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  • 01:00

    Geocentric Earth - The Topic Relegated Taboo Even For Conspiracy Theorists II

    in Religion

    Yes I have gone all the way down the rabbit hole and found that it does not come up in China.  Imagine my surprise to discover a topic even too controversial for most conspiracy realists.  Why are serious and very well researched individuals afraid to take the plunge when it comes to this topic?  Well understandably, if you are anything like myself you believed this issue lunancy and a complete waste of time, one which so obviously was meaningless to pursue especially when considering that there are so many more relevant conspiracies to pursue like Michelle Obama being a man, Barry Sotoro being a clone, and Bruce Jenner being a woman just to name a few.  So I finally went there and your not going to believe where I ended up and what I found.

  • 01:28

    When your world stops moving With Teno Groppi!

    in Politics Conservative

    We will talk with Evangelist/Apologist/creationist Teno groppi.  tons of interesting topics and deeper wisdom.

  • 00:43

    Rosa Korie on Aganda 21 and ICLEI

    in Politics

    Thank you for joining us! If you like the shows and would like to learn more, or help out with a donation, visit my site. If you'd like to be added to our interactive Skype chat room send me an invite on Skype to lorrieab1 and I'll add you to the room.
    Rosa will discuss the UN agendas and how they already have and likely will continue to effect us and where we can anc cannot go and what we can an cannot do!

  • 00:55

    C014: Obama's War on Christans & Review of the Nutball Squad

    in Culture

    The first half of this episode we will discuss the War of Christians and is fast developing with the help of Obama and the Progressives.
    The second half of the show we will discuss the Nutball Squadron. The nutters we will discuss include famous Catholics and others that believe the earth does not move and that the sun and stars revolve around the earth. Other nutballs inclkude on anti-Catholics who assert that the "droopy" Cross that was used be John Paul II is a Satanic symbol, that the upside down cross of St. Peter (who was crucified upside down) is a satanic symbol, and other examples.
    The world is filled with assorted nuts.

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