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    Gay Mass

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    Should Church's that preach politically still receive tax exemption status?

    Indiana decides to criminilize gays requesting marriage licenses - ACLU stepping in

    Gay caller calls in for advice on his coming out process

    Ballet Star kicked out of ballet school for doing gay P

    Gay Rainbow Flag Ban in Louisiana


    Call in!

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    Gay Mass

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    On Offlimits tonight we're doing our usual Sunday Gay Mass show.

    Tonight we'll touch on the following topics:

    Gay Couples & Taxes

    Menegitis Scare

    Preparing documents as a Gay Couple without federal recognition of a marriage

    Obama and Lies Told By the Right

    OBAMA and the NDAA

    Support for Gay Causes by the Hetero Community

    Gay Republicans

    and much more!


    Call in and give your 2 cents or chat in the chat room live!


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    Gay Mass

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    Latest news for the civil rights, gay community and our straight but not narrow friends and family.

    “Glee” Star Charice Says She Is A Lesbian

    Cheerios commercial causes massive racist rants from viewers

    MIchelle Bachman is out - no word on her husband yet.

    “American Idol” Contestant Now Pursuing Gay Career

    Transgendered Rights and the Gay Movement

    Gays and Elitism

    The HRC Corporate Equality Index


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    Gay Mass

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    Various chit chat on various topics. 

    Call in and give your opinion.

    Latest Hot Topics

    Newest song by Pet Shop Boys (Love it!)

    Whatever Happend to Customer Service????

    Why is Everyone So Mean?

    Doesn't Kindness Count For Something Anymore?

    Don't Confuse Kindness with Weakness

    and more

    Latest Gay Marriage news

    Harvey Milk Airport?

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    Gay Mass

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    - Sunday Services for the Non-Churchie Folk
    Gay, Straight, Bi, Trans, Whatever - this is your Sunday Church - for those of us who have no intention of waking up at 6 AM to go to a Sunday Morning mass.  I will take your confessions so call in.
    Music, Talk, Fun.

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    Str8 Gay Talk: #Stud/ButchesLivesMatterToo!

    in Entertainment

    It's Str8 Gay Talk!

    With your hosts: VeraM, Boss, Nikki D & Nickie L


    Today, our topic will be about Stud/Butches and how will they rank up, in the lesbian community in the near future. This question of the evening is...The Stud/Butch image, is it softening up or dying away?

    Could it really be, that the "Stud/Butch" image is disappering from the Lesbian Community altogether? And if so, could this be, the main reason for the Stud/Butches on Stud love these days?

    Well... Shit!

    Studs/Butches need love too, right?


    Do us a favor and comment your thoughts below and follow us on here, & like our page Str8 Gay Talk on FaceBook. Don't 4get to comment below and let us know how you feel about our shows.


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    Str8 Gay Talk Presents: Mix It Up Mondays!

    in Hip Hop Music

    I'm Back everyone! I am your Host VeraM and I'm bringing you up! Its time to get hyped and feel yoself! Rather you are listening to Mix It Mondays on your way to work, coming home from work, or you are at home feeling like Turn DOWN 4 WHAT?! Well, tune in so that you can turn up! It don't matter if you are at by yourself, Turn UP! It's Str8 Gay Talk on Every Sunday, starting 7 pm EST. With your Host Boss, Nikki D, She She, and Guest Co-Hosts! Tune in Live! Music Entertainment: R & B  Hip Hop Music, & Rap!

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    Gay college football player tells his story; Outsports at the Super Bowl

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    Our guest is Luke McAvoy, a defensive lineman for the University of Minnesota from 2011-14. He wrestled with a secret for years -- he was gay. McAvoy hid it fearing rejection but when he summoned the courage to come out, he was met with acceptance and support from teammates.

    "It was the acceptance from my teammates that I will remember," he writes. "Being part of a family that did just about everything together for four years was amazing. Being part of a family that turned out to be so much more accepting and supportive than I could have imagined made me realize that I had nothing to fear. The only thing I should have been afraid of was what was in my own mind."

    We discuss McAvoy's journey and Outsports' trip to the Super Bowl.

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    GAYXYZ - Racism, Beyonce, Super Bowl & The Housewives

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    We discuss on this episode Beyonce and the backlash after her new video/song. Housewives of Potomac, Gay Bashing, Racism in the gay community and more!  

    Christian will return next week!

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    Rated LGBT Radio with Rob Watson. Guest Star: Terry Ray - My Sister Is So Gay

    in Spirituality

    Rated LGBT Radio with Co-Host Rob Watson talks issues impacting our community!  Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question and join the fun!

    In the first half of the show, Terry Ray, noted comic, actor and writer, is our VIP Special Guest Star and talks tall tales from his new hit web series "My Sister Is So Gay" which also stars TV Icon, Loni Anderson!  MSISG also stars Wendy Michaels, Tilky Jones and Debra Wilson!  Directed by Sam Irvin!
    WATCH MSISG here!
    Like MSISG on Facebook here!

    In the second half of the show Rev. Rob takes listener calls and offer an LGBT Tarot Card Reading!  Get ready to dial in at 7:30 p.m.!


    Take the Rated G Radio 10 Question Anonymous Survey about your listening experience here!
    Buy Garrett’s album BLOND JESUS direct!  Get your very own autographed cd or digital download here!