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    Mock Interview with Liz Gavin

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    Test Attempt #2B

    Marlena Hand interview Liz Gavin

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    Gerry Gavin, Spiritual Connections Radio, Monday, Mar 9, 8pm EST

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    Spiritual Connections Radio show- Monday March 9, 8pm ET

    Hosted by the creators of the network, Pamela Latour and Mark Rawson

    Our Guest will be Gerry Gavin

    What if You Could Talk to an Angel? 

    In writing his newest Hay House book, If You Could Talk to and Angel, (scheduled for release in early 2016), Gerry Gavin, author ofMessages from Margaret, and Hay House Radio host, channeled the angel Margaret, who assisted in answering the most burning questions that were submitted by readers, other Hay House authors and Celebrities, and general questions submitted from all over the world.  In this show Gerry gives listeners a sneak peak about what were some of the most universal questions that came up in the writing of the book. Gerry will also will channel Margaret live to take questions from the audience.

    Gerry Gavin is an angelic channel, speaker, life coach and author of the bestselling Hay House Book “Messages from Margaret,” currently translated in seven languages. He also hosts a weekly Radio show on www.hayhouseradio.com, and channels the angel Margaret live answering caller’s questions. Gerry also does worldwide private readings. (www.gerrygavin.com)

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    Gavin the Bi

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    OK, still a work in progress, but, this second show should be much better!  We will be going live again this Friday Oct 17th at 8:30 PM eastern.  We will be watching Gavins facebook page at the same time sooooo if you have any bird pics that you wanna know something about, or have anything you wanna share with us and talk; post the pic on his page and call in!

  • The mark-Alert w/ Special Guest Gavin Glass

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    Today on the show we will be talking to a very special guest, Indy prospect Gavin Glass.

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    Yammering Lew with Gavin featuring Jordan: MANIC WARS!!!

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    Yammering Lew and Gav are back at it again!! This time they are joined by special guest Jordan O'Leary. This time with a BONUS hour!!  There will be much talk of Lew overusing Star Wars saga quotes, the meaning of "The GOOD ILL", the origin of him creating his own nickname of Beast.  There will be talk of Civ IV and V, how Gavin feels about possibly playing IV, the long history of Lew calling out Gav for BLOOD!!, etc.

    Also, Gavin will speak more of his life in France and video game biz, cheese, wine, and good French bread (Ok so maybe this is Lew here, and Gav will not want to talk about any of those last things).  Tune in for some wild antics and manic talking.  Prepare for many topics being covered tha are not mentioned here cuz Yammering Lew likes to go off the reservation often, doing long tangent RANTS!!

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    Interview with Love Boat Captain, Gavin MacLeod aboard the Regal Princess

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    We got to rub elbows with the cast of the Love Boat and about 25 of the show’s celebrity guest stars at the Regal Princess naming ceremony. While cruising around the Caribbean aboard this innovative, state-of-the-art ship, we were able to interview Gavin Macleod, Captain Stubbing himself, in his stateroom. He is truly one of the kindest and most inspirational people we’ve had the pleasure to meet in our travels. In this interview we discuss his life, the Love Boat, his bucket list and much more! 

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    Yammering Lew with Gavin: DEBUT Episode (Rebroadcast)

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    What happens when a manic BASTARD and a man with STYLE try and host a radio show?  Tune and and find out.  

    (This is a rebroadcast of the debut episode of Yammering Lew with Gavin.)

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    Jan. 31, 2015, 10pm(PST)- Gavin Kelly, Phantasmic Ghost Hunters & our Haunted US

    in Paranormal

    Gavin is one of the most well-traveled paranormal investigators in the US. He's been everywhere, captured amazing evidence and turned it into a great web show that you can watch on his website. 

    An amazing investigator and a great guy, Gavin will share stories of his adventures searching for proof of the paranormal all over the US and tell where you might be able to join him for an investigation!



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    Rev. Beth Gavin Midnight Meditation with CharLena

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    On Midnight Meditation with CharLena on this first Saturday after the New Year it gives me great joy to welcome Rev. Beth Gavin to lead us in Meditation. Rev. Beth is an interfaith minister with over 20 years’ experience in the assistance of creating shared communication between couples as she officiates their weddings and coaching through her Prepare/Enrich program. She can and does turn various other events into special personalized & customized events for each couple.

    For more details:  www.Tietheknot.nyc or via revbethgavin@gmail.com? 


    An adventuresome review of meditations specifically for the couple planning their wedding, but also for those of you who've just had a "week" that needs meditating on and releasing it lovingly. Please join me we as we put the stress behind and enter our weekend with joy in our hearts.

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    Gavin and Bonnie Redo

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    Kurt, Sherrod, and Kaytlin welcome back Bonnie McFarlane and Gavin McInnes for another show, after poor audio quality botched the first attempt at New York Podfest. The "redo" was definitely worth it!

    Follow on Twitter:
    Sherrod Small @Sherrod_Small
    Kurt Metzger @KurtMetzger
    Kaytlin Bailey @KaytlinBailey
    Gavin McInnes @Gavin_McInnes
    Bonnie McFarlane @BonnieMcfarlane
    Karen Margolis


  • Episode VII: Yammering Lew with Gavin: YOU'RE TERMINATED F*CKER!!

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    In recent light of Gavin's viewing of the 2008 movie JCVD, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, this week's episode is going to be dedicated to ACTION MOVIES. The hosts will discuss their favorite movies, what makes a good action movie REALLY good, what makes them bad, and what they are looking forward to seeing next. Second hour of the show will be for callers to call in and discuss their favorites as well! Other topics such as why Lewis hates COACH GAVIN will be discussed also.

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