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    Fix Credit Biz Genesis Credit Repair is #1

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    Fix Credit Biz Genesis Credit Repair is #1. We are the only credit repair company that has tracking. You can track everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Watch your Fico Score Raise as we permenently remove derogative information from your credit report. You can see when letters and calls were made so you know things are getting done. We are not like the rest, we are the best. Credit Repair you can watch and see results. Money Back Guarantee!

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    Fix Credit Biz with Genesis Credit Repair

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    Fix Credit Biz with Genesis Credit Repair just makes sense. Full service credit repair with money back guarantee. Voted #1 credit repair company for 17 straight years. Credit Repair service you can trust. Monitor your own credit repair results in real time 24/7 on the Internet and credit repair support with a live support team. Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz also offers DIY credit repair solutions also backed with a money back guarantee. Sign up for our credit repair tips on building and repairing credit at http://www.genesiscreditrepair.org. Let the professionals free up your time and get the credit repair results you deserve 3 to 5 times faster then doing it yourself. However, we do offer money back guaranteed DIY credit repair software and tools for the Do-it-Yourself credit repair. Credit Repair you can trust.

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    Credit Repair. Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz Can Help.

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    Credit Repair is not an overnight fix. It takes time even when a professional does the credit repairfor you. If your attempting to do it yourself credit repair, it will take you 3 to 5 time longer. Yes you can do it yourself but you may not get the results that Fix Credit Biz can. I encourage you to at least take a look at Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz and see what we can do for yourself before taking on the task of DIY Credit Repair. We also have DIY Credit Repair Software. http://www.genesiscreditrepair.org

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    Credit Repair with Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz

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    Credit Repair with Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz is the answer to your credit repair needs. Voted #1 Full Service Credit Repair Company 17 consectutive years. We have a money back guarantee. Credit Repair that gets results. We also offer DIY Credit Repair solutions that are also money back guaranteed.

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    Credit Repair. Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz

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    Credit Repair with Genesis Credit Repair Fix Credit Biz just makes sense. We are a full service online credit repiar company that gets results or your money back guaranteed. We help our clients clean up thier credit and raise your fico score so you can qualify for a loan and drop your interest rates. We are the #1 Credit Repair Company in the nation. We also help mortgage brokers, real estate agents, loan officers and builders get declined clients back into thier financial pipeline. We pay for referals that enroll in our service and all progress can be tracked with 24/7 customer support.

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    Real Talk With Coach Sherri Season 2 Episode 54

    in Sports

    For all athletes, spouses of athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches/trainers this show is a must!

    Maisha McGee Scoot is sharing information on the supplement EHT that has shown cognitive repair and better memory.  In the height of concussions, this is valuable information that you will need to get your pen and paper ready to capture.

    Call in 646-716-5245 with questions or just to listen.

    Thank you for tuning in to Real Talk With Coach Sherri

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    Melanated music and culture: African Bambaataa

    in Culture

    The legendary Africa Bambaataa is notable for releasing a series of genre-defining electro tracks in the 1980s that influenced the development of hip hop culture. Afrika Bambaataa is one of the originators of breakbeat DJing and is respectfully known as "The Godfather" and "Amen Ra of Hip Hop Kulture", as well as the father of electro funk. Through his co-opting of the street gang the Black Spades into the music and culture-oriented Universal Zulu Nation, he has helped spread hip hop culture throughout the world. Join your host jeremy, Jesse and schelett as they give credit where credit is due and pay homage to the revolutionary figure in hip hop, Africa Bambaataa.

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    Meet Chris: Full time Writer & Author Who Shares his Passion for Words and Ideas

    in Spirituality

    Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting Sasha Talk's latest project, "Moving Mountains with Sasha".  We are here to celebrate life experiences, share lifes' lessons, explore new ideas and recognize the best talents in their respective industries.  

    Chris Jones is a full-time, award winning writer, author, and editor. He also hosts the “The Art & Business of Writing” podcast where he interviews authors, writers and professionals who influence the writing profession.  He served as the editor in chief at The Health Journal and the editor-at-large for Fredericksburg Parent & Family. He's also a contributor at The Huffington Post. Formerly, he was the sports editor at the Culpeper Star-Exponent and his stories have published in various newspapers and magazines. Developing and coaching writers and authors on entrepreneurship,marketing and professional development is Chris's passion. Visit Chris at www.chrisjonesink.com. Image & Bio Credit:  LinkedIn.com. 

    All are welcome to join the conversation through chat, listening in and writing to Sashatalks.com.  Sasha Talks Terms of Service & Disclaimers Do Apply. 

    Thank you for listening!

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    Connecting The Dots-With Jason Gould

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    BSc (Hons), MChiro, (DC Doctor of Chiropractic)

    Dr Jason Gould started his career with a degree in Pharmacology and soon realised that it was not the medications themselves that inspired him, but the reward of helping people and seeing them get better. As such, Jason chose to pursue Chiropractic as his career. He went on to graduate from the world-leading chiropractic college, AECC (Anglo European College of Chiropractic).


    After working in a number of different clinics, Jason decided to set up an award-winning practice with his wife Tara in 2007 and they love to support the local community. He is an expert in looking after sports injuries and finds real pleasure in keeping players of golf, rugby, tennis, football, martial arts and many more sports in top form. After working in these areas, he has also looked after the England karate squad and is a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council (BCSC).


     Other than working with professional athletes, Jason’s clinic consists of patients of all ages from four days to 98 years old and also teaches at chiropractic colleges as a guest lecturer as well as teaching groups of professional chiropractors.


     “If there’s one thing that I love most about the body is that we all have an incredible capacity for healing and repair and that by restoring movement and removing nerve interference through chiropractic, lifestyle advice and specific exercises, in many cases we can provide substantial relief from a number of painful conditions without risking the various side effects associated with taking medications or more invasive procedures.”


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    Welcome to Sacred Sunday! Today~ I Timothy Chapter 2

    in Paranormal

    Separate But Unequal~The Way  it Was

    Paul's ready to start dishing out some guidelines for good Christian behavior.
    First, prayer is good. Pray for everyone, even non-Christians. Especially kings and other guys in positions of authority. That will go a long way to smoothing over Christian relations with the Roman Empire.
    Besides, Paul says, God wants everyone in the world to be saved. Jesus died to help the entire world get closer to God, and he won't be happy until he's got 100% participation down here on Earth.
    That's why God bothered to appoint Paul as an apostle to the Gentiles in the first place: to lead everyone, no matter who they are, to Jesus.
    So who should do this praying?
    Well, men. They can pray anytime and anywhere. They can lift up their hands and make a joyful noise because God totally digs it.
    Ladies, on the other hand, don't get as much freedom.
    Womenfolk should always dress modesty. No getting dolled up with hair braids and gold and pearls and fancy clothes. It seems Paul thinks the Devil wears Prada, too.
    Also, don't teach anyone to try to have an authority over a man. Just concentrate on being meek and submissive and everything will be fine.
    Why all the rules for ladies? Well, it all goes back to Genesis. God made Adam first. Adam also wasn't the one who got fooled by that snake—it was Eve. Um, has Paul read Genesis lately?
    But even though a woman did a bad deed way back when, ladies today can save themselves by having lots of babies and raising them up right. Oh, and by staying meek and modest and not worrying their pretty little heads about voting and stuff like that.

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    042916L2 Genesis Ch 1:3- 1:31.

    in Christianity

    Join us tonight at 11:00 PM(EST) on Bible's Truth's revealed International, with your host Pastor Josh Sparks. Tonight we will continue our study in the Great book of Genesis we began several days ago. We love studying God's Word with you, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Understanding God's Word will bring to the student a true sense of reality. If you study the Word you will not be deceived. Absorb it, ingest it and we as watchmen must always be watching. Join us tonight in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.