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    George Zimmerman Verdict Reaction

    in Current Events

    Tune in July 15, 2013 as Stacey Brewer of H. Blu's Word shares her reaction and listeners' reaction to George Zimmerman's Not Guilty verdict for the killing of Trayvon Martin. 
    Listen for a special tribute to Trayvon and others like him by Venor, Hollie Wood, and Tatiana with their song "Live On."
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    The George Zimmerman Verdict

    in Politics Conservative

    We discuss the George Zimmerman murder trial, the verdict and the public's reaction.

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    The Verdict ( George Zimmerman)

    in Lifestyle

    We will be talking about the shocking verdict that freed George Zimmerman. Justice for trayvon Martin. The black community and U.S as a country. 

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    George Zimmerman Verdict: Not Guilty

    in Legal

    The verdict is in! The jury found George Zimmerman not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Was it racism or was it the right decision? My special guest will be former Scottsdale homicide detective and Captain Don Keenom. Join as we discuss the vitally important case. 
    For more information, see www.PrisonDemocracy.com, my twitter updates @vlga, and be sure to like my facebook page. 

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    SPEAK ON IT: The George Zimmerman Verdict

    in Current Events

    The verdict is in and George Zimmerman has been found 'NOT GUILTY' of the death of Trayvon Martin.
    This is your chance to voice your opinion of the verdict and then address where do we go from here.  How do we ensure that Trayvon Martin's death was not in vain?
    Join us on Savvy Talk Radio as we discuss this very tough subject.  Call 718-664-6383 and press "1" on your key pad to join the conversation.

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    We patiently await the verdict in the Seminole County Justice Center. SyndicatedNews.NET's office is in the 1st floor Attorney - Client Suites (on the left) before entering Courtroom 1B. Florida law does not allow for prior bad acts that show a propensity of behavior to be introduced into a case like the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman. After the verdict is out - two BlogTalk Shows (INFLAMMATORY TALK and SYNDICATEDNEWS) will jointly discuss those behaviors. You can reach me directly via skype at: SYNDICATEDNEWS

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    The Verdict of George Zimmerman

    in Entertainment

    Tune in for this special edition of the CCShow to discuss your opinion on the verdict of George Zimmerman . We want to hear from you. Call in & share your thoughts. This Wednesday @ 7:30 PM CST

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    George Zimmerman Verdict

    in Entertainment

    How do you feel about the Zimmerman verdict?  I want to hear from you. Call in 347.857.4866.

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    Verdict Watch: The George Zimmerman Trial

    in Current Events

    Tune in, Friday July 12, 2013, as Stacey Brewer of H. Blu's Word shares her thoughts on the the George Zimmerman Trial and speaks with guests about their predictions regarding the verdict. 
    Also, listen for a special tribute by Chaka Khan, Eric Benet, Kelly Price, Luke James, Boris Kodjoe, and more for Trayvon Martin. The song they created for Martin is entitled, "Super Life (Fear Kills and Love Heals)." 
    Call in number 646-716-8544
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    THE VERDICT: The George Zimmerman Murder Trial

    in Current Events

    This show examines the legalities of the George Zimmerman murder trial and verdict.
    Florida Attorney Guest: Nick Martino, Esq., Professor of Legal Studies at Florida State College; Adjunct Professor at Florida Coastal School of Law; Of Counsel at McCabe Law Group.
    Disclaimer: This radio show is intended to be for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute legal advice. The law is constantly changing and the information may not be complete or correct depending on the date and your particular legal problem. Each legal problem depends on its individual facts, and different jurisdictions have different laws and regulations. Because of these differences, you should not act or rely on any information in this segment without seeking the advice of a competent attorney, licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction, for your particular problem.

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    George Zimmerman Verdict One Year Later With Don West

    in News

    July 13 marks the one-year anniversary of the verdict in the highly-publicized trial of George Zimmerman, who was charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  Don West, along with Mark O’Mara, were George Zimmerman’s attorneys at trial.  Don West joins us today.  Mr. West is a dedicated trial attorney whose career has largely been spent providing services to the indigent community.  He is the former Senior Litigation Counsel for the Federal Defender’s Office and supervisor of its Capital Defense Team. A criminal trial specialist, he has represented those accused of all nature of offenses.  He is a former president of the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, a former director of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and a fellow member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers Top 100.  We will also discuss updates in the case of Daniel Chong (who was incarcerated and forgotten about by DEA agents, and left for over 4 days without food or water), the Milwaukee Stabbing case, and other criminal matters.


    JASON K. FELDMAN spent the first five years of his career as a criminal prosecutor in Portland, Oregon where he tried over 40 cases to a jury, argued in hundreds of judicial hearings, and assisted in a capital murder prosecution. Mr. Feldman served in the District Attorney’s Felony Drug and Vice Division where he mastered search and seizure law, conducted nearly 1,000 grand jury proceedings and orchestrated sting operations as well as the execution of search warrants. Mr. Feldman has steadily developed a reputation for aggressive, thorough representation of criminal defendants throughout Los Angeles County obtaining spectacular results at all phases of pre-trial as well as at trial.