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  • The Passo Garage

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    Listen in to this weeks show on Tuesday August 25th @ 6:30pm PT, 7:30pm MT, 8:30pm CT & 9:30pm ET. We have another great show planned as we will continue our whacky antics making sports talk enjoyable to listen to. We will be joined by current High School super star offensive tackle Brian Plummer who has already been sought after by several colleges. We have a surprise segement that is such a surprise that the host or co host dont even know what it is. Be ready for yet another great Deena report and some pre season football talk, also we will talk the up coming super fight briefly. This will be a great show be sure not to miss out.

  • This Week In Gaming 8-27-2015

    in Video Games

    Bringing to you the weekly dirt about gaming as only we can, it's GGR and we're on a boat!  Not really but it sounded cool!

    *Simulcast on Youtube with video* -

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    Welcome K.tothe.A.Y. To The N'Tuned Show

    in Music

    K.tothe.A.Y. is an eclectic East Coast artist whose sound embraces a wide range of elements, from the tight edge of Hip-Hop, to the smooth grooves of RnB and the vibes of reggae / dub. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, it’s easy to see that K.tothe.A.Y. refuses to get stuck in a box when it comes to the possibilities of his song-writing.

    When it comes to hip-hop and RnB, the music scene is absolutely saturated. Music magazines and record labels literally have to dig, every hour, between countless demo and promo emails, to find something truly unique and remarkable. In this day and age, anyone could just get any DAW software (digital audio workstation, an entire recording studio in your laptop) and virtually produce a great sounding backing track, or even a solid vocal performance from the comfort of their bedroom or garage. Some argue that recording technology has been “democratized”, and in a sense, it is true. This is a highly competitive industry and it takes real talent and focus to climb the ranks.

    So many artists have the possibility to create and express themselves at only a fraction of the cost they would have needed to spend just about a decade ago or so. This is great, but like any revolution, it has its downsides. More recordings do not necessarily mean more quality, more care, and more talent. The truth, in most cases, is that unfortunately the majority of the new tracks that are produced this way are just “obstacles”, keeping media and labels away from true gems.

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    Sim Standard Radio Episode 68 - Madden 16 impressions, Nyeph's ratings, and more

    in Video Games

    Welcome back Sim Gamers. We are excited to have you join us for another show. We have a great show lined up for you tonight, you will not want to miss this one. We will have a special guest on the show tonight and he is bringing some information that I'm sure you all will want to hear. In the 2nd hour we will open the line for callers.  We look forward to all of your calls, thoughts, and comments. Brief descriptions of tonight's topics are listed below. See you guys at 8pm EST. 


    Madden 16 Impressions - Today's show will be all about Madden 16. We will give our impressions as well as get the impressions from the callers. We will be looking for a lot of crowd participation on this one. We feel like this will be a SPECIAL show. 


    Nyeph1's ratings -  A lot of you guys know Nyeph already but for those that don't he is one of the best in the business when it comes to rating rosters. You have seen his work in BackBreaker, All Pro Football 2K8, and Madden 08, just to name a few. He will be coming on the show to discuss his method and how he rates his rosters. 


    NBA 2K16's Trailer - We will be discussing the trailer but not in the traditional way. We will be asking if you can tell what the gameplay differences are just by looking at the trailer? Does it look different from 2K15? Why is it that people always say a game looks the same as last year, are there any games that don't look like their prior year's version at first glance?

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    MLG Madden 16 Release Discussion

    in Video Games

    Lets talk about it 

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    Davante Adams doppelgänger

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 161: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion reviews Davante Adams, Ty Montgomer, and Jeff Janis in the wake of Jordy Nelson's torn ACL. 

    Mourning Jordy Nelson was one of the NFL's most efficient wide receivers given consistently high target volume. 

    Ty Montgomery crashes a Jeff Janis dance party. 

    Per Pro Football Focus, Aaron Rodgers' passer rating when throwing to Jordy Nelson was 150.2, 130.3, 111.6 and 128.2 over the past four seasons. 

    Arian Foster will be back to full health before most fantasy gamers believe. 

    Arian Foster's ADP collapsed based on inaccurate or unknowable details about his injury and related surgery, but he is now a screaming value. 

    If Le'Veon Bell is worth a first round pick, then Arian Foster is worth a fourth round pick. 

    Jeff Janis is the only wide receiver with a split end/X receiver profile on the Green Bay Packers roster. 

    Ty Montgomery and Davante Adams are clones and are the two most comparable wide receivers on the PlayerProfiler.com. 

    Ty Montgomery's junior year production at Stanford helped to illuminate his potential at the NFL level. 

    Based on role fit, Ty Montgomery is a bigger threat to Davante Adams than Jeff Janis longer term. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    PDRA Memphis Drags result show

    in Automotive

    ~~ Call in #: 909-265-9152 ~~

    Steve Coccaro, Carl Robinson & Mike Fabian bring you the latest in
    Drag Racing Talk, Tech & Chat. Racing calendars, birthdays, race flyers, show updates & more.

    Special guests from Manufacturers to Racers are on LIVE
    talking about the latest news, newest products & more.

    Don't miss one episode, Follow us here on BlogTalk;
    or like us on:
    Facebook: Southern Hot Rod Association - SHRA
    Twitter: SHRA_Radio
    Website: www.SHRAonline.com

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    Full Sport Press: Top 10 Sports Video Games of All-Time- 8/24/2015

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    To sports gamers, the image of Bo Jackson running zig-zag lines in "Tecmo Super Bowl" brings back fond memories from his/her childhood. Because of this passion, FSP is counting down the 10 greatest sports games ever created. These 10 sports video games of all time that have made their mark on gaming culture and will be rated based on the impact they had with fans and on the sports. Join @JaiHov @Lock_tha_Great and the producer of the show @Howezzy26 as they discuss the hottest sports news of the past week and in the 2nd Half we rank the 10 sports video games of all-time.

  • GARAGE TALK LIVE with Vince Bonfigli

    in Sports

    Motorsports talk and more!! Featuring guest interviews, race recap and previews and commentary. This week's guest is model/actress Rachel Faulkner(Lulu from Hillbilly Horror Show).

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    The Passo Garage

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    Listen in to tonights great show, we have a very special surprise guest along with a huge annoucement. We will then be joined later by former defensive end Albert Haynesworth and talk life during and after the NFL. We will try to get to our usual antics and some 49er talk but with our loaded schedule we will be pressed for time. We can look forward to another great Deena Report this week also.

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    The Race Trim MotorSports Hour #35

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    With just 3 races to go before the Chase for the Sprint Cup, the NASCAR "silly season" is officially under way as Danica Patrick brings on a new sponsor for 2016, while Michael Waltrip Racing announces the dissolution of their racing operations for next year and the departure of featured pilot Clint Bowyer. There are plenty of questions about both of these breaking stories. 

    Join the fellas in the Frat House Sports Garage this Friday evening beginning at 7 pm, for an enjoyable end-of-week edition of "wheel-chatter" with the Race Trim MotorSports Hour #35. There seems to be no way to slow down Matt Kenseth & JGR suddenly as last week's PureMichigan400 was an exercise in domination by the #20 Toyota. With a return to the original "2015 Rules" for the rest of the year, will TRD maintain the pace or will they fall off to rivals HMS & SHR?

    The boys will take a look back to the April race at "The World's Fastest Half-Mile" for clues about what we might be able to expect in this one; how are the TV ratings looking under the new contracts with FOX and NBC after 6+ months and FratHouse Mike will bring an NHRA warm-up ahead of the heats running in Brainerd, MN this weekend.

    TGIF ! Stop by the Garage for some pizza, beers & great conversation with hosts UncleMark, Sidekick & Brandon to fire-up your weekend right. They're taking YOUR calls too, at: 347-826-9964. so get behind the wheel, Friday at 7pm.