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    Move to Amend Reports w/ Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

    in Politics

    Genderqueer activist and writer Jacob Tobia talks with us about his work for justice in LGBTQ policy issues and youth activism in building the grassroots movement for LGBTQ rights and equality.

    You can read more about LGBTQ issues from Jacob Tobia at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacob-tobia/ and http://mic.com/profiles/30957/jacob-tobia

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    The Strong Stance with Eli Strong

    in LGBT

    Access to health care has lately been a hotly debated topic, both inside and outside of the transgender and genderqueer community. What’s covered, what’s not, who is covered and who is not. It’s a discussion that cuts across class, race, sex, and gender identity. Now, with the Affordable Care Act, there is even more debate and discussion. A good number of these decisions particularly affect the trans* community. Tonight,  Danielle Askini - Policy Director at Basic Rights Oregon, will join us to discuss the current climate of health care as it relates to the trans* and queer community and the access and/or hurdles to competent and comprehensive care.

    Danielle joined Basic Rights Oregon from Seattle, Washington where she was the founding executive director of Gender Justice League – a Trans* Activist Collective where she worked to repeal Trans Health Insurance exclusions in Washington, launch Trans* Pride Seattle – the largest Trans* event in the Pacific Northwest, and mobilizing to include Trans people in HIV Prevention and testing efforts in Washington State.


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    Rainbow Radio

    in LGBT

    Tune in tonite for our HOROSCOPE EPISODE!!!!!  MC Taz CHI CHI and Yellah Boi for the tea, shade, and your life. call 6467878636 to give a request or shout out !!!!!!

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    Velvet Lips On Air with Marla Stewart_Sexual Liberation Collective

    in Romance

    Velvet Lips ON AIR is proud to have the Sexual Liberation Collective on the show!  We will be discussing how you can free your sexual self, based on the multitude of identities that may comprise you.  Everything from race to spirituality will be discussed and we will share our stories and show you how you can free yourself!

    Alba Onofrio is a Radical, Queer, Brown, Non-monogamous, Old-school, Femme Lover.  She is also an Activist, Evangelical Mystic Missionary Mama, and a First-Gen Appalachian Latina Resister.

    Dr. Robin Nussbaum identifies as a white, queer, pronoun-switching genderqueer woman and sexual liberator. She is a founding member of the Sexual Liberation Collective, and she has been providing workshops and educational opportunities around sex, liberation, and relationship diversity for decades.  

    Maisha Najuma Aza, MSW is a free spirit, known for her magical hugs, symphonic laughter, sensuality, compassion and deep love of life. She is a sacred sex and body love consultant, ordained Shaman Priestess, certified massage therapist and MSW in Atlanta, GA. 

    Sarah Roan Coughtry is a freelance writer, educator, artist, and activist currently based out of Atlanta, GA. With roots originating from the rural farmlands of New York, they have traveled extensively for both work and pleasure, fostering a background in psychology, the arts, social justice organizing, alternative healing, and radical sex positivity along the way. A leading member of the Sexual Liberation Collective, they are passionate about kindling the connection between erotic energy, creativity, sexuality, and social justice work. 

    Join us afterward for a Velvet Lips Hangout ON AIR where we answer all your questions live!  https://plus.google.com/events/c0hssn3cdc50ke468p7oo3m61ls


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    Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies

    in Politics

    Join us for a talk with genderqueer activist and writer Jacob Tobia about his work for justice in LGBTQ policy issues and youth activism in building the grassroots movement for LGBTQ rights and equality.

    You can read more about LGBTQ issues from Jacob Tobia at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacob-tobia/ and http://mic.com/profiles/30957/jacob-tobia

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    Want To Come Out Of The Closet? Embrace Yourself And Be Proud

    in LGBT

    Coming out isn’t just something you do once and you’re over with it. It’s something that is always with you, that stays with you over time. People in your life change and you have to keep telling them who you are. You might not like it, but you have to do it. The need to come out never stops, no matter through what method you use to do so. Maybe you write a blog, you’re active within the LGBT community, you express yourself through an art form like poetry or painting, and so on. Look at it this way, if you stop you’re basically putting yourself back in the closet. Sure, some people know, but if you move to a new city, get a new job, or just meet a bunch of different people, your sexuality disappears if you don’t share it. That makes it easy to get back into the habit of hiding who you are and negates all the hard work you did to come out in the first place. NEVER be ashamed of sharing who you are, LOUD AND PROUD!



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    in Culture

    We are going to tackle a hugh touchy topic: SEXUALITY

    Human sexuality is the capacity to have erotic experiences and responses. A person's sexual orintation may influence their sexual interest and attraction for another person. Sexuality can have biological, emotional/physical or spiritual aspects.

    Fluid sexuality is when a person's sexuality changes over a long period of time. It is not overnight, and usually not extreme, but small changes in sexual attraction can be attributed to the fluidity of human sexuality

    Monosexuality is romantic and/or sexual attraction to members of one sex or gender only. A monosexual person may identify as heterosexual or homosexual

    Asexuality describes individuals who do not experience sexual attraction

    Genderqueer has been used as an adjective to refer to any people who transgress distinctions of gender, regardless of their self-defined gender identity

    Nonmonosexuality- to be physically, romantically, and sexually attracted to an individual who is either male or female bodied. Specifically, a nonmonosexual person can be attracted to a male bodied person who identifies as female, or vice-versa.

    *DISCLAIMEROur culture has accepted 2 hugh lies. The first is that is you disagree with someones lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you have to agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don't have to compromise convictions to be compassionate- phil robertson

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    Transgender Thursday: "T" Time with Tye and Michael

    in LGBT

     In this hour, feel free to drink some "T", spill some "T", embrace the "T", and last but not least, we will learn to understand and love the "T".  That's right!! It's Transgender Thursday with Tye.

    Tonight, in honor of Women’s History Month, we will discuss the space, or lack thereof, for gender non-conforming individuals in women-only spaces. 

    Our guests tonight will be Kymlee Dorsey, Director of In Our Own Voices, and Mahida, genderqueer activist and works as a Trans Rights Organizer at the National Center for Transgender Equality.



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    Outright AZ : Episode 11 | LGB-Trans Solidarity

    in Politics

    GUEST CALL-IN: (347) 308-8386 | Tune in to hear Mikester and Jesse discuss social, political, and cultural topics of relevance to LGBT-American freedom activists. -- Trust is built with understanding!! Join us for a "Transgender 101" briefing by a local activist / genderqueer trans boi to celebrate the International Day of LGBT Solidarity.

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    Gender Policing Is an Issue for Everyone, Not Just Queers

    in LGBT

    For gender non-conforming people, navigating a world that is organized via a male/female gender binary becomes a daily struggle. In this episode, we will examine some of the ways in which we can create safer space for gender non-conforming people. The creation of safer space is not only beneficial for gender non-conforming people, but it is key to creating a more democratic and livable world for us all.
    Based on our article Navigating Masculinity as a Black Transman: I Will Never Straighten Out My Wrist, Kai M. Green will talk about the ways in which the gender binary affect people of all gender identities and presentations and how it’s everyone’s responsibility to break those barriers.

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    Transgenderism, Cross Dressing

    in Spirituality

    Transgender is an umbrella term which includes cross dressing, gender variant, transsexual, transman, androgyne and a number of other expressions. Tonight I will try and explain the difference between these identities.