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    2015-06-15 The History of Marcus Mosiah Garvey -w- Brother Mwariama

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    Brother Mwariama is a devout Garveyite and long time friend of the Irritated Genie of Soufeese.  He has studied and worked to reproduce the work of the Most Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey for decades.  This year marks the 75th Annual Memorial Celebration of our beloved statesman. 

    Tonight we will learn about the great work of Brother Garvey and all that he has done to uplift the Afrikan world community.  We will also learn about the continuing work of the UNIA and their efforts to bring Black people together under an umbrella cooperative work and unity.

    Tune in tonight and learn about the great work of Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

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    Straight Black Pride 2015 -w- Bro. Cimmaron of the Durham, NC Chapter

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    After decades of trying to rebound from the Black exploitation period, the crack cocaine era, the gansta rap era, the explosion of lesbianism, the explosion of "homosexuality", the explosion of miscegenation (interracial dating/marriage/sex), we are finally at the stage of creating an international movement for Afrikan people. 

    Black people have been crying out for a movement that was open to Black people from every walk of life for decades.  In fact, not since the time of Marcus Mosiah Garvey have we had an opportunity to create an international platform for Black unity and self-improvement that crossed all religions, languages, political ideologies, etc . . .  Also, not since the Garvey Movement have we had an international platform that was open to Black people; but closed to non-Black people. 

    And never before have we had a platform that was closed to Black integrationists and sexual perverts.

    The Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) is the most promising socio-political/economic platform in modern history.  It is a platform that can capture the imagination of Afrikan people worldwide.  This is a program you want to listen to. 

    Tonight's program will be with the distinguised leader of the Durham, NC chapter of the SBPM - Brother Cimarron the Garveyite.  We are going to have a platform that Black people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can embrace.  And with this platform, we will move mountains!

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    El Kuluwm - What does it mean Once a marine always a marine - vs.- once a Garveyite always a Garveyite - - Hush and Listen - The God in Me is Speaking to The God in You - The Righteous God in You, that is - Lets talk about Right Knowledge - Right Reasoning and Right Overstanding - - There is Nothing New Under the Sun or in The Heavens - But ALL Old Things are made New - - Time for Cleaning and Renewing - follow the Original Drum Beat of The Heart - LETS DANCE - WINNING!!! - - Amen and El Kuluwm - - Price: OPEN MIND; Location: 0 X ZERO SPACE; Benefit: MENTAL FREEDOM; Destination: THE ALL / THE ONE

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    Malcolm X's Daughter, Author & Activist ILYASAH SHABAZZ; Little Malcolm

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    Join William Jackson as he welcomes Malcolm X's 3rd daughter, iLyasah Shabazz! 

    ilyasah Al-Shabazz is a community organizer, activist, motivational speaker, and author of the critically acclaimed Growing Up X . She is co-editor with Herb Boyd, The Diary of Malcolm X , worked with illustrator AG Ford, The Boy Who Grew Up to Become Malcolm X (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and with Kekla Magoon, X . Ilyasah promotes higher education, interfaith dialogue, and building bridges between cultures for young leaders of the world. She produces The WAKE-UP Tour™ and participates on international humanitarian delegations.

    She is the founder of Malcolm X Enterprises and is a Trustee for The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Educational Center. Ilyasah serves on the Board of the Harlem Symphony Orchestra, is a member of the Arts Committee for the New York City Opera at Lincoln Center, and a Project Advisor for the PBS award-winning documentary, Prince Among Slaves. Ilyasah holds a Master of Science degree in Education and Human Resource Development and currently resides in Westchester County of NY.

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    Ty Johnson- Producer/ JackieMorris/LifeCoachAnneMarieActress

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    Ty Johnston is a Professor at American Intercontinental University (AIU) with the Department of Media Production. Ty has been recognized from many as one of the industry’s entertainment brokers extraordinaire. She is the General Manager for Atlanta’s newest 7,000 square foot TV/Film studio, J3 Productions, Inc.
    She established her own entertainment company, T.Y. Entertainment in 1999, and dedicated her time working as a media and educational consultant and a TV & Film Producer. The company launched the career of comedian/actor Benji Brown who is a radio personality on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show (syndicated) and WEDR Cox Radio. As Ty managed Brown’s career, with countless national standup engagements, she built a solid network of industry contacts. Her many works demonstrates castings, and working with national promoters and venues, including talent placement for Oscar Winner Jamie Foxx’s Laffapalooza, Bad Boys of Comedy, Martin Lawrence’s Starz-1st Amendment, and ESPN’s Cold Pizza to name a few.
    Working in many different aspects of show business has allowed her to venture into areas other than acting, such as directing. She also has an Art Institute in upstate New York. Her father was a Garveyite (following the "back-to-Africa" teachings of Marcus Garvey), journeyed to Africa and lived in Liberia for five years. As Anna said, "He clearly taught us to love being black and not be ashamed of being black. We are all warriors and have to work to do."

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    Why Blacks Are Scared To Go To Africa Pt.2..Feat. Bro Umar

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    Black Truth Radio proudly presents the Return of the Hon. Bro. Umar Johnson, in this night's episode entitled.."Pan Afrikanism and Repatriation: Why Are Western Hemisphere Blacks Afraid To Leave America..And Why They Better." Bro. Umar is a highly sought after lecturer, political analysist and student psychologist, who is also kin to the Great Orator of his time, Frederick Douglass. Garveyite For Life!! Bro. Umar will be discussing the need for "Africa For The Africans" and why we in the western hemisphere must Truly consider Repatriation. Be Sure To Tune In Live!!! Jerusalem School Room Once Again Is In Session.!!!   

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    "Garveyism In The 21st Century" feat. Bro. Umar Johnson...

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    Black Truth Radio proudly presents the Prince of Pan Afrikanism...Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson in this episode entitled.."Putting Race Pride Back Into Pan Africanism: Garveyism In The 21st Century." Bro. Umar, has he is affectionately called is known for speaking out against the ills of the "special education" programs and the psyco-trophic drugs being overly presecribed to black students in particular black boys. A descendant of Frederick Douglass and TRUE Garveyite.. Bro. Umar is definitely going to bring the HEAT!!!Be sure to tune in LIVE!!!

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    Practicle Solution Think Tank

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    ACTIVIST ACHIEVEMENTS: Black Panther Party member from age 13; Garveyite at age 13; MOVE (Family Afrika Supporter); Community activist; co-founder of DEC (Determination & Empowerment Collective created to address the rights of food stamp recipients in the Montgomery Country area of Ohio); Pan Afrikanist Congress of Azania member; All Afrikan People's Revolutionary Party member; conscious citizen of the Provisional Government Republic of New Afrika; Wachitaw citizen; delivered all my own children at home; immunized my own children; educated my own children; delivered hundreds of babies for sistas at home… certified herbalist and homeopath… mother of 14 children: 6 from my womb and 8 adopted… foster parent and mentor to hundreds of children… helped build four independent Afrikan schools; Save Our Land Community Patrol - organization developed to protect the community from police brutality; Garveyite; ideology: Afrikan centered cultural matrix and Pan-Afrikan Internationalist.



    Polygamy book One
    Polygamy book One and One Half
    Polygamy: What Happened While Writing Books One & Two
    Polygamy Book Two
    Khandisms (book of Poems)
    The Khandi Playbook (book of plays)
    Commentaries, Essays and Articles
    An Afrikan Love Story (Erotica Novel)
    Authobiography (book one
    Ghanain Proverb: (Tsi language)

    Ofatwafo akatua ne owuo

    The payment for a sell-out is death.

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    My guest today will be Bro Shaka Baraka a Garveyite from the Windy City. The Honorable Marcus Garvey organized the largest faction of Black folks every seen. Can we do that again? What issues did he organize around? What issues can we organize around. Speak the truth and shame the DEVIL. That is what we do here. You are welcome to call in at 347-945-6475