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    The Saturday Morning Motivation With C. Maria (are you a cup or a coaster)

    in Women

    I was in a meeting the other day and noticed the container of coasters.  Suddenly I thought hmm home many of us are cups and others coasters; each has an association with the table they are placed upon. Cups hold the liquids while the coasters protect the table from the spills and / or condensation that comes from the cups thus protecting the table.  Lets look at how this works in life. Lets talke about the cup it hold so much that sometimes it may spill over or lets just say the condensation is the tears we tend to shed.  The table bears the burden of holding the cup, liquids and whatever may spill over on it.  So the table takes on the burden of the cup but who takes on the burden of the table? Who helps to keep the table protected and safe?  This is when those of us who are the coasters come in.  Lets talk about this for a while. 

     C. Maria Wall

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    The Exquisite Comology of The Urantia Book Depicted by Artist, Gary Tonge

    in Spirituality

    This week the extraordinary artist, Gary Tonge, will join us to talk about his motivaton and inspiration in creating graphic depictions based on The Urantia Book. His drive to make these works as accurate as they are beautiful and inspirational has relied in part on our own resident scholar, Andre Radatus. Andre and Gary have worked together to present this episode.

    Gary is serious about recreating the cosmic places described in The Urantia Book and will expound on the importance of a coherent way to use this revelation more deeply; in unity with true science, real spiritual insight, and true philosophical reasoning. Gary's depictions of the Local Universe and Grand Universe are being used all over the web, by Urantia students and many others. 

    Gary is a professional artist with over 25 years experience in a variety of roles, most recently as a conceptual artist and art director. He is also a published author and writer and is now working as a creative consultant.

    Gary has been a student of the Urantia Book since 1997 and would consider himself “creatively cosmological” in his initial approach to the the book. “When I first got my hands on The Urantia Book I was immediately enthralled by the comprehensive nature of how it described the Universe. I'd previously been very interested in human cosmology, but had a niggling feeling that it fell short of cosmic truth and became embroiled in the art of intelligent guessing.”

    He believes through earnest study; The Urantia Book is (among many other things) the revealed truth lens for making sense of the unexplainable observations we see in the cosmos as well as the qualification of the history of our world.

    Gary’s Revelation works can be seen here:



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    Real Life Spill Ent. Presents:Real Talk Fridays Hosted By : Chuck C & GT

    in Entertainment


    Come Join the Party Friday 4/29/16 as Real Life Spill Ent. Presents Real Talk Fridays

    From 9:30- Until the Covo Dies

    With the Main Man Chuck C & G.T.


    All Guest 18+ Are Welcome

    This is a Late Night Deep Conversation with Raunchiness,Laughter, & Steamy Situations

    So JOIN US!!!!!!

    JOIN US!!!!!!!

    JOIN US!!!!!!! 

    CALL IN  (657)-383-0458 OR Listen Via 



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    Carson Baby!

    in Sports

    We've got lots to talk about! Leisure Sports Festival recap! NFL Draft! Phillies walkoff!

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    The Temple of Healing Waters Morning Dew Prayer Line

    in Religion

     Please join Pastor C and The Temple of Healing Waters daily at 6:00 am for prayer.

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    Jus Being Real Gospel Show- Lay It Down

    in Religion

    Jus Being Real Gospel Show with Brother Gary Robinson.  The show with more music and less talk.  The Jus Being Real Gospel Show featuring the latest upcoming artists from the U.S. to the U.K.  God's Word is prevelant in the Music.  We lift up His Holy Name daily on the air with shows from the Spirit Alive Network.  God is on the move so we don't have to move.  God is doing his thing on the air and in the atmosphere. God is Powerful in all things.  No matter what situation you find yourself in Know that God has Got it. 

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    Looking At Sunday's Mass Readings

    in Christianity

    Join Catholic speaker and author Gary Zimak as he reads and discusses this Sunday's Mass readings. After hearing what the Lord has to say in the pages of Sacred Scripture, you will come away with a better appreciation of His Church. Don't miss this powerful episode of The Gary Zimak Show!

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    Saturday Symposium with Dan Wilson

    in Entertainment

    Join Dan Wilson (FL) and Gary Rumer as we welcome our special Guest and producer Courtaney Turner. Courtaney is the co-founder and producer of Quixotix Memes Productions. Courtaney is a former actress and now Producer in her studio based out of Santa Monica California. Enjoy while se discuss her past, present and future projects that she and her company is working on. 

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    The 16 Jehovah Titles

    in Christianity

    Believer's Walk of Love

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    Today's Relationships

    in Romance

    Anthony Armstrong  A awesome artists and 35 year Russell's News to BE THERE Magazine Reader/Supporter will BE THERE with his Art..



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