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    The Chauncey Karls Report

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    Hosts Jesse and Cody discuss Marvel Comics' announcement of a female Thor and female representation in media in general, and how more diverese depictions of women within culture could lead to better social conditions for women in general; the recent kerfuffle over American espionage against Germany, and various tech tactics that the NSA and GCHQ employ; the recent flare-up of Isreali-Palestinian violence; and the continued ideological struggle over the current border/immigration crisis invovling America, Mexico, and Central America.

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    TRUNEWS 7/21/14: Thomas Drake, former NSA Exec. & Whistleblower

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    Rick comments on the tragic death of Episcopal Bishop Tony Palmer. Later in the program, former NSA executive and whistleblower Thomas Drake tells Rick that the USA is in a post-Constitution era and is operating under an emergency decree.


    "Confronting NWO Agendas and Sexual Addiction"

    Dr. Preston Bailey is back on the program, this time to tackle various New World Order agendas that are currently being carried out against this nation. In the second part of the program, we will be featuring Joe Dallas. He is the program director of Genesis counseling and is nationally recognized on the subject of sexual addiction. This will be an exciting and relevant program you won’t want to miss. 

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    TRUNEWS 7/14/14: Rabbi Aryeh Spero & John Whitehead

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    Caucus for America president Rabbi Aryeh Spero tells Rick that Barack Obama is deliberately aiding radical Islamic groups.  Constitutional lawyer John Whitehead concludes today’s program with a call to action to oppose the growing police state surveillance in the USA.  

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    Trunews April 25, 2014 - Katherine Albrecht

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    Today Rick is joined by Dr. Katherine Albrecht to discuss the reality of the surveillance state. We are seeing the proliferation of technologies that strip us of our freedoms and privacy yet many of us willingly cooperate in ignorance. Many of us remain in the dark as to how Google works and how email mines the population of the world for their personal information. Be prepared for an intense break-down of the facts.

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    Trunews April 21, 2014

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    After covering the latest news headlines, Rick is joined by New Zealand-based investigative journalist, Ian Wishart, to discuss the global surveillance-industrial complex and how it factors into the elite’s incessant push for global governance. Along with heading up Investigate Magazine, Ian is the author of several books including his latest title, “Totalitaria: What If The Enemy Is The State?”

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    Ukraine: One ‘Regime Change’ Too Many?

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    1st HOUR: Bristol Co-op public radio "Friday Drivetime" co-hosts Tony Gosling and Martin "Old Labour" Summers held a very interesting discussion into the investigations Summers made on the use of various intelligence agencies in the Ukraine. From the April 18th broadcast "State of the City":Second hour: Occupations of police and government buildings in Eastern Ukraine, talks between Russia, EU, US and Ukraine in Geneva agree protesters will disarm but Ukrainian occupiers say they will ignore the decision. Leaked phone call from Estonian foreign minister Umas Paets to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Catherine Ashton. Similar situations in Venezuela (2002) and Syria (2011). According to Dispatches documentary ‘Murder in St James’, PC Yvonne Fletcher was not killed from the Libyan embassy in (1984). Was she killed by the security services: CIA, Mossad or MI5. Executive Director of the Open Rights Group Jim Killock talks about next week’s surveillance legal action talk at St Werburgh’s Community Centre. Privacy not Prism – Challenging GCHQ in the European courts. Follow ORG Bristol on Twitter @ORGBristol. Granville Williams ... is preparing a new book on who owns the British media in the internet age.

    2nd HOUR: Brian Lawless and RFK producer Michael Caddell discuss recent articles and news analysis about Ukraine including, but not limited to: Robert Parry's latest at Consortium News concerning the New York Times half-ass correction of a photo it published falsely proving Russian commandos infiltrated into Ukraine (see it here), and Dave Lindorff's examination, of the hypocrisy of U.S. officials Vice- President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry.

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    First Contact Radio

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    First Contact Radio 2/27/14 Show #1092 hosted by Joshua Poet


    This Week's Sky at a Glance

    Moon Phase

    Mayan Oracle



    UFO photo taken over Minden, Canada 22-Oct-2013

    Family Witnesses Delta or Boomerang Shaped UFO, California

    UFOs Follow Alitalia Jet Before Flying Off in Formation, Argentina

    Retired Commercial Pilot Saw UFOs Land At Area 51


    What Will it take to Convince Others that UFOs are important?

    Optic Nerve: millions of Yahoo webcam images intercepted by GCHQ

    Greenpeace co-founder: No scientific evidence of man-made global warming

    AIDS cured! (says Egypt’s military)

    Noah's Ark finally on way to America

    It's Okay To NOT 'Fit In' With Society!

    Son of God

    Old French Freemason Movie From 1943

    100+ Free Documentaries That Will Expand Your Consciousness!

    Dragon Realms Message to Humanity February-27-2014

    Healing and Releasing the Past Affirmation

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"


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    Pando.com vs Glenn Greenwalt

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    The other day I referred to those who "evince zero interest in the substance of the revelations about NSA and GCHQ spying which we're reporting on around the world", but "are instead obsessed with spending their time personally attacking the journalists, whistleblowers and other messengers who enable the world to know about what is being done." There are dozens of examples, one of whom is the author of a post this week at Pando.com which accuses me and Laura Poitras of having "promptly sold [the Snowden] secrets to a billionaire", Pierre Omidyar, and claims we made "a decision to privatise the NSA cache" by joining Omidyar's new media organization and vesting it with a "monopoly" over those documents.Glen Greenwalt

    Who “owns” the NSA secrets leaked by Edward Snowden to reporters Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras?Given that eBay founder Pierre Omidyar just invested a quarter of a billion dollars to personally hire Greenwald and Poitras for his new for-profit media venture, it’s a question worth asking.

    It’s especially worth asking since it became clear that Greenwald and Poitras are now the only two people with full access to the complete cache of NSA files, which are said to number anywhere from 50,000 to as many as 200,000 files.Later, from his hideout in Russia, Snowden released a statement claiming he had left all the NSA files behind in Hong Kong for Greenwald and Poitras to take.A Greenwald-Omidyar partnership is as hard to swallow as if Chomsky proudly announced a new major venture with Sheldon Adelson, on grounds that it’s a “once-in-a-career dream academic opportunity.”Pando.com



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    The News in Ten 21 November 2013

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    The News in Ten is an International news programme from Bostonred

    n 1946, peace was less than a year old. Labour was in power and the wartime signals intelligence service had been renamed as GCHQ. Building on their wartime collaboration, Britain and America signed an agreement that was to prove crucial to the so-called "special relationship".

    They agreed to share intelligence on foreign countries but not to spy on each other's citizens. Later that was extended to five English-speaking countries, and is known as the "five eyes" agreement.

    Now, in a joint investigation with the Guardian, drawing on documents released by the whistleblower Edward Snowden (pictured below), we can reveal exactly when and how that agreement was unpicked.

    llinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation Wednesday allowing same-sex weddings starting this summer, making President Barack Obama's home state the 16th overall — and largest in the nation's heartland — to legalize gay marriage.

    Four men were arrested for trespassing at a Seattle school building where their organization taught a culturally-based curriculum for African-American students, police said Wednesday. They were released hours later, vowing to continue their work to close what they call a racial achievement gap in education.

    Seattle Public Schools (SPS), which owns the off-campus Horace Mann building, said that it wanted to renovate the facility and called the police because some members of the organization had refused to leave.AZ


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    The Morning Quarterback 17 June 2013

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    A Morning quarterback is a person who passes judgement on and criticizes something after the event (the Oxford Dictionary). We take a look at the Sunday talk shows and more

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    NCS 12/02/11

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    Hackers coulb be hitting you where it hurts, your smartphone or you tablet.
    Cyber criminals are stepping up in their ways to get your online information and you may be surprised to hear what they are doing now. 
    Britain's electronic listening agency, GCHQ, is trying to reach individuals with "a keen interest in code breaking and ethical hacking" for new career opportunities.
    Also check out the job of the day!