption account accessable fees which help those in need along with detailed information regarding all currency.

    Grantham, having  been a contracts expert for many years is presently a retired trust lawyer with his family as the eminent Bauer-Rothschild clan that gleans his Lordship as one Baron von Bauer-Rothschild. That credibility and his Self-Realization experience in India many years ago displays his particular brand of intelligently illuminating yet glib presentation. Along with his journalist "side-kick" Gabriella Foster, they bring a fun atmosphere to seemingly lugubrious salient subjects effecting our world today. Come join this "dynamic duo" and learn about important information necessary in negotiating our way in a venue of confusion at times. Clear and cogent insightfulness genuinely will enable many to free themselves from the political ignorance around them. Much of this ignorance remains the problem of not knowing the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) and its lawful presence in the international courts. We know that the courts remain mostly in denial of the UCc. Grantham explains rightfully so as of the bankruptcy embarrassment and potential handgun revolution concern. He adds that provocative positions are unnecessary and working together gathering wisdom instead of adversarialism. Again, join this perfect recumbentibus team extrapolating a more powerfully pithy political posture found nowhere else. 

  • NY Jets Training Camp Updates; Special Guest Connor Hughes

    in Sports

    This week on Joe, Vinny and the Jets we will take a detailed look at what has been learned in training camp so far. Geno Smith is out for now, Ryan Fitzpatrick is in. Connor Hughes from About.com is our special guest and he will provide his thoughts from watching practice every day.

    Sheldon Richardson will miss the first 4 games, nobody seems to know Geno's exact status, Dee Milliner is hurt and there is no shortage of things to talk about.  Give us a call and let us know what you think.

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    in Music

    Gospel Street Sunday's is a show to give you an ultimate worship experience. This show is designed to usher you into the Praise-Zone.

    Dj Tanisha has a heart of compassion for this generation. Tanisha has heart passion for the listeners.

    This is a platform to allow Pastor's, Artist, Authors, and People to share their testimony. 

    Tanisha play's great music, has great guest, and exclusive interviews.

    Exclusive Interview with Jake Hughes- He will be sharing his new project "Warefare & Worship".




    Contact Tanisha at: InspirationalTanisha@gmail.com 




  • Episode 53... To Infinity and Beyond...

    in Hobbies

    We are coming at Geekdom from all sides again tonight.  No matter what your passion is, more than likely we are going to be talking about it tonight.  Let me give you "A taste of things to come....." 

    Ivy and I will tackle "The Historian".  Chris Weinstein is coming on to discuss the INFINITY skirmish mini system and why you NEED to get your ass down to a hobby store and pick up a starter box.  Scott Hughes from Highlander/Fat Moose will be discussing what's new in comics and of course the Lord of the Board and I will be talking RPG's with a review of Shadow Run E5.

    MY God, does it get any better than this?  Probably, but let's be honest, this is farkin HOT, HOT, HOT.... so strap in, take a deep breath and let's get ready to talk two hours of hobby with your gang of gamers at Live Inside the Wolfs Den....