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    Wise Gay and Lesbian Entrepreneurs Promote Life's Abundance Dog Food

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    Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz, co-founder of Healthy Dog Depot, LLC and Lesbian Business Project, LLC;     and Dennis Berardi, co-founder of Life's Abundance,   talk about  the opportunity that LGBT dog caregivers  have to increase their current income and grow their retirement assets by promoting nutritional  products that improve the quality of life and  life span of our loving companions.

    Healthy Dog Depot has created a powerful collaboration with Life's Abundance with the dual mission of promoting dog health and empowering Lesbians to grow their businesses, their income and their assets.

    For more information visit www.healthydogdepot.com.




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    Tea Room

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    gay & Lesbian

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    Gay and Lesbian Dog Professionals Now on Blog Talk Radio

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    Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz presents the vision and mission of Dog LGBT Caregivers , the first online community of LGBT dog owners and professionals that keep our dogs healthy, well behaved, groomed, safe, healthy and happy.  

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    Barely Legal: Gay and Lesbian Relationships in America

    in Romance

    Dating Expert Dear Mrs D speaks with Kim Rosenberg (Founder) and Meghann Novinskie (Executive Director) of Mixology, one of the premiere gay and lesbian matchmaking companies in the country.  Topics include: Same-sex marriage, coming out, dating tips for gays and lesbians, and more.
    Video of this program streams live every Friday at 2 p.m. PT on www.CoolChangeRadio.com 

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    Islam's view on homosexuality.

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    Why Islam does'nt except the L.G.B.T. community and their practices.

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    #36: The Incredible Homebirth of Alyssa & Natasha

    in Moms and Family

    Ever wondered what it would be like to celebrate your baby's birth day in the comfort and familiarity of your own home rather than in a sterile, unfamiliar hospital environment?  Alyssa & Natasha Monterey welcomed Baby Maddox into this world in October 2014 and are on the show to share their incredible birth story, from making the choice to birth at home (not an immediate one), what it was like working with a midwife and finally the birth adventure itself.  Tune in to hear why birthing at home may just be an option you your partner want to consider. 

    Topics include:

    The benefits of birthing at home with a midwife vs. birth center vs. hospital
    Tips for preparing for your home birth
    What to expect with home birth (from once couple's perspective)
    Why it's important to own your home birth choice

    Recommended Resources:

    The Business of Being Born documentary - http://www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com/
    San Diego Fertility Center - http://www.sdfertility.com/
    San Diego Midwife - http://www.sandiegomidwife.com/

    Find LezBeMommies Radio online at http://www.lezbemommies.com/ and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/LezBeMommiesRadio.

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    Speak to a dynamic young lesbian minister who has an affirming message for all

    in Spirituality

    Rev. Abigail Schairer, is a dynamic speaker and talented teacher. She is known for her practical advice and her study of spiritual masters from all the great religions. She believes we are all a part of the human race, here to help create the life God intended us to have – one of absolute fun, complete abundance, and freedom. Her vision is to transform the planet by helping people awaken to their own magnificence and tap into their own connection with the Divine.

    Rev. Abigail founded Center for Spiritual Living, Peninsula (affiliated with Centers for Spiritual Living) in August, 2012 a year after graduation from Holmes Institute of Consciousness studies with her Master’s Degree. Additionally, she successfully founded SisterSpirit Women’s Retreat in 2008 and continues to be the facilitator of the annual transformative retreat. She recently left her 11 career in Development at Stanford University to pursue ministry full time and to live as the example for people to follow their dreams. 

    1. I just quit my job (last day May 30th) at Stanford University to do ministry full time. 2. I'm a lesbian minister (Been married to my wife for 7 years, got "officially" and legally married 6 years ago.) 3. I started on this path relatively young- I'm 35 and have been a minister for 3 years. 4. I started getting serious when my fiance (now ex) left me for one of my friends...then I started dating God. And God sent me 10 dozen roses.

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    Gay Marriage Planning: Discover hidden skills to know each other better.

    in LGBT

    Your host Soul Dancer, an out, gay licensed wedding officiant in Hawai'i is also a social worker (masters level, private practice), monk of three orders and shaman in three traditions.

    This segment explores your unique talents (skills).  How do your unique skills enhance or hinder your relationship.  

    Questions about this show?  GREAT!  Call 312-268-0000 to record your question. Soul will air your question and share his ideas on your question on upcoming shows.

    Check out Soul's 12 month program to co-create a healthy, happy, lifetime marriage.

    Click to contact Soul to schedule him to officiate your wedding at least six months in advance.

    Music: Eternal Hope by Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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    Originally started during Summer 2013 with Thomas Witt, executive director, Equality Kansas the largest premier statewide organization for the LGBT communities.

    Program Summary: Jan. 21, 2015

    Segment Summary:  1st Hour - “This Way Out” the international gay and lesbian radio magazine. (30 min.) The U.S. Supreme Court accepts a marriage proposal, while lower courts continue to grapple with the issue; Jon Stewart and Ellen DeGeneres salute the stupid; a Mexicali gay couple completes their months-long wedding march, Austria opens adoption to same-gender couples, Ban Ki-moon slams India's throwback sex law, Russian trans-folk are back in the driver's seat, and more LGBT news from around the world.

    Then Amanda Marcotte’s outstanding “RH Reality Cast” from the vital news web site RH Reality Check. On this episode of Reality Cast, host Amanda Marcotte talks with Vicki Saporta from the National Abortion Federation about the new slew of bills intended to restrict abortion. In another segment, she discusses how Texas’ abortion law is back in court again, and feminist-friendly pop stars anger conservatives.

    2nd Hour: LIVE with Executive Director Thomas Witt.

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    GAY IS THE NEW BLACK [Setting The Tone Radio LIVE]

    in LGBT

    This Sunday's Topic

    This episode we will delve into a statement that it seems no one wants to really address head on: is gay the new black? Proponents of this statement feel like men and women of the LGBT community are ostracized and oppressed much like blacks were during America's Civil Rights movement. Others do not interpret the statement this way; instead, they are saying that homosexuality (bisexuality, etc.) are just cool these days. In either case, do you agree? Are gays mistreated in America much like blacks were in most of the 20th century, or this statement completely preposterous? Talk to us, STToners!

    About STT Radio aka "WSTT"

    With thousands of listeners, we aim to discuss just about any and everything under the sun. Our hosts are full of laughter and comedy but we also hit the tough controversial topics. Most importantly, you can always call 646-200-0246 and state your thoughts and opinions.

    Are you interested in appearing on the show or working behind the scenes? Visit our website for management contact information.

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