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    Living With the Dominator - Interview with Pat Craven

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    This Week on What's Right About Men? - "Living With the Dominator" Interview with Pat Craven

    This show features a very special guest, Pat Craven, founder of the pioneering "Freedom Programme".  Pat will help us explore the sources of abuse and violent behaviour, the dynamics that undermine relationships and how to help men to be better men.   www.freedomprogramme.co.uk

    Pat Craven is a qualified UK social worker and probation officer. In 1999 she created the Freedom Programme for female survivors of domestic abuse.

    There are now hundreds of programmes across the UK and it has now spread to Gibraltar and to Dublin. The Freedom Programme is also available for men who want to become decent partners and fathers.

    In 2008 she published ‘Living with the Dominator’ a book about male violence to women.

    In 2011 she wrote the companion book, ‘The Freedom Programme Home Study Course’ for women who could not access the Freedom Programme. In 2012 she published the book ‘Freedom’s Flowers’ which was inspired by the session of the Freedom Programme which focuses on the effects of domestic abuse on children.

    Callers are welcome and encouraged.  Dial 1-347-205-9869.

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    NLP 4 Kids with Gemma Bailey

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    Coach Cafe' is excited to welcome co founder of NLP4Kids, Gemma Bailey! 

    Of course, we would all like to consider childhood as a carefree time, full of happiness, love and laughter. However the reality is that many children face similar challenges in every day life as their adult parents, the difference for children, is that they do not have the wisdom or years of experience to make sense of their feelings. This is where NLP4Kids can help!

    Gemma Bailey is a trainer in both NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy. Realising that everyone who’d encountered NLP said “I wish I’d learned this stuff at school!” Gemma could see that the combination of her childcare experience, qualifications and NLP was a winning formula to help empower tomorrow’s adults.

    NLP4Kids began offering workshops in the local community for children and teenagers. Over time, they began to specialise in coaching young people on a one to one basis. They now work within schools, children’s charities and local education authorities too.

    As well as NLP4Kids there are now programmes such as NLP4Parents, NLP4Teachers and Hypnotherapy4Kids.

    Gemma has spoken about the work of NLP4Kids throughout the UK and as far afield as Kuwait! 

    Find out why parents and teachers alike are singing the praises of NLP4Kids! 

    To find out more about Gemma Bailey and NLP4KIds visit- www.NLP4kids.org

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    Dr. Edward E. Bell, Author

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    Dr.  Edward E. Bell is a noted scholar; he has published over 30 articles regarding African-American males—and has authored several books. He is a native New Bernian and currently resides in Raleigh, NC.  He is currently a program administrator for the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

    Dr. Bell received his AAS degree in criminal justice technology from Craven Community College; BA in criminal justice from North Carolina Central University; and his MA in counseling and doctorate in education leadership from Liberty University. Dr. Bell is a licensed school counselor and social studies teacher in Virginia and North Carolina respectively.

    In 1993, Dr. Bell received the prestigious Nancy Susan Reynolds Award for personal services, given by the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation—a $25,000 prize. He was also named Tar Heel of the Week by the News and Observer in 1994; he has received numerous awards for his community and philanthropic services.

    His motto is: Children are the cloth of the world; just imagine the world without children.

    Dr. Edward E. Bell


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    Can Music Therapy Help People in Pain? -- Pain Waves Radio by Pain BC

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    *Note: If you missed the live recording and still want to ask questions, please email Gemma at president@mtabc.com.

    Join us as we interview Gemma Isaac, an accredited (MTA) music therapist and certified in Neurologic Music Therapy. As the music therapist at the Burns, Plastic and Trauma Unit (BPTU) at VGH, Gemma facilitates music therapy programs for patients, their families, and healthcare staff alike. http://gemmamusictherapy.com/

    How does music therapy work?

    Music therapy is facilitated through a variety of interventions including patient song choices, music making, song writing, improvisation, and guided relaxation. Other times, the music therapist works alongside other healthcare disciplines such as nurses, physiotherapist, or occupational therapist, using music during physical rehabilitation to inspire movement and promote encouragement by accompanying movement through musical cues, which also helps peoople become distracted from the pain. Visit www.mtabc.com or www.musicheals.ca for more info.

    Don't miss your chance to ask questions! How can music therapy help you and your loved ones better deal with pain?

    Pain Waves Radio is sponsored by Pain BC

    Whether you’re living with pain; supporting someone in pain; or providing care to patients in pain… we offer tools and resources to help you! Join us! Together, we can make a difference.

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    NY Brand Lab Radio | Gemma Craven

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    FACT: Brands are becoming more human. But what does the humanization of brands actually mean? What’s more, if you want to humanize your brand or company, what do you do? Meet Gemma Craven. As SVP and NY Group Director at Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence Group, Gemma is an expert in the world of advising and leading clients on the development of community, conversation and reaching key influencers online. She’s worked in the digital space in the US and France with the world’s leading brands  – BBC, News Corp, Microsoft, IBM and GNC – and now leads client relationships with Gap, DuPont and IKEA as well as handling digital crisis management, social strategy creation – and more. Find out why consumers (you and me) are demanding this more human approach and then watch heads turn. PS Ogilvy is a proud winner of 2011 Digital/Social Global Agency of the Year - Holmes Report. Follow Gemma  @gemsie. Then go visit www.ogilvy.com

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    Test episode with Gemma

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    Testing out the Skype connectivity and pre-interview

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    Walter Strauss. African beat,stunning guitar. Rayvon Owen. new inspiring pop

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    Rayvon Owen began his music career  singing in choirs, touring with gospel artists and performing in local musicals. He moved to Nashville to perfect his skills in writing while performing at popular clubs and showcases in Music City. Influenced by artists like Lionel Richie, John Legend, Katy Perry, and Stevie Wonder he has developed his own voice as a performer and reflective songwriter.  He released his first single, and will kick off  a West Coast Tour 12/19/14 in Los Angeles.

    Walter Strauss  is  a many layered musician who has developed  a  completely  unique guitar  style combining  ancient string instrument rhythms from West Africa and modern acoustic guitar picking and strumming – a very, very high level of skill..  He plays solo and with Mamajowali, a trio with Joe Craven and Mamadou Sidibe.  Strauss  has released two solo CDs, Planet Solitaire and Pulling Shadows,  and a new self-titled EP by  the Manajowali trio.  

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- hosts Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale -- SOA Special

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    Shooting for the Lip with @bsaunders12 and @kevinhale423 - review SOA S12 - preview the series finale with @SOAAddicts @hoistingmysail - will be fun

    lets take some SOA fan calls!!!  

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    SHOOTING from the LIP -- hosts Bill Saunders & Kevin Hale -- SOA Special

    in Television

    Shooting for the Lip with @bsaunders12 and @kevinhale423 - review SOA S11 - preview S12 & 13 with @SOAAddicts @hoistingmysail - will be fun

    lets take some SOA fan calls!!!  

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--General Zachary Taylor Hero in the US Mexican WAr--President who died from eating a bowl of cherries

    Vice President Alben Barkley  President Truman's VP dies immediately after speaking

    Historical Audio excerpt

    German Field Marshall Erich Von Manstein aka Lewinsky--Birthday

    Nancy Pelosi "is craven"   Tv Personality Jon Stewart's assessment of this controversial political animal

    PUBLIC POLICY QUESTION" The Bill Cosby sexual predator controversy--Are conservative blacks who make these grievous sexual acts held to a different moral standard as compared with Accused White sexual predators and liberal blacks?

    THE REST OF THE STORY--White Accused Sexual Predators

    Roman Polanski--Woody Allen--Singer--Bill Clinton--various congressmen--

    Barney Frank--ran a teenaged boy prostitution  servuce out of Congress

    British political & Media pedophile murder coverup & Scandal?

    POLITICAL LEXICON--Does Immigrant mean Migrant? Are al l  illegals in the US coming here to become American Citizens?   Or do these people have other reasons such as employment opportunities?  Real Estate rackeering, Fleeing from justice in their home countries(The Filipino Garcia Crime Family) Juan Pifarre--Argentine homosexual predator--

    Facing Schism?  Pope Francis's purge of Conservative Bishops & Cardinals--

    Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)--Remembering DE GAULLE--the Last Great Frenchman

    Mike Nichols--along with another commedian  Gregroy--worked in the Chicago Post Office where they both cracked jokes and got into trouble


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    International Friendly: USA At Colombia Post Game Show

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    Join me and my panel as we recap the international friendly between the USA & Colombia as the match will be played at the Craven Cottage which is the home of Fulham Football Club of the Championship League of England.

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