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    Where Do The New York Jets Go From Here?

    in Football

    As the New York Jets head into the offseason the team will face several questions in terms of personnel. We will evaluate the offense and defense, identifying areas of concern and strength. We will discuss potential free agents along with the contracts that will be offered. We will also answer phones calls live along with tweets from @TalkJetsRadio. Be sure to tune in and call in with your thoughts on Gang Green. Are the Jets only a few players away from contending?

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    Can The New York Jets Beat Tom Brady And His Patriots?

    in Football

    Following a comeback victory over the Dallas Cowboys the New York Jets have now won four games in a row. Ryan Fitzpatrick is leading the way along with Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, and Muhammad Wilkerson. Now the question for Gang Green is whether or not they can beat the New England Patriots. This is a must win game against one of the best teams in the National Football League. We will breakdown the match-up and share our predictions. We will also take calls live and tweets on @TalkJetsRadio

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    New York Jets Beat Brady; Can The Jets Win To Make It In?

    in Football

    The New York Jets are one of the hottest teams in the National Football League winning their fifth game in a row. Sunday the Jets beat the Patriots in one of the most exciting games of the year. This week Gang Green has to beat Rex Ryan and his Bills in order to make the playoffs. We will break down the game and provide our predictions. We will also take calls live and answer tweets @TalkJetsRadio. Be sure to tune in and call in! Go Jets!!!

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    Can Bowles And The New York Jets Turn Things Around? Special Guest Victor Green

    in Football

    The New York Jets have now lost 4 of their last 5 and the finger pointing in the media has begun. What has happened to the vaunted Jets defense? can the team overcome the injuries on the offensive line? and as Fitzpatrick struggles should Bowles consider a quarterback change at some point? Special guest Victor Green joins us live to share his takes on Gang Green. Also we take your calls live and answer your tweets @TalkJetsRadio.. tune in and call in!!

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    Exclusive Interview With New York Jets Great Marty Lyons

    in Football

    On this show we interview former New York Jets great Marty Lyons. The member of the New York Sack exchange will discuss his career highlights and fondest memories. In addition Mr. Lyons will discuss the current state of the team as he is the radio voice. We will discuss the Jets quarterback situation as well as the pending contract issues with Damon Harrison, Muhammad Wilkerson, and Chris Ivory. As always we will take your calls live and answer tweets on @TalkJetsRadio.

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    Exclusive Interview With New York Jets Linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin

    in Football

    On this show we have a very special guest: linebacker Lorenzo Mauldin. We will discuss several topics with Lorenzo including his thoughts on this season, biggest challenges he faced, as well as his plans during the offseason. In addition we will touch on what it is like to play in the New York market. As always we will take your calls live following the interview and will respond to tweets from @TalkJetsRadio. The continued support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    Where are the holes on the New York Jets roster?

    in Football

    As the New York Jets prepare for free agency the entire roster has to be evaluated to identify strengths and weaknesses. We will review the position groups and identify potential moves that could be made or players that could be brought in. In addition we will start to evalute the salary cap and contracts that could be reworked or restructured. We will take calls live throughout the show and answer tweets from @TalkJetsRadio. As always the support is greatly appreciated.

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    Gang Families: How Can A Child Break Away?

    in Women

     Adults often complain about youth gang violence as if young people are orchestrating the drug trafficking and gun toting that has disrupted peaceful community life. The fact is, gangs are run by grown people, and the organized crime network that recruits and trains children is made up of generations of families that prepare their children from childhood to run the "family business." How does a young person "leave" a gang when the gang is his or her family? How does a young person stand up to bullying by gangs, when the adults in the community won't stand up to the adult gang leaders living in their midst?  Why are we pretending this is a phenomenon of a few "misbehaving children" instead of recognizing it for the crime syndicate that it is? How do we, the adults, root out the drug trafficking that fuels the gang wars, when we, the adults, are the customers for the drug sellers? Photojournalist Marcus Robinson discusses the recent shooting death of youth activist Matthew Williams and the  gang activities that fuel the violence.





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    The Best in the World Sports Report: The Battle over Sam Bradford

    in Sports

    The Best in the World Sports Report: Episode 39 - The Battle over Sam Bradford. The Eagles have to decide on their QB. Should he stay or should he go? We'll give our thoughts on Super Bowl 50. As well as College Hoops, NBA and more. We'll also recap Sunday's Royal Rumble. 

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    Roxanne Pappas Radio: Wicked Green Energy Lady: Hot off the Press!

    in Environment

    My very special guest is Ed Kenny, Ambassador with Viridian Energy.  He's just back from Viridian's Accelerate conference in Texas and has the latest news.  Can't give you a hint because even I don't know what it is!  So we'll just have to wait!

    With the deregulation of the telecom industry in the 1990s, Ed and his brother Brenden were in the right place at the right time and created a powerful business as Nextel distributors. They never thought they could strike gold again, but after being presented the Viridian business opportunity in February 2010, they knew it was possible.  According to Ed, he is positively affecting other people in the Viridian organization, changing their lives for the better and helping them achieve goals and dreams.

    Meanwhile, Ed feels that In a period of economic flux where many are stuck in the middle of a career change or are unemployed, something new and financially promising is not just a want—it’s a need. He advises that weariness can't consume you when an opportunity like Viridian comes along.

    Because of Ed's hard work he has been able to participate in Viridian's 7 Continents in 7 Years program which is the mainstay of Viridian's global efforts - the  commitment to complete a sustainability project on a different continent each year. 

    About The Host: Roxanne Pappas is the Host of Wicked Green Energy, a show, dedicated to educating individuals about cutting edge green choices for the sustainability of our planet. She is also, an Independent Associate with Viridian Energy, a company that provides power from solar, wind and water generated here is the US,  directly to you, right now. Help Roxanne reduce our dependence on foreign oil and get in touch with her today!

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    Well, What If Donald Trump Wins? Daily Gogetemism #496

    in Lifestyle

    As much as I love my people, we need to cut it out. We have been divided for centuries over skin complexion, hair texture, location, gang afliation, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, nationality,etc etc etc. The divisions go on forever. Will we unite if Donald Trump becomes president? Not likely right? 

    So what are we afraid of really? What has happened to us as far as the government is concerned to make us think that ANY candidate will be any better than the ones we have had for our situation? 

    Really, save for president Obama, what has ANY president done for US?