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    Vera Scroggins talks about Cabot Oil and Gas

    in Politics

    Pennsylvania resident Vera Scroggins talks about the lawsuit Cabot Oil and Gas has filed against her

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    Torture, Gas Prices,Boehner, and Impeachment: It Must Be Friday

    in Politics Conservative

    It must be Friday, we are cleaning out the office fridge today.  Let's talk about cia enhanced interrorgation techniques, lower gas prices, John Boehner, and Obama's Impeachment. All in one show! A power packed hour! Make sure you listen to the entire show today to get the full effiect. Today we also have our $5 Friday campaign.  We we ned 40 people to donate $5 to the Willie Lawson Show.  Our remote internet provider service is due and ithout that we will not be able to do live remote broadcasts.  So, pitch in! www.willielawsonshow.com and click the DONATE button!  Thanks!


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    Symptometry Thanksgiving Special: How to Avoid Gas and Bloating

    in Current Events

    Everybody's asking "How to Avoid Gas and Bloating" as Thanksgiving approaches & we get ready to "throw down." Tonight at 8:30 pm EST Dr Maxwell Nartey, Dr Charlie Abbott, Dr Elizabeth Winek and Coach Khayr break down the science.  Are the foods we eat over the holidays really "MISGIVINGS" is what we want to know?

    Over 50 percent of people never discuss concerns about gas and bloating with their doctors, but Dr Nartey, Dr Abbott & Dr Winek are going to let us know to put our self-consciousness aside for the sake of their health and what to do or consume if you're concerned about gas.  We'll also cover a few more unexpected behaviors that can cause blowing, like chewing gum. 

    Find more tips, and a great holiday gift, with the ever popular DOWNSIDE OF NUTRITION and WHAT TO CONSUME package deal over on www.SymptometryBooks.com as well. Give the gift that keeps on giving.

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    Oil & Gas Lending

    in Finance

    Peter Hosey of Jackson Walker LLP joins the show to discuss the capital-intensive Texas oil and gas industry. While historically a risky business, failure in exploration and production has been reduced through improved technology. Hosey explains what banks need to know about entering the potentially lucrative oil and gas lending field.

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    Cloverleaf Radio Presents: Former WWF Superstar Pete Gas!

    in Wrestling

    Cloverleaf Radio's hosts, The Host with the Most Jimmy Falcon and Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling's Gremlina welcome Former WWF Superstar and member of the Mean Street Posse, Pete "Gas" Gasparino! JOIN US!

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    Gas Prices Keep Falling

    in News

    WSJ's Mathew Passy reports on falling gas prices and the difficulty in trying to get back stolen property you spot on eBay.

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    Higher Consciousness: "Is It God or Is It Gas?"

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political  and spiritual dimensions.    

     All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  Link: www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises

    Tonight's Topic:       

    Title: "Is It God or Is It Gas?"

    Guest:  June Cline, Internationally Renowned Speaker and Humorist

    Time:  7:00-9:00 p.m.

    Date:  Monday, August 11, 2014

    Join us as June shares her witticisms and provides comic relief about all topics that range from metaphysics to daily life.

    Short Bio: 

    June Cline, CSP, is the Southern, Sassy and Savvy Harley Riding Humorist and Internationally known Keynote Speaker. As President of Open Heart Communications and author of "Is It God Or Is It Gas?" her writing is also featured in "Humor Me" along with sixteen of the nation's other top humorists. June is also co- creator and host of the International Internet Radio program called, "The Happiness Recipe."

    June and her co-host interview guests weekly to discover their "Wit, Wisdom and WONDERFUL FOOD." This fun, fast 30 minute show is heard on iTunes in over 35 States, 23 Countries and is growing rapidly. 

     Contact Information: june@junecline.com

    Host's Bio

    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.



      (770)  882-7347


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    Ferguson arrested Missourian Discuss "Mike Brown Peaceful Protestors" Tear gas

    in Education

    Mike Brown Demonstrators, Tear Gassed, Told Not to protest after sundown in Ferguson Mo. & White Reporters Arrested


    Missourians discuss the Gassing of "Mike Brown's Peaceful Protestors", the arrest of the journalists and the Ban on Protest after Sundown. Timothy Gist ( was detained in Ferguson), Preston Washington (A retired African American Kansas City Mo. Officer) Gary Jenkins (Retired White Police officer/ Lawyer ) and Jackie Washington.

    Gov. Jay Nixon of Missouri moved to restore calm after the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager by a police officer led to several nights of unrest, which were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.
    At a news conference, Mr. Nixon said that Captain Johnson an African American of the  Missouri State Highway Patrol would take over security responsibilities in Ferguson from the St. Louis County police,


             THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW  August 13, 2014

    RYAN J. REILLY, THE HUFFINGTON POST: Evidently, I was not moving quickly
    enough for their effort them to like. And at which point I was given a
    countdown. I was told I had, you know, 45 seconds, 30 seconds to pack up
    all my stuff and leave. I was then -- when I -- basically, he then
    arrested me.  My, you know, the worst part was, he slams my head against the glass purposely
    on the way out of the McDonald`s and sarcastically apologized for it.

    My sense is that -- well, if we start with talking about just that
    direction, that protesters are not supposed to assemble after dark.  And it`s baffling because how do the police officers explain
    themselves in terms of -- what, you can`t do your job at night? Police
    officers can`t work at night?


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    RBMW presensts Punisher talk Radio Live at BDD's Gas Station at midnight est

    in Entertainment

    come in tonight and we will discuss all kinds of stuff We will be Live from big daddy demented's gas station

    Pun will talk to BDDabout BOV and the gas station toinght

    How do you know if your mental???

    Puns ten questions for BDD

    Trainweck Radio tom night...

    DOuche of the week ...voting closing nominations begin

    Pun analyzes CountZ and points out why he is weak

    Talks about a future tt battle with count

    EWA news and Radio title tourney tonight


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    A Gas/Oil Boom is making a big impact

    in Technology

    Oil/Gas plays a big role in the U.S.A. economy from transportation of goods to if you can afford to heat your home.

    Today going to be talking about a story you may know about Fracking and one on how Mexico has opened up Oil Fields to outside investment both are adding up to an oil boom and a great impact on Manufacturing here in America.

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    DIY Convert Gas Powered Cars & Motorcycles To Electric

    in Energy

    What can you do if your car a gas guzzler? As the price of petroleum continues to rise, many people are converting their cars and motorcycles to electric powered vehicles. Clean transportation enthusiast, Ben Nelson has developed a "Do It Yourself" series to teach people with minimal skills how to build their own electric car. Ben's educational videos make converting your old gas guzzler easy regardless of whether you are a mechanic or your only experience has been with matchbox cars! Ben covers everything you need to know from battery selection, the motor, controller, adapter plate and other minor parts! Ben is a natural born guru! While he had no formal training in electric vehicle design before beginning his first project, he quickly learned how to build EV's (electronic vehicles) through a combination of hands-on work, informal apprenticeships, and enough library books to literally wear out his library card. He has also been a collaborator on the Open Revolt project, which makes low-cost electric vehicle motor controllers available to everyone. In addition to his passion for clean transportation, Ben has also designed and built projects for renewable energy, water conservation, and alternative heating and cooking methods.

     In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Ben Nelson about how to Build Your Own Electric Car and Motorcycle. Stay tuned! Today’s show is brought to you by LiquidWeb.com the most reliable hosting provider with  24/7 heroic support!  Listeners of today’s show will receive $100 credit towards Storm Servers (VPS & Dedicated hosting) or can get one free month of shared hosting by using the coupon code: “orgview”. Please visit LiquidWeb.com and make sure you tell them that The Organic View sent you!     

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