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    Gator Talk: What's Happening

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    We want to hear from you. Stories ranging from community events, Chicago violence & more. Call in 3478558943

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    The Gator show

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    Gator talks about life, love and Conan the Barbarian

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    Pinc Gator Comes Home To The Brownstone and The Corner Family

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    Come hang out at The Brownstone as we welcome home Pinc Gator. The Brownstone gets painted purple and gold to find out what Pinc Gator has been up to and to talk about that new track "Nation of Bruhs" 

    Come drop chicken on tha flo.......with us!

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    Murder to Excellence: The Autobiography of Wallace 'Gator' Bradley

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    Join P.O.P.S POPS Movement Radio as we give honor and praise to the living legend the Honorable Wallace Gator Bradley for the completion of his new book Murder to Excellence: Growth & Development for the Millennial Generation: The Autobiography of Wallace 'Gator' Bradley, Urban Translator. 
    Link for Book: http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Excellence-Development-Millennial-Autobiography/dp/0615886256/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1389894496&sr=8-1&keywords=wallace+gator+bradley


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    Animal Planets Star of The Hit TV Show Gator Boy's Chris Gillette

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    The Total Tutor will interview the star of Animal Planets Gator Boy's, Chris Gillette.  He is the primary environmental consultant and animal handler at Everglades Holiday Park, where he has worked for 6 years. He has a Bachelors of science in environmental studies from Florida International University. Gillette has been around reptiles his entire life, from having a pet iguana as a child to working professionally the last ten years with reptiles ranging from 16ft crocodiles to cobras and rattlesnakes. He started working at a nature park at 16 where he cared for snakes, turtles, and a small alligator. He will discuss his career.

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    Murder to Excellence: The Wallace Gator Bradley Story

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    There are many reasons why young men end up involved in the street life of gangs and crime, but there are also lifelines that can pull them out and turn them in a positive direction. Wallace "Gator" Bradley tells his story in his new book "Murder to Excellence" of how he transformed his life from feared gang enforcer to respected political consultant. He reveals many of the factors involved in the escalating gun violence that plagues our cities and the suprising cast of characters that knowingly fuel the fires of conflict between rival gang factions in order to profit from the resulting chaos. He discusses issues of police torture, false confessions, coverups, and the need for honest iintentions to provide solid economic opportunities in order to really raise up a generation of positive, productive youth.

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    Underground Wednesday with Special Guest Yung Gator

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    The acknowledgeable Yung Gator born Joshua J. Moore was born to the parents of Lori Kiner and Moses Moore in Michigan City, Indiana at St. Anthony’s hospital on February 17. Yung Gator grew up in a single parent home for as long as he could remember; he is the younger of two older brothers on his mom side and has two sisters and four brothers on his dad side. It was a battle growing up in the streets of Michigan City for Yung Gator, at the age of two his legs had to be broken due to medical issues and was forced to wear braces for six months. Yung Gator went through many trials and tribulations which led him to his next step in life which was music.


    Yung Gator started doing music in the year of 2002 under the influences of the Temptations, 2 Pac, Master P, P Diddy, Lil Wayne, and UGK just to name a few. Yung Gator came up with his name when he was at the age of twelve, he later came up with his label named U.S.H. WORLDWIDE in 2004, Producing was always Yung Gators first love; Rapping came later for him in the year of 2006. In April 2006 Yung Gator did an opening performance for the artist known as Petey Pablo in Jackson Michigan. By the middle of 2006 Yung Gator had wrote and produce his first album entitled “OUT DERE” which later allowed him to acquire his first distribution deal in the year of 2007. Yung Gator would later indemnify his rights which would force him to later forfeit the contract and lose everything he had worked for. In April of 2007 he opened up for Willie the Kid (of the Apphiliates). Yung Gator also open for acts such as: Gorilla Zoe, Slim of 112, Young LA, Choppa (making the band), Young Buck and many more.  Determined to move forward in his music career Yung Gator came out with his first mixtape entitled “U ALREADY KNO” in the year 2008. After a breakdown Yung Gator made a decision that would have him move to Dallas, TX in the year of October 2009. Being in a new city with new surroundings it took Yung Gator up to a year to get established

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    Marching for Healing & Peace Presents: Special Guest Duffy Clark & Gator Bradley

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    Please join us for another episode for the upcoming March for Healing & Peace in Chicago on April 19, 2014 with our very special guests Mr. Duffy Clark & Gator Bradley. The elders are ready to step up and walk with the youth to bring peace to the community, but are the youth ready to accept them? 

    **CALL 713-955-0708 3-29-14 4 CENTRAL/ 5 EASTERN**

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    Wallace (Gator) Bradley on Lulabee Live

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    CHICAGO — When Wallace (Gator) Bradley takes to the streets of Chicago's South Side to campaign for a seat on the City Council, he is swarmed by crowds that most urban politicians would dread. Lulabee finds out what he has been up to lately.    
    Join LULABEE and her Co-Host #MrMarkSaidIt! as they break down hot topics and advocate on behalf of more than 160,000 Federal Prison Inmates serving unwanted vacations at one of the Nations Extended Stay Locations near you.
    From politics to bullish and everything in between, you'll be pen talking on the show where you dont have to be indicted to be invited to sit back relax and enjoy the show.

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    Psychic Advice and Readings, Plus Gator Attacks in FL, LEGEND TRIPPING

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    Join, SpookHunter Owen, Damon and Deep Throat Wes as they discuss some of the top paranormal news of the day.

    There's been a lot of Alligator attacks in Florida lately!  Deep Throat is going to get personal with one.

    And Psychic Steve is waiting to chat.  He says the energies this weekend are extatic, or something...  Call in to talk to him!

    Long Island Medium Blows!


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