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    Tom Mesereau,Kerry Anderson,& Nurse Lee, Geraldine Hughes celebrate MJ 5 years

    in Entertainment

    Tom Mesereau,&Kerry Anderson&Geraldine Hughes Chris Tucker,Nurse Lee Freinds celebrate his Lifeon the  Fifth Anniversary of the Death of The Icon Micheal Jackson,at 9-10 we wil have freinds of Michael Jackson (FreindsTBD) at 10pmest former attorney & Freind Tom Mesereau wil look back at this Icon ,We Will Celebrate The Life of this ICON looking back At  The Man who brought us Thriller,Smooth Criminal,Bad,Billy Jean,Rock with you,,,Man in the Mirror,You Are not alone, They Dont Care About Us, Ghosts,We are the World,Heal The World,Jam,Remember the Time, You Rock my World, You are my life MJtribute w/ Mesereau,Former Body Guard Kerry Anderson,Nurse Lee,Ms Huges &More

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    The Grantham Taylor Hughes Show

    in Legal

    Every Sunday at 6:30 PM EST, Dr. Lord Grantham Taylor, Hughes J.d., L.c.m.D., Ph.D. (Grantham), explores the 1930 Geneva Convention International bankruptcy and its contemporary effects on our society. He also analyses the necessity of his four foundation bankruptcy platform planks of health, sovereignty, solvency, and afianchetto. These planks include talking about bankruptcy money issues, e.g., Federal Reserve exemption account accessable fees which help those in need along with detailed information regarding all currency.

    Grantham, having  been a contracts expert for many years is presently a retired trust lawyer with his family as the eminent Bauer-Rothschild clan that gleans his Lordship as one Baron von Bauer-Rothschild. That credibility and his Self-Realization experience in India many years ago displays his particular brand of intelligently illuminating yet glib presentation. Along with his journalist "side-kick" Gabriella Foster, they bring a fun atmosphere to seemingly lugubrious salient subjects effecting our world today. Come join this "dynamic duo" and learn about important information necessary in negotiating our way in a venue of confusion at times. Clear and cogent insightfulness genuinely will enable many to free themselves from the political ignorance around them. Much of this ignorance remains the problems of not knowing the Uniform Commercial code (UCc) and its lawful presence in the international courts. We know that the courts remain mostly in denial of the UCc. Grantham explains rightfully so as of the bankruptcy embarrassment and potential handgun revolution concern. He adds that provocative positions are unnecessary and working together gathering wisdom instead of adversarialism. Again, join this perfect recumbentibus team extrapolating a more powerfully pithy political posture found nowhere else.  

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    Author, Founder of Purposeful DIVA LaTracey Copeland Hughes stops by Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    LaTracey Copeland Hughes, also known as the Purposeful DIVA, has  been that spur in the sides of countless audience members and readers of her dynamic recently released book. DIVA stands for Divinely Inspire Visionary Achiever. Her book, “Raising A Proverb 31 Woman: Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and Self-Discovery of a Young Woman” debuted in March 2014. Through her works, she encourages and motivates others to excel, kick off shackles and live abundantly by overcoming adversity and Be it poverty or a catalog of layered challenges, she knows what it's like to persevere and overcome through resilience. She has risen from the ashes of what seemed to be defeat and destruction and emerged victorious and triumphant. Described as a gem in this season who has demonstrated that she's not easily broken, she has experienced success as CEO of the non-profit organization, Capstone Experience, Inc. She teaches others to do the same by thinking outside of the box, and using experiences as stepping stones to destiny and purpose. “I want to leave my mark as a professional, virtuous example; in my home as a wife and mother, and as a business consultant, speaker and author/publisher,” she states. Copeland Hughes is not only modeling the examples she holds dear, but also teaching the virtuous lessons through the Proverbs 31 Woman Project. Her daily life serves to inspire others and her engaging presentations help people to envision greater outcomes. As a speaker, she provides her audiences with the essential elements that fuel her own vision of entrepreneurship, leadership, purpose-motivation, innovation and bravery. She highlights the distractions that are keeping those from moving in their God-given Purpose. She specializes in meeting women right where they are and supporting them not to stay Stuck.

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    The Appearance Portal (030315) TBS The Approaching Storm #2

    in Christianity

    Augusto's interview with Georgeann Hughes of The Byte Show on 03-05-08




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    New York Jets Free Agency and NFL Draft Discussion

    in Football

    With NFL free agency ready to start on March 10th the New York Jets are ready to make a splash. Now it is a matter of identifying players that will significantly upgrade the Jets roster. Should the Jets make a run at Darrelle Revis? Bring back Antonio Cromartie? Or look to younger options? What about the pass rushers like Jason Worilds or Jerry Hughes? Then at wide receiver is Randall Cobb better than Percy Harvin? Your calls at 929-477-2651..share your Jets opinions!!

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    The NFL Front Office Show Live Mock Draft

    in Sports

    Welcome to the NFLFront Office Show brought to you by the www.sportcitychefs.com . In today episode Our hosts Brian Hughes and Rhodri Jones reveal their first NFL Mock draft live on air!! Hear pick by pick analysis from our experts, and we may have a few guest stop by the kitchen! If you love college football, pro football, the NFL draft, or the NFL offseason this is the show for you.So sit back and relax, the chefs ae about to heat the kitchen up with football topics.

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    UTLRadio.com: Business & Legal Week in Review March 2, 20015

    in Legal

    Welcome to Understanding the Law: Week in Review.  The show is hosted by Peter Lamont. For more information about UTLRadio pleasse visit www.utlradio.com.  On this episode we discuss:

    Stevie Wonder Sued for $7 Million 
    'American Sniper' Killer Will Appeal 
    NFL's Adrian Peterson Wins Reversal of Suspension by League 
    Woman Loses Mansion for Employing Illegal 
    Prison Deserves Blame for Inmate's Paralysis
    Teacher Fears Losing Job over Facebook Post 
    Suing Target 
    DC legalizes marijuana despite threats from Congress & MORE

    Understanding the Law: Week in Review  is a weekly radio broadcast discussing recent legal and business news and topics.  As always, we welcome calls from our listeners. If you wish to discuss any of today's topics please call our switchboard at (347) 855-8831. Please note that this broadcast does not constitute legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship with any of our listeners. 

    Thanks to our sponsores including Audible. UTLRadio listeners can visit www.audibletrial.com/utlradio for a FREE audio book!

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    The Sunday Morning Brunch

    in Sports

    The Cornerstone Show where it all began here in Sport City to start off the morning to the beginning of your Sport week.  Join Tyrone Powell aka TP Tymeless, Brian "Breaking News" Hughes and Mark Moseley to speak on all relevant sport topics/dishes from NBA to NCAA to NFL to MLB!! Come on down to the Kitchen we have a Brunch Dish for you. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Y'ALL DO DA DISHES.  Tell a friend to tell a friend that its the Sport City Chefs AGAIN.... And if they don't know... NOW THEY KNOW!!!

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    STANDING STRONG! in the Day in which We Live #2 Belt of Truth w/ Sharon Hughes

    in Christianity

    Today is #2 in our study on Standing Strong in the Armor of God -- The Belt of Truth. How does Truth help us stand in the day in which we live? And how is Peace a part of it?

    Especially in this day in which we live with so many trials - there’s such a need to come together in God's Word in real and relevant ways, because – whether we realize it or not, a battle is raging for the Minds, Hearts and Destinies of all of us and our families.

    Whether it’s divorce or depression; fear or fatigue; political correctness, or passivity, whatever…we are living in very difficult times that challenge all of us!

    But, God has provided everything we need to withstand the stresses of life, the strongholds of the past, and the tactics of the enemy. Together, in this study we'll learn how to dress in God's Armor -- the 'Wardrobe' that protects and make us confident, strong and able to Stand in any battle.

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    Universal Soul Love: With Guest, Martina Hughes

    in Self Help

    Guest Biography: 

    Martina Hughes is the founder and creator of Tantric Blossoming. Tantric Blossoming has been actively supporting thousands of men and women to transform using heart-opening tantric practices for over ten years. 

    Tantra is about self-love in action.  Tantra teaches a person to live with an open heart and authentically say yes to yourself.  Tantra is a way of learning how to use sexual energy for improved health, vitality, and well-being.  It works from the inside out!  And as your inner sexual energy increases, you can also enhance your relationships and sexual connections with others.

    Martina’s journey with Tantra has been the catalyst for great transformation.  She is deeply inspired and passionate about spreading this message, so that others may benefit from the gifts of tantra. 

    Martina shares heartfelt wisdom with compassion.  She understands that many of our greatest challenges are in the areas of love, sex and relationships.  Learning to live an embodied life embracing our love and sexual energy (as fuel) is the first and most important step.

    Martina has a unique gift for feeling and seeing into the heart of the dynamics at play in a person’s life.   She is able to sense how to coach and support people in moving forward, creating a new and fulfilling path for them.

    Martina holds a deep space of loving openness and receptivity, whilst also bringing direction and clarity.   She works to create a vulnerable and powerful balancing of the masculine and feminine gifts in working with others.

    Tantric Blossoming focuses on making the practices and information shared, relevant to men and women in their everyday lives.  Martina offers sessions, workshops, retreats and training for men, women, singles and couples.  These events use a combination of breathwork, bodywork, feminine / masculine embodiment, meditation and sexu

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    in Health

    Join us for a live show on February 25, 2015 with host Denise Messenger and her guest Nancy Hughes.  Tune-in at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 p.m. EST.  Nancy S. Hughes  is the author of over a dozen cookbooks and has contributed to more than 40 others.  She has developed recipes and worked as a food consultant for a variety of corporations, organizations, and national magazines.  In her new book, DIABETES CARB CONTROL COOKBOOK (press release below), Hughes makes mealtime math a thing of the past for those who have been diagnosed with diabetes as well as the wide range of folks who are trying to control their carbs in order to eat and live more healthfully.  We welcome Nancy and listeners be sure to tune-in for some great cooking tips and ideas for diabetes control in meal planning!  You asked for it and we deliver!



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