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    Gastric Bypass - it worked for us!

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    More and more people are making the decision to have Gastric Bypass surgery.  Not always with good results, many of us have lost family or friends from compilcations.
    But today we want to share in a story of life change.  We have two sisters  Sonya and Angie who have had this Surgery and it has changed their lives all for the better.
    Yes it has been a struggle...  and these ladies have been sharing with others the good and bad they have experienced. 
    Join us to hear more and feel free to call in with Questions.

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    My Gastric Bypass Journey

    in Weight Loss

    Today I will touch on a very sensitive subject to me -- gastric bypass.

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    The Truth About Gastric Bypass & Lap Band Surgeries

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    In this show Robert Ferguson has a special guest who has undergone gastric bypass and wants to share her experience. Doctors don't usually inform many of these patients that they may lose hair and that their teeth may fall out. The challenges of having your intestines twisted and the many follow up surgeries is not what is usually talked about when it comes to bariactric surgeries. DON'T MISS IT!

    Source: www.MyDietFreeLife.com

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    Gastric Bypass-Does it really Eliminate Diabetes ?

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    Please join our Panel  tomorrow  to discuss Gastric Bypass & whether or not they are finding it eliminates Diabetes & many of the on going complications.
    For the rest of the month, through January 2nd due to Holiday stuff- The Blood Sugar Wizard Show will be on Wednesday's at 11 am Pacific Standard Time.
    Please join us live when you can, in the archives whenever you want to-and share our show with all of your friends and loved ones.

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    Weight Loss Surgery Options: Gastric Bypass & Beyond

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    On tonight's radio program, I am honored to have Dr. Garth Davis from the Davis Clinic in Houston, TX and also from the television program "Big Medicine", Dr. Scott Cuneen, Director of Bariatric Surgery at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and co-author of "Weighty Issues:  Getting the Skinny on Weight Loss Surgery" as well as Dr. Donald Hess, Director of Bariatric Surgery at Boston Medical Center and Diva Taunia's own personal surgeon! We'll be talking with the surgeons themselves about the RNY Gastric Bypass, Lap Band, Duodenal Switch, Gastric Sleeve, and Band Over Bypass (BOB) procedures. These well-known and highly respected surgeons will help outline guidelines for determining which type of surgery is best for you, and how to find a reputable weight loss surgeon.
    Want to ask the doctor(s) a question directly?  Call-in at 347-857-2052 OR on my Twitter feed  @divataunia.  

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    The Pain & Gain of My Gastric Bypass Shabraska Ponder Part II

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    PART (2) As Shabraska Continues to share "125lbs Lost ~ 155lbs Back! The Pain & Gain of My Gastric Bypass Shabraska Ponder!" 

    Yesterday was an amazing story of the pain and turmoil that led up to the decision made to have the Bypass Surgery.  Did that solve her inner turmoil?  Let's find out together as Shabraska finishes her story.

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    GASTRIC BYPASS - The Real Deal!

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    Is Gastric Bypass the cowards way out? Some claim that those who choose Gastric Bypass are taking the easy way out and have little or no work ethic. Once you get the Bypass are you now a target for the slim and big in society to harp on. Some wear it like a badge of honor and some a badge of shame. Why does everyone assume Gastric Bypass will solve all of a Fat Persons Problems? Should all Fat People get Gastric Bypass?

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    No Tea, No Shade: Gastric Bypass Surgery Pros & Cons

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    The Ladies tackle the sensitive subject of weight loss and dig in to the pros and cons of Gastric Bypass Surgery.
    The Official No Tea, No Shade feat. Auntie Joy & Lady Lexy show produced by The Foundation Team Media Network.  
    No Tea, No Shade where you can come get good honest advice on personal issues and bring social awareness in our community.   We keep it real and throw no shade, only awareness

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    WEIGHT LOSS: Natural vs surgery

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    It's that time of year again. Spring has finally sprung and everyone is juming into an exercise or workout program in order to get BEACH BODY ready. That's all fine and good but we should actually concerned aout the inside of our bodies as well as the outside, all year round.

    Millions of people around the globe have been taking risk of reducing calories by undergoing surgery, while others prefer to burn fat the natural way. There are so many natural weight loss benefits to consider before agreeing undergoing a painful and costly surgery that has no guarantee. Too many people are seeing these weight loss surgeries as the easy way out instead of as a last option. Many Surgeons have become popular for satisfying their clients while many manufacturing companies have introduced new products for weight loss.

    According to Timothy B. Curry, MD of the Mayo Clinic, almost 2/3 of Americans are overweight or obese, and that number continues to rise. Many people want to lose weight, but for those who have become very large, surgery may be the only way to successfully do this. Others may take the weight off by making diet and exercise changes. 

    Natural weight loss benefits are so much more motivating than those of surgery. With natural weight loss you are not shocking your body into starvation with an intensely reduced stomach. Instead you are retraining your body to appreciate the right foods that provide the nutrients you need to be healthy. Other natural weight loss benefits include the introduction of better habits into your life style. By taking the time to learn to eat well, to learn to appreciate and enjoy regular exercise, and to learning how to overcome those strong cravings, or binge days, you are setting yourself up for long term success.

    So join us tomorrow March 12, at 8:30 on www.blogtalkradio/dpradioxl to discuss which strategies are the best for us to begin getting into HEALTHY shape.

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    125lbs Lost ~ 155lbs Back! The Pain & Gain of My Gastric Bypass Shabraska Ponder

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    After years of frustration, Shabraska believed that weight loss would be the answer to most of her problems. She elected to undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery where she miraculously lost 125 pounds in only eight months. Within 4 years she regained the weight, plus a few extra pounds, and that’s when she realized that her surgical procedure only places a Band-Aid on an issue as deep as a bullet wound, depression. LADIES...Join me with Special Guest, Shabraska Ponder is a Survival Strategist, Published Author, dynamic Speaker, and a Multi Passionate Entrepreneur, as she shares how she believed that her Gastric Bypass would solve her challenges with weight, rejection and low self esteem, and how she overcome it All!  This a Cannot Miss...and a Must Share!

    Love you more!


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    Real Talk With Mark Angelo & Lynna Arielle: Texting Is Hurting Your Back

    in Health

    Health and Nutrition:

    The dangers of Gastric Bypass Surgeries,

    Texting bad for your spine,

    plant base diet prevents cancer,


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