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    10 Years of GEOINT Symposia

    in Military

    Stu Shea, founder and chairman of the board of USGIF, reflects upon the evolution of the Foundation, as its flagship event, the GEOINT Symposium, approaches its tenth year.

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    GEOINT Foreword Preview

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    Author Dave Snowden, founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge, joins us to discuss his upcoming keynote at GEOINT Foreword Oct. 13 in Tampa, Fla. GEOINT Foreword is the pre-conference session dedicated to innovation that takes place the day before the GEOINT Symposium officially kicks off. 

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    GEOINT Community Week Preview

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    This podcat will feture two USGIF staff members: Dr. Darryl Murdock, vice president of professional development, and Dr. Max Baber, director of academic programs. Darryl and Max will discuss USGIF’s upcoming GEOINT Community Week, held May 20-23 at various locations in Northern Virginia. 

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    GEOINT 2013* Preview with AJ Clark, President of Thermopylae

    in Technology

    Welcome to the Thermopylae podcast series.  With the re-scheduled GEOINT conference coming up in a few weeks, now is the ideal time to gain some insights into what Thermopylae will be showcasing, as well as discuss key themes from the event.

    Today, we are speaking with AJ Clark, President of Thermopylae Sciences & Technology, about what to expect at GEOINT 2013*.

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    GEOINT Goes to Mars?

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    Join us for the got geoint? podcast series as we talk with Austin Bradley, former U.S. Army and NGA civlian, who is now pursuing his Ph.D. in physics and has applied to colonize Mars as part of the MarsOne program.

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    Podcast: Air Force GEOINT

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    Chris Phillips, a civilan technical advisor with the Air Force GEOINT Office at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), discusses the five different U.S. Air Force organizations that will be represented at the GEOINT 2012 Symposium next week in Orlando. 

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    GEOINT 2013 Preview: Shel Israel

    in Technology

    This podcast features Shel Israel, CEO of SI Associates, as well as a consultant and speaker on issues relating to social media and business communications.
    Israel will give a joint keynote presentation Oct. 14 at GEOINT 2013 in Tampa, Fla., with Robert Scoble, startup liaison for open cloud computing company Rackspace.
    Israel and Scoble will soon introduce their new book, Age of Context: Mobile, Sensors Data & the Future of Privacy. Their latest book explores the converging technological advancements that predict what people want before they ask for it.
    In this podcast, he will discuss the new book and provide us a glimpse into what he and Scoble will share

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    PODCAST: USGIF YPG Developments and Events at GEOINT 2012

    in Military

    Since 2009, the USGIF Young Professionals Group (YPG) has played a major role in advancing the geospatial intelligence tradecraft by utilizing the unique talents of the next generation of GEOINT leaders.
    At GEOINT 2012, the YPG has a number of unique events and activities that are very exciting and provide further opportunities for young GEOINT professionals to be further engaged with the community.
    Today, we are speaking with Carrier Drake with USGIF, Mike Campanelli, with RadiantBlue Technologies – he is also a new USGIF board member and co-chair of the YPG – as well as Kim Hansen of MDA, who will participating in YPG activities for the first time at the symposium.

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    PODCAST: USGIF Technical Committee GEOINT 2011 Events

    in Military

    This year at GEOINT 2011, the USGIF Technical Committee is hosting a number of events including the Interoperability Tech Talks, the tradecraft luncheon and much more.  Today we are speaking with both John Moeller and Robert Mott, who are the USGIF Technical Committee Co-Chairs.

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    Explosive findings about the purpose and scope of Jade Helm 15

    in News

    There has been much speculation about the purpose, scope and depth within the alternative media about Jade Helm 15. At the epicenter of this speculation exists one primary question: What is the real reason behind the Jade Helm 15 exercise?

    “D.J.,” an investigative researcher and the founder and developer of Level9News.com (currently under construction) will be our very special guest tonight to discuss her startling research findings that connect some very interesting dots pertaining to the computer  GeoSpatial Intelligence Network (GeoINT) and “the net” that is about to be dropped upon humanity.

    Just coming off of an interview with J.B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight (Episode 309), “D.J.” will offer a very informative look into Jade Helm 15 that no other researcher has yet to provide. Having a strong background in system & network engineering, “D.J.” will provide a very detailed analysis of the backbone of Jade Helm 15, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) based computer system with astounding, futuristic capabilities.

    Is it possible that JADE II is part of a bigger command and control system that goes beyond military applications? Based on countless hours of recent research and tireless investigation, “D.J.” has the answers, or at least many of them, which connect important yet overlooked dots about the ultimate role quantum computing will play in this new “geospatial intelligence network centric” battlefield.

    Do not be fooled by others who claim to have done the research and present the findings into this very specific aspect of Jade Helm 15, for it is her exposure that has shaken the intelligence community.

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    GEO Huntsville & NGA

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    We will be joined by Tommy Battle, mayor of Huntsville, Alabama, and Ray Bauer, information technology innovation lead at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. They will discuss GEO Huntsville, a collaborative nonprofit organization engaged in geospatial technology applications in the Huntsville, Alabama, area.