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  • Gilbrando Acevedo

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we'll be talking with Gilbrando Acevedo. He's been in a number of Fuzz on the Lens productions, including two of my favorites, "Mama's Boys" and "Like Father, Like Sons" opposite Johnny Collins.

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Gilbrando Acevedo is an actor who studied acting at HB Studios in New York City. With a passion for academia, he garnered a baccalaureate degree in Philosophy and Political Science, as well as a Master's Degree in Exercise Science, which informs his performances. His technique focuses on human motivation and honest self-expression while utilizing his physicality to bring a palpable intensity to his roles. No stranger to TV, he created, directed, edited and acted in his own bi-weekly television show entitled "Philosophy, Art & Fitness," which aired on Brooklyn Community Access Television. Experienced in theater acting, having performed at many off-Broadway venues throughout New York, including New York City Center, he made his film debut, as The Vampire Lord, in the original independent film "Prey Love Eat," directed by Michael Leavy. Although he has collaborated with many diverse, talented and creative production companies, he presently has finished his 5th film, "Catch of The Day" with Fuzz on the Lens Productions, in which he plays the lead, Detective Sam Hynes. However, starting in the summer of 2015 he will be filming another Fuzz on the Lens Production, in which he plays The Genie, in what will be his biggest film to date, "AA," and stars a stellar cast including Malcolm McDowell, Tyler Mane, Eileen Dietz, Leslie Easterbrook and many, many more. Look for these films, his appearances on television, YouTube and web series.

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    Jean Lanoue -best selling author - joins Traffic Masters Radio

    in Business

    Jean Lanoue is a longtime entrepreneur, best selling author, speaker and the CEO and founder of The Social Jeanie and Digital Marketing Genie, two successful Central Florida based businesses that help navigate social media and the world of online marketing and even provide done-for-you services. She has created a business in the box to allow coaches, authors and speakers to quickly establish their online presence.Jean is also an author, a national public speaker and has been recognized as one of America’s Premier Experts in Digital Marketing & Social Media.

    What does lipstick have to do with digital marketing? Come and learn about this and how to use the powerful GENIE technique to magically solve your online puzzle. Here is a gift for the listeners at digitalmarketinggenie.com/lmchecklist

    Airing weekly on Tuesdays at noon eastern and in permanent replay, you'll get great tips for increasing your business as a Seller or as an Affiliate.  To apply all that you learn, join us at DUvisio.com - the NEW Affiliate Network for ALL Niches!  

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    How a CEO of a Publicly Traded Company Started

    in Entrepreneur

    Genie Gateway [a U.S. registered company, trading on the U.S. OTC stock market under the symbol WWAGD, and filing regular reports with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)] is redefining its business to integrate Telecommunications, eCommerce, Cable TV, and High Speed Internet into a single Unified Solution.

    Las Vegas, Nevada – September 14, 2015 – WWA Group, Inc. has evolved to its next stage with the closing of its recent acquisition of a new wholly-owned subsidiary- Genie Gateway, a California corporation- and by adopting its subsidiary’s name as part of its companywide rebranding process.  WWAG will now become the new Genie Gateway. 

    As Genie Gateway the company has also applied with FINRA to change its OTC trading symbol as soon as possible, and will publish its new trading symbol on approval.

    “We have been very busy,” said Thomas E. Skala, Genie Gateway CEO

    Listen in as we get a chance to speak with him and see how he started as an entreprenuer at only 10 years old. 

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    Dawson Church

    in Spirituality

      Dawson Church, PhD,  is an award-winning author whose best-selling book, The Genie in Your Genes, (www.YourGeniusGene.com) has been hailed by reviewers as a breakthrough in our understanding of the link between emotions and genetics. He founded the National Institute for Integrative Healthcare (www.NIIH.org) to study and implement promising evidence-based psychological and medical techniques. His groundbreaking research has been published in prestigious scientific journals. He is the editor of Energy Psychology: Theory, Research, & Treatment, a peer-reviewed professional journal (www.EnergyPsychologyJournal.org), a blogger for the Huffington Post, and a reviewer for the APA’s Mental Health Mobile Phone Application Review Database. He shares how to apply the breakthroughs of energy psychology to health and athletic performance through EFT Universe (www.EFTUniverse.com), one of the largest alternative medicine sites on the web.


    The websites to give out on the air are:



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    "No Homo Fly Zone" in the Black Nationalist Community: Can We Do It?

    in Politics

    The Black Nationalist/PanAfrikan/Haitianist community is under heavy seige.  Our entire liberation culture is being invaded by white-sex offenders like Gay-Z Coco (Gadzi Kodjo), Cleo(patra) Manago, and others.  It's time for us as Black Power advocates who respect the great work of Nat Turner, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Queen Mother Moore, Kwame Toure, & Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammad to regulate who can and cannot claim PanAfrikanism, Black Nationalism, and wave the Red, Black, and Green flag.  

    It's time for us to decide whether or not we are truly serious about our Racial ascension.  If we are, we have to not only "No Fly Zone" the Ray Hagins' of the world, but we have to make sure that we run all of the white-sex (homosexuality and pedophilia) freaks out of the Black Power movement.  And there's no further reason for us to wait.  It's time to take action and push back on this white-sex community.

    We'll discuss whether or not we are strong enough and organized enough to "No Fly Zone" this Gay-Z Coco and others who are desecrating our movement.

    We'll See You on the Battlefield!

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    Practical Exercises for Manifesting Miracles

    in Lifestyle

    Goddess Allison is a Manifestation Mentor who specializes in Soulmate
    Matchmaking and Abundance Development. She has over ten years of
    experience in the holistic field and her guidance has helped many
    manifest miracles- attain large amounts of money, find love, live a
    dream career, lose weight easily, heal depression, cure negative
    patterns and habits, and so much more. Her work focuses on subliminal
    reprogramming and brain entrainment so you can reprogram your reality
    from having what you've got, which may not be ideal, into experiencing
    all your divine desires.

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    Practical Exercises for Manifesting Miracles

    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Goddess Allison Gee to our show! Allison teaches you how to become your own genie so you can make your wishes come true in three month's time! Manifesting miracles is fun with the practical exercises Goddess Allison shares with you. This is a great opportunity to learn how to make manifesting easy. You will want to tune in and listen to www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio for a discount on Goddess Allison's new digital manifestation home study course.

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    06-On The Record: You don't need a Gucci bag to be cool at Cannes Film Festival

    in Business

    Eileen Hoeter has been directing and producing since l983. She is currently the chair of Women in Film International, a Director member of the Directors Guild of Canada, and the president of the British Columbia Industry of Film Professionals. She has won numerous awards for her work, including a Leo Award for Best Informational Series - The Creators, as well as being nominated for a Genie for Dying to be Perfect. Her career has covered numerous areas including, Television, Documentaries, Drama, Animation and Photography. She has taught film at UBC, and BCIT, and was the Director of Film Related Studies at The Vancouver Film School. Her activity in the film industry has kept her a visible and respected resource and contact. Eileen received her MFA in Film and Television Production from the University of British Columbia in 1989.  She also owns a beautiful bed and breakfast in Mexico called Villa Star of the Sea.  www.VillaStaroftheSea.com


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    MinkheperaTehudimes SaRa: Back from Kemet - Ready for Duty

    in Politics

    The Irritated Genie of Soufeese (IGSE) just returned from Kemet with his "Ra" collar.  He is now officially a "Son of Light."  We will discuss his adventures on the KemetNu Know Thyself Tour and his experiences in Ancient Kemet.

    We will also discuss current issues and what we need to do as Afrikan peope to address the problems confronting the Black world community.

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    RHeart's Final Salute to Tony Geary w/Jackie Zeman & Ian Buchanan

    in Entertainment

    It truly is the end of an era!  Anthony Geary made his final and permanent exit from General Hospital on Monday, July 27 as he had one last conversation w/Sonny then disappeared into the fog for parts unknown. For anyone who has been immersed in the iconic drama it's been a sad moment, though I think tougher for those who worked with Tony for so many years.

    Join me tonight with my special guests Jackie Zeman, who played Luke's little sister Bobbie Spencer and Ian Buchanan, who also worked with Tony for so many years.  Both were at the finale goodbye party and have lots of insight into Tony's last year on GH.