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    Throwback Thursday

    in Entertainment

    Co Co hosts The Network's Throwback Thursday w/ special guest, Go-Rilla Warfare's own Gauge.


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    SF #248 - Your Journey of 1,000 Miles Begins in the Mud

    in Motivation

    Today McFall wants to discuss the difference in the feeling of being in the mud (hard times), staying to busy and losing traction, and finally the forward momentum and living the work. It would seem that Mr. Mordant is feeling one of the three more than the others so we will see where this conversation takes us.

    Grab ahold of the rope and start pulling, Buttercup!  You are going to start out in the mud alongside Mordant & McFall.  Join in as they work their way out of the mud and explain how to find your happy!  This episode starts out in the muddy phase, works past being too busy, and ends off crushing it.  You’re going to learn how to gauge your life and different ways to start moving towards where you want to be.


    Intro Theme: By Jason Shaw @ audionautix.com

    End Theme:  Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

    Producer: Mike Woodard

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    US Racing Show

    in Sports

    Host Derek Simon of US Racing recaps the Big ‘Cap, the San Felipe, the Honeybee and the Tampa Bay Derby. He also gives his impression (not literally, that would be hard) of the Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks.

    Later, Roger LeBlanc, author of “The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby,” opines on this year’s Kentucky Derby contenders and offers his “lazy” take on how to gauge the pace and speed of the various Derby preps.

    Lastly, Kevin Rogers of VegasInsider.com is back to discuss March Madness.


    Roger LeBlanc, never shy about taking credit or blame, launched the lazybettor.com site shortly after writing “The Lazy Bettor’s Guide to the Kentucky Derby: 3 Easy Angles.” While writing the book, he also devised the Lazy Line™ for betting NFL games. Beginning in week 13 of the 2013 season, the Lazy Line picks went public on lazybettor.com and turned a profit for the span of games from week 13 through the Super Bowl.

    A former writer for The Racing Times, you can now find Roger’s work at http://lazybettor.com and/or reach him via e-mail at lazybettor@hotmail.com. 

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (book of the SUN) : special guest Lawyer ESQUIRE X

    in Current Events

    The following quote is from a law Review called The Georgetown Law Journal, written by Judith A. Shapiro. The name of this article is called The Shetar's Affect on the English Law, a Law of the Jews becomes the Law of the Land. The introduction reads as follows:


    “English Law, like the English language, is an amalgam of diverse cultural influences. The legal system may fairly be seen as a composite of discreet elements from disparate sources. After the conquest of 1066, the Normans imposed on the English and efficiently organized social system that crowded out many Anglo Saxon traditions. The Jews, whom the Normans brought to England, in their turn, contributed to the changing English society. The Jews brought a refined system of  commercial law. Their own form of commerce and a system of rules to facilitate and govern it. These rules made their way into the developing structure of English law.“Several elements of historical Jewish practices have been integrated into the English legal system. Notable among these is the written credit agreement,Shetar, or Starr, as it appears in English documents. The basis of the Shetar, or Jewish gauge, was a lean on all property, including realty, that has been traced as a source of the modern mortgage.Under Jewish law, the Shetar permitted a creditor to proceed against all the goods and land of the defaulted debtor. Both movable and immovable property was subjected to distraint.“The crusades of the twelfth century opened an era of change in feudal England. To obtain funds from Jews, nobles offered their land as collateral, although the Jews, as aliens

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    Learning Life Lessons About Relationships With Your Pet (EXPERT)

    in Pets

    Learning Life Lessons With Your Pet  © Judy Helm Wright wwww.AnimalHumanConnection.com

    Our family used to think we needed to focus on teaching and training our pets. Actually, it was the other way around.  While we were concerned that they know about  “sit” “shake hands” and “fetch” they already knew all the important stuff in life like loyalty, kindness and love. We were blessed with the animal wisdom they shared with us

    This week we will focus on relationships:

    Protect your loved ones
    Be loyal to your pack members
    After a conflict, shake it off and let it go
    Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don’t say it in a mean way
    Sometimes the best idea when it gets stressful is to close your eyes and ignore it
    Love unconditionally without expecting anything in return
    Don’t keep score of who does what for whom. You make the first move
    Be open to being loved & accepted. Why wouldn’t someone like you?
    Enjoy compliments and pats on the back
    Greet your family with the same excitement I greet you.
    Watch for non-verbal cues to gauge the character of visitors
    If someone is mean to animals, they are not worth associating with
    Understand the true value of a good friend. Friendship is the basis for all relationships
    When someone is having a bad day, just sit close by quietly and listen
    Be kind to those who may never have a treat for you
    Never, ever lie or be unfaithful to those who love and trust you

    Join us today @ www.AnimalHumanConnection.info


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    SouthernBattle Culture vs East Coast Battle Culture

    in Entertainment

    Tonight on No Filter Radio with BattleRap's Pam & Gina:

    SouthernBattle Culture vs East Coast Battle Culture;Compare& Contrast.

    Special guest 12 Gauge Scotty of Houston BarCode & others...
    Nikko Nicole & JaQuece Jaye's idea of NORMAL- raw, real unfiltered, no chill BattleRap shit.

    GOING LIVE @ 9pmEST/8pmCST

    call 773-897-6224 & press 1 to speak your peace or talk your shit!


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    NLP Podcast Episode 17: Should the Surging Toronto Raptors Scare the Cavs?

    in Basketball

    Since the start of the NBA season, the Eastern Conference has had one main unanswered question: Will anyone pose a threat to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers on their road to the Finals? With the Toronto Raptors on an 11-game winning streak as of this writing, they seem to be a potential answer to that riddle.

    The No Look Pass podcast spent a week watching the Raptors in an attempt to better gauge that very thing. The hosts will also discuss potential All-Star snubs, and teams who may be one piece away from contention.

    Follow the podcast on twitter @NLPPodcast and listen to archived episodes at WRSPN.com

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    New Evolution of Revolutionary Thought & Created Purpose

    in Islam

    Sacred connections for human growth and developement. Life viewed through the lense of historical truth,aids in the journey toward HUMAN EXCELLENCE. If mankind is seperated from his or her humble beginnings,then there is not a proper gauge to judge where he is on the journey of life.The GOAL is to achieve and exercise the potential of productive life placed before him or her prescribed by G-D.         SPECIAL GUEST: Imam Abdullah Rasul.          Quote:  Imam W.D.MOHAMMED(Remember when I said that to get into heaven you can't go in by yourself,you go in as a community?Acommunity of survivors of slavery.If we forget that,to me we lose sight of whats real in our life and where we should be going.So Insha ALLAH we will see each other again soon.)THE SPITIT NEVER DIES. page 141.

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    Reaching a goal isn't the goal

    in Motivation

    Goal setting is an important aspect of creating the life you want for yourself, however the goal isn't what we should look to pursue, but rather a gauge or indicator for your life.  In this week's show will discuss the aspects of goal setting many people miss and thereby seem to not able to achieve their goals, or struggle to maintain the life they felt their goal was suppose to provide

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    The Friday FARcast: Here Comes 2016, Year Of The Fire Monkey, What We Can Expect

    in Paranormal

    On today's Friday FARcast, I'll be looking ahead, gazing into the portal of 2016.  Will the Annuunaki finally show their hand? Will Planet X finally hit the scene?  What about the presidential election?  What can we expect?  We'll be dipping into some astrology in order to gauge where it's all headed.  2016 will be a pivotal time and year in our lives.  2016 is a nine year, which represents endings and completions, but it's also the first year of a new, seven-year-cycle, which started on 9/11/01.  So we have cycles within cycles.  How can you get through it and where can you find pockets of growth.  Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride. Please join us.